Flip to the Last Page- Jashin

I’m still not sure how much differs between canon!DoS and FttLP–because surely there should be some logistical consequences to telepathic Nara twins. But this ficlet pre-supposes that, except for the telepathy, everything has gone exactly the same… Hope you enjoy, dona, and thanks again for the prompt!


It was like nothing they had ever experienced before.

Shikako still remembers the Kyuubi with startling, crystal clarity–that dense, corrosive aura which haunts their nightmares to this day.

In the Land of Waves, she was the first to experience a jounin’s killing intent, freezing Shikamaru with fear while his team was painting a fence of all things.

Even though the ultimate victory had been won through compassion and not military might, it had been proof of concept: reinforcements assembled to dismantle Gatou’s empire. Something that was stress tested a worrying amount, with how frequently Shikako’s missions went awry.

But all of those, even the Kyuubi, were nothing compared to a god.


It wasn’t even like Gelel, really.

In the Dead Wastes of Wind Country, the differences between them were never more clear. Being told a song exists is not the same as hearing it for oneself.

And in those moments of heart-stopping panic it had hurt–had burned like staring directly in the sun–but he had gotten her back, if somewhat changed.

But that searing starlight had been incidental, the cost of interacting with beings with more power beyond comprehension: Gelel had been benign.

The same could never be said of Jashin.


The worst part, maybe, was that there was no warning.

Even with that damned Tsukuyomi–which had cut them off from each other, Shikamaru alone for the first time in his life knowing that the entire time his twin was being tortured and he could do nothing–there had been even the vaguest idea that it might happen.

One moment, he had been relieved that his sister’s S-ranked mission was simple intel gathering in a sleepy resort town, the next…

Death would have been a kindness.


When Shikaku Nara sees his daughter covered in blood and ash, slung over the back of her strongest deer summon, walking out of the razed and ruined remains of Land of Hot Springs, he knows he must go home even before the message comes from Konoha.

He doesn’t know what Shikako went through, but he knows both of his heirs are in dire straights.

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Stars Also Dream- Shikaku. Any differences from DOS!Shikaku?

Hi, dona! You know I love answering your questions ( ˘ ³˘)♥

Unfortunately, I don’t think there’s very much difference between SAD!Shikaku and DoS!Shikaku–given that SAD is as close to a DoS!canon x Star Wars fusion as I could make and so the main difference in the ‘verses is Yoshino’s background… but here’s what I was able to come up with? I hope you enjoy!


Yoshino Kinokawa is a civilian born member of the Genin Corps who has made a name for herself based mostly on two facts:

She is best friends with Ibiki Morino, who everyone knows is slated for T&I–if Seki Hijiri’s somewhat concerning and potentially nefarious plans for him come to fruition.

And every mission she is part of goes… weird.

Shikaku hears of her name long before he actually meets her: he’s looking forward to it.


It’s traditional, when seeking to court someone, to get approval from their parents.

By the time Shikaku thinks of doing so, war has already ravaged the land: Yoshino is the last Kinokawa.

The fields of their little farm is, in turns, burnt and flooded, pockmarks of explosions and metal shrapnel sticking out of the ground like a cruel parody of the crops that must have once grown here.

Later, after everything, Yoshino goes out to the farm just once.

Shikaku does not ask.


He loves Yoshino.

He will live for her and would die for her and has and will continue to kill for her–affection expressed through murder, as most shinobi do.

He loves her, he trusts her…

… but that doesn’t mean he can’t be suspicious, sometimes.

Growing up in a clan is a different experience from growing up in a civilian family, this he knows. But he also knows that Yoshino’s child-rearing methods are far closer to the former than the latter–though, still vastly different from both.

(If Shikaku knew more about the Fire Temple, he would have made the connection easily.)


His son and he are very similar, links in the chain of Nara clan heads–smart and practical and devoted–but Shikamaru has Yoshino’s temper, flaring bright and hot in moments before banking down to embers. Not diminished, but held back until needed.

Shikako goes cold, steely and deadly, revenge planned out twelve moves ahead, just like her father.

He is but one man, from a planet who has not even yet discovered space travel, but should this Empire encroach on what is his, he will not hesitate.


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For the su!DoS au Sakura would be a Rose Quartz! Y’know, healing and pink hair! Except she came out,,, petite. Oh! How about since Earth is considered so dangerous, homeworld sent the misfits! (For why Sai is there, Danzo wanted an expendable inside agent if he’s homeworld) Or maybe Danzo is the leader of homeworld? Food for thought. Thanks!

I had considered making Sakura a Rose Quartz, but I didn’t want to include canon gem types (although I know that the “Snowflake” Bismuth mentioned is most likely snowflake obsidian).

And I had figured that Morganite might be a close enough equivalent. Like small travel-sized versions of Rose Quartz–how Rubies are the travel-sized soldiers, Morganite is a travel-sized field medic.

Sakura, Sai, and Tenzo are all a little too orderly to be misfits. Especially without the chaotic influence that is the core Team Seven. But they are meant to be scouting team to see if the planet is still a viable Gem Colony–so not exactly a suicide mission, but not gems that aren’t replaceable either.

Danzo is definitely high up in Home World, just like in canon, but he’s not THE leader. There’s either a tetrarchy like in SU canon or Sandaime is leader and Danzo is suspiciously close like in Naruto canon.

Tourmaline–Shikako, that is, because I more and more like the idea that Tenzo is also a Tourmaline (one that can control plant-life) and considering she was probably adopted into the Nara clan not long after she formed she’d think of herself in the human name they gave her–has a very good relationship with the clan.

She definitely has been with them for enough generations to seem synonymous with the clan, but after they were firmly a clan. So in DoS Shikamaru is mentioned to be the sixteenth head of the Nara, so I’m thinking Shikako’s been with the clan for at least ten generations, but less than fifteen.

Living clan heirloom like the deer herds works pretty well for a description. I mean. They literally named her deer girl. Which is very inclusive on their part–considering their clan head naming scheme–but also partially because when Tourmaline first emerged she found herself surrounded by the deer and was like. Well, this clearly my purpose, and for a good week or so she was acting as the deer herd’s protector until the then Nara clan head was. Ah, this weirdly colored humanoid is a deer spirit blessed upon the clan, we will show her kindness and the clan will flourish. And, well, that is what happened.

The reason why Shikamaru is close enough to consider Shikako his sister is a combination of several things: over the generation, Shikako has been more and more embedded into the clan. Deer spirit to clan member to clan elder of sorts etc. etc. She’s become more and more familiar to the clan over time. Shikaku was probably raised to consider her like a cousin that can control earth.

I also think Yoshino had a lot to do with it, too. One she married into the clan she treated Shikako very much like a human. Shikako has probably eaten more since Yoshino married into the clan than she had for the century before. No one really thought to parent Tourmaline before Yoshino–because she’s an immortal rock person, why would they–but she’s still the equivalent of a teenager so it kind of works. And from Yoshino it’s not overbearing, it’s caring.

The third part is that probably Shikako grew more and more experimental in her abilities as time went on and she probably had to retreat into her gemstone. One such instance happened when Shikamaru was pretty young, and instead of doing the traditional thing of leaving Shikako’s gemstone in the Nara clan shrine for her to regenerate, Shikamaru basically declared he was going to protect her and did much the same as when Steven first saw Pearl retreat into her gemstone. It was a formative experience for both of them.

I’m not entirely sure if it’s a direct analog to the Uchiha Massacre, but I do know Sasuke is the last Obsidian (AS FAR AS THEY KNOW, Itachi might exist I’m unsure) and that all the other Obsidians were deliberately left behind to face the wrath of the bijuu who the Home World had left the planet to escape.

Probably it was an Obsidian who “unleashed” the Kyuubi (in that, if the Kyuubi was “sleeping” and the Obsidians had stumbled upon its lair. Which might have been a volcano since… fire and obsidian) and so Home World reacted accordingly?

Seven Deadly Sins was AWESOME!!! I have a one word title for you, DoS Team seven or just Shikako please :) : “Insuperable”


Listen, anons, I don’t mean to depreciate your separate prompts, but I saw these all and they just clicked together like some kind of beautiful triforce that turned into:


And, okay, I know that Gotham!anon wanted Shikako as the James Gordon equivalent once she starts to emulate Ibiki, but why not just have Ibiki as James Gordon and Shikako as Batman? She CAN work within the system, but she prefers not to because it’s not as efficient.

And the way Ibiki tacitly covered for them during the Land of Tea arc–yes, mostly because of Idate, but still–very Commissioner Gordon plausible deniability, I think. Alternatively Shikaku could be a pretty good Commissioner Gordon for his daughter-the-vigilante.

And the gif, come on, the gif!

So, basically, superhero!AU with Shikako as Batman, Sasuke as Superman, and Naruto as Wonderwoman. Equivalents, of course. They need some tweaking to their respective backstories because Shikako’s the only one who isn’t an orphan, Sasuke is no boy scout, and as much as I love Naruto, he’s no Wonderwoman.

I suppose Shikako has a background more like Batgirl–the Barbara Gordon version, that is. Sasuke’s background might be more like Starfire’s (last loyal son of Uchiha, yeah, but maybe instead of genjutsu torture Itachi had him enslaved). And while Naruto is not Wonderwoman, per se, maybe Kushina was–Uzushio as Themyscira?–and so he’s the half human half Amazon son of Wonderwoman and super genius human Minato (who is basically Lex Luthor except, you know, not evil). Which I guess means he’s like Superboy–the Kon-El version, that is.



Konoha: city of crime, corruption, and misery–too much for one vigilante to handle.

But three? Well, they can certainly try.

Maybe they’re not heroes, but they’ll definitely be remembered.

I just realized, I think Kakashi is the Mayor or the DA and also all of their (platonic) Lois Lane. The number of plans targeting him is kind of ridiculous, but what’s even more ridiculous is the number of times he ends up being carried princess-style by one of the three vigilantes. Even though they’re all shorter than him. 🙂

There are separate arcs, of course–How Shikako’s family find out about her alter-ego. Itachi coming to Konoha and ruining everything (as he does) and Sasuke has to face his demons. Naruto finding out about Themyscira and having to decide between the home he knows and possible family–but the story would be mostly about how these three weirdoes first of all even become the heroes of Konoha, then how they rise to the level of the DC Trinity.

Sorry, I am the bad Way Down We Go promoter. I was thinking more like: Shikako and Shikaku especially after the most recent chapter. If you don’t mind doing it.

Eh… it’d be a bit of a repeat, anon. And, well, the fic would be as you described? A coda to chapter 130 with Shikako and Shikaku feels? Probably Shikaku’s POV about his tiny daughter flinging herself into more and more dangerous situations.

But that’s also already kind of like the chapter 98 coda, Sunshine Sidestories ch 16, so…

KINO-CHAN’S HEADCANONS WERE SO *CUTE* I CAN’T EVEN **dies**. I loved Shikaku not even going to assume anything, checking all his bases, Best Dad Supporting Whatever. The tower paperwork ninja retiring was also hilarious.

😀 Thanks!

Baby Kino is basically a blank slate baby, but in comparison to his older siblings Shikako “if explosives don’t solve your problem, you’re probably not using enough” Nara and Shikamaru “let’s have a chat about how you hurt my sister, your Orochimaru given Curse Seal can’t save you now” Nara, well… Kino is the chillest of the three Nara siblings kind of by default? Softest baby, sweetest baby.

Shikaku, at this point, is just like… I refuse to be surprised by anything my children do. Expect anything and you can’t be shocked later down the line when the Hokage looks at you with an unimpressed expression because of something your children have done. Pretty sure the paperwork ninja are going to revolt at some point.

above the abyss: what it means to be a nara (from the pov of our new baby kinokawa? older maybe)

Ooh… Baby Kino Fic… I am both delighted and wary by this one, anon. He’s literally a newborn so we don’t know anything about him and I don’t want to presume what Silver Queen will do with him.

Then again, given the timeline of canon, baby Kino will only be at most four years old when the final Big Bad clash happens so it’s not exactly as if he’ll have a definitive personality by that point anyway so I could predict anything and it probably won’t contradict much.

Let’s see…

Above the Abyss

Kinokawa Nara grows up in the shadow of shadows, knowing his place in the world.

(Or, five times someone was wrong about Kinokawa and one time they were absolutely right)

The problem is, I just said five and one because that’s fandom standard but I don’t actually know what the five and one are. It just felt like the right format for this? I mean, a character study for a literal newborn kind of needs some support via formatting.

Here are some vague ideas that I have for this fic:

1) Much like his older siblings, Kinokawa is a very intelligent baby. Shikako possibly suspects too much like her and too intelligent–as in, also reincarnated from the real world. Shikako makes some very oblique references to canon to see if Kino reacts in any way. After several failures to respond, Shikako abandons the idea. Kino’s unusual maturity isn’t because he’s a reincarnated SI!OC–he’s just a super chill, very intelligent baby.  

2) Kinokawa spends a lot of time meditating? He is the most patient child? Calmest child, wisest child, Shikaku has no idea what’s going on. But he knows better than to presume what said child wants to do so he’s kinda like… Kino, did you want to go to the Fire Temple instead of the Academy? Because, I don’t know, maybe his third child wants to be a monk–Shikaku refuses to be surprised at this point. Thankfully(?) Kino is quite satisfied with going to the Academy, so… (One day he will be the equivalent of Kasuga-jiisan, I think. The wise old mystic with complete understanding of the spiritual side of the Nara clan jutsu. But that is several decades in the future)

3) According to @jickysilver, Kino is a precursor for Shikadai in that he’s a Nara boy with pretty eyes (and probably has fangirls). Said fangirls originally assume that he’s dark and mysterious and broody, a tortured soul who needs love to cure his inner sorrow. He is not that at all. Kino is the softest and sweetest child, he probably makes flower crowns with Ino-nee at the shop.  Or he gets free pastries from the Akimichi bakeries for doing easy errands for them. He is so gentle with animals, he probably talks to stray cats–Tora actively seeks him out. So soft. If anything, the truth increases the number of fangirls he has.

4) Shikamaru spends the entirety of Kino’s last year at the Academy overly paranoid that he’ll follow in their sister’s footsteps and end up on a team with awful luck and constant danger. It’s not helped much that there aren’t any Yamanaka or Akimichi in his class? (There’s a set of Akimichi triplets at the Academy but they’re in the year below and the next upcoming Yamanaka is only a second year, damn it). But come team assignments, Kino’s put on Team Six** with a Nohara and a Kurama under Shizune-san and Shikamaru will never admit that he cried tears of relief.

5) @jickysilver made the fantastic suggestion that the day Kino graduates from the Academy, six of the paperwork nin retired. They just couldn’t do it. Oh, they respect the Jounin Commander, but they cannot go through this a third time. Sure, Shikamaru isn’t nowhere near as bad as Shikako and the rest of Team Seven, but still. Their nerves are already frayed. They need hazard pay at this point. But, weirdly enough, not only does Kino not end up on disastrously bizarre missions he turns in fantastic reports. Just. The best reports. Bless this child. He turns them in on time, with everything filled out perfectly and not a coffee circle or grass stain in sight. (Possibly ends up joining the administrative team at least on a part time basis when he becomes a chuunin a la Iruka-sensei, and enjoys it. He finds paperwork soothing. The rest of the paperwork ninja chant one of us, one of us, while bringing him under their easily frazzled wings. His siblings do not understand at all but support whatever makes him happy).

+1) on the day of Kinokawa Nara’s birth, once all the visitors have gone home and only mother and child remain in the hospital room, Yoshino tells the newborn, “You’re going to make us so proud.”

… oh… I guess that’s five and one.


(**My headcanon for the Academy’s team designations/numbering system can be found here, but basically Team Six is the “general support” team unlike the heavy hitters that make up Team Seven. So relatively safer for one’s baby brother’s genin team.)

Walking Around (On Silent Feet), (2017-01-19)

Sakako wakes up to the soft slide of her bedroom window opening in the middle of the night. She keeps her breathing slow, steady, but reaches out with her still developing chakra sense.

No point in giving herself away, though given the lack of alarms and the unbroken defenses…

Just as a hand reaches for her, Sakako springs from her bed.

“Mum!” she cheers, hands around her neck, hugging her tight.

“Shh, shh,” Mum hisses, but she returns the embrace, easily handling her weight as if she were still a baby. After a moment, she sits on the bed, Sakako in her lap, adjusting the both of them comfortably, “Not so loud, dear heart, we wouldn’t want to wake up your dad.”

Sakako bites back the question–why not?–and luxuriates in the scent and warmth of her mum. The way she runs a hand through unbraided hair, maintains contact, close and cozy.

Dad hugs like he’s trying an unfamiliar jutsu, cautious and methodical. Mum hugs like she’s trying to speak without words.

Right now, Mum’s hug says–I missed you, your hair has gotten longer, how are you dear heart–this is a moment for just the two of them.

“I’m home,” Mum says out loud, simply, as if she had just come back from getting groceries instead of having returned a week ahead of schedule from a three month long mission.

Sakako doesn’t need to ask why for that either–the reason is obvious.

“Welcome home,” Sakako mumbles into Mum’s shoulder, feeling absurdly bashful yet pleased.

“Happy Birthday, Sakako.”

There are wolves in the woods.

A phrase meant to indicate that there are dangerous people far more suited and equipped to handle an already treacherous world.

But Sakako has grown up in the heart Fire Country’s forests. Has walked the streets of Konoha alongside creatures that both evolution and humanity has trained into tearing out throats with long, sharp teeth.

She’s not afraid of wolves or the woods, metaphorical or literal.

Bull, older and grayer, but no less formidable, gives her a fond, wet lick up the side of her face. She laughs and pets him in return, before leaving his side to go to the kunoichi club.

She only wipes off some of Bull’s drool.

After all, not every girl gets a personal escort from one of the Rokudaime’s summons.

Sakako’s on watch–the unenviable second shift–when she hears the rustling of one of her teammates.

Boruto had first watch, no need for him to already be moving, and despite his behavior Konohamari-sensei is actually a jounin and not a large man-child.

Mitsuki it is, then.

In the waxing moonlight, it’s easy to spot him, pale hair and skin illuminated. She gives a soft whistle so he can find her in the branches above their camp.

An effortless jump and he joins her, the pupils in his gold eyes nearly round with how dilated they are.

“Couldn’t sleep?” she murmurs, shifting over to make space.

“My optimal sleep time is less than yours,” he says. Because I’m genetically superior, he doesn’t add.

It took a couple of weeks for them to get him to stop saying that.

As far as she and Boruto are supposed to know, Mitsuki is a clanless orphan who is convinced he has superior genes but is nonetheless a fan of their parents and their heritage.

She’s sure Konohamaru-sensei knows the truth of his origins or, at the very least, her parents and Naruto-oji do, but she’s not going to pry.

“What are you looking at?” Mitsuki asks, after the silence has settled. She wonders what he used to do before they became a team, who he turned to after he had finished sleeping but night still reigned.

How lonely.

“The stars,” she says with a shrug, because it’s true enough. She can spot some of the constellations through the canopy of leaves overhead, the brightest and most persistent.

Mitsuki glances overhead as well, before turning to her skeptically, “We don’t need to navigate,” he says, “What’s so interesting about that?”

She almost snaps at him, instinctively affronted, before she bites it back. She loves stargazing because its something she links to her relationship with her parents–the love they share along with stories and memories in the middle of the night.

Who did Mitsuki talk to before they became a team?

Instead of snapping, she begins to speak in the familiar cadence of her mum. “There are stories,” she starts, gesturing overhead, “of the heroes and mythical creatures so great and terrible that they were painted in the night sky as constellations…”

The mornings after she sleeps at her grandparents’ house tend to follow this pattern:

At dawn she’s woken up by a brightly grinning and demanding Baa-chan, who drags both her and Kareru-nii (when he’s in village) to the backyard for morning stretches.

After several missteps of sleepy bumbling and Kareru-nii’s complaints of him being too old for this–citing his official age instead of his physical age–which Baa-chan counters easily enough, they’re joined by Jii-chan who sits on the veranda and watches them with a far too amused smile on his face.

When they’ve finished the stretches, they all go to kitchen to begin preparing breakfast. Though a few minutes of cramped quarters and the problem of too many chefs prompts Baa-chan to kick Sakako and Jii-chan outside to feed the deer.

She and Jii-chan then go out to where the herds have gathered, expectant. Sometimes they talk–about her team, the missions she goes on, the braver deer who eat straight out of her hands–but sometimes they don’t.

These mornings aren’t really silent, but they’re steady and settled. She likes these moments, too.


A/N: … I dunno, I had some Sakako feels? Not really a prompt fill, though I did want to make a point of including Mitsuki and Kareru since they haven’t shown up much in previous installments.

Rockstar!AU thoughts: If Shikako has any musical inclination, it’s something classical/doesn’t mesh well with the Sand Trio/that she does solely as a hobby and isn’t looking at professionally. Admittedly, I’m in love with Lindsey Stirling’s ‘Shadows’ so this might influence this headcanon. (Or she plays Smooth Criminal on traditional instruments.) XD


I don’t mean to cast aspersions on Silver Queen in even the most roundabout way, but I always assumed that–as a character–Shikako would view extensive musical training as impractical. Like, sure, she can read music and maybe she has some minimal training (in both canon DoS due to kunoichi classes, and in the rockstar!AU, because I feel like most parents at some point try to get their children to play an instrument for a few years and if it sticks then they continue and if it doesn’t they let it go) but, as you said, it’s at most a hobby for her.

I don’t know of many instruments that haven’t been adopted into indie/alternative rock, though. I know of several pop songs that have violin now, if not also piano or cello or banjo or ukulele. Hehe, I just had the thought that what if she played something like trombone or tuba.

I think of the twins, Shikamaru has more musical talent. He also probably doesn’t do it as more than a hobby, but if needed he could just break out a guitar and do a quick acoustic cover of a popular song with little prompting. Shikako is more interested in translating notes into their exact frequencies and playing around with crystals.

Oh, yeah! That definitely makes sense–how could I forget that :/

So I guess both twins are not particularly gifted with music?

In this softer world without shinobi and bijuu, I suppose there’s no reason for Karura to have been pressured into turning her youngest child into a jinchuuriki and thus there are no/reduced complications to the birthing process. So, probably, Karura is alive. And the musical one.

I like the idea that she and her brother probably run a music store or a school teaching music (most likely piano), and that the sand siblings all grew up around music. It’s kind of how they learned to express themselves/communicate which also explains why they still have a strained relationship with Rasa because their father is not all that good at music. He appreciates it but it’s kind of… does not compute (which I guess means that the sand siblings may very well continue the tradition of musicians falling in love with people who can’t music at all).

But Rasa is very successful in his chosen field of business (the gold dust thing might be mining? jewelry? hm…) so there’s an additional layer of, not only can he not connect that well with his children but none of them chose to join the family business so it’s just… mrgh. He’s proud of them, but he does not understand them.

Which I think means the Sand Trio’s parents would approve highly of Shikako? Rasa thinks she’s a practical and level-headed young woman (he has no idea of how bizarre engineers can really be) and that she’s definitely heading places and thank god his youngest child has found someone because the other two were loud enough but Gaara was the kind of child who would silently sit somewhere and be accidentally left behind (no, Rasa did not leave Gaara in a grocery store on accident. Twice.) Karura, on the other hand, is absolutely delighted by Shikako and the fantastic music she inspires in all of her children.

Yoshino and Shikaku aren’t easily starstruck or judgmental, so when Shikako brings Gaara home for the first time, Yoshino is mostly worried about dietary restrictions and whether or not she needs to lecture her son into behaving. Shikaku is just: my daughter’s relationship means my daughter’s rules, but most importantly does he play shogi?

I kind of like the idea that this is after the Sand Trio’s big debut, which means a few enterprising paparazzi try to trespass and take pictures of Gaara (and Shikako), and that’s mostly what Gaara is worried about except Yoshino just smiles calmly and says, “Don’t worry about it: it’s mating season and the deer are free range.” 

Getting caught for trespassing is the least of these paparazzi’s concerns.

Ask Box Three Sentence Fic, 14/? (2016-11-08)

(1 – anonymous – Team Seven, any!AU, fluffy… @eatthemallplease’s creature!AU)

Shikako gasps softly, fingers brushing against the downy feathers along the nape of Sasuke’s neck–he sits stiffly, displeased, but reluctantly lets her continue.

“Naruto, come here!” she calls, waving their third teammate closer, his grin and wagging tail far too amused.

“We’re all fluffy!”

(2 – anonymous – Team Seven, fluffy family/platonic cuddling… same creature!AU)

“Ow, ow, ow,” Sasuke complains, completely deadpan, “You’re on my wing, dead last.”

“Yeah, well, Shikako’s antlers are jabbing me in the neck,” Naruto shoots back, shifting around, ears flat against his head.

“Sorry,” she mutters, rearing her head back and out of the way–at least this isn’t as bad as that one time she and Shikamaru accidentally locked antlers as children and had to wait for Dad to come home to untangle them.

(3 – anonymous – Shikako & Ino, Take A Step That Is New ‘verse, Ino’s first date with Sakura)

“What do you think: this dress or this one?” Ino asks, uncharacteristically nervous, holding up two hangers for Shikako’s judgement.

“Um…” Shikako says, glancing between the dresses and the screen divider splitting Ino’s room in half, “I think Sakura will like either of them?”

Ino groans, discarding both of them and diving back into her closet–and Shikako takes the opportunity to go around the screen divider and join Sakura who is waiting, sitting with a pleased blush on her face.

(4 – @donapoetrypassion – Shikamaru & Yoshino, Stars Also Dream ‘verse, something he gets from his mother)

Shikamaru truly is his father’s son, a Nara through and through, a good heir to the clan–but that does not mean he hasn’t inherited anything from you.

You see it in his eyes, in his actions, the way he holds the few people he loves close and dearly, possessive of the few he lets through his barriers.

Shikako can make friends easily, connecting with them, not just the shallow amiability you perform; but you and your son play for keeps.

(5 – anonymous – Shikako/??, dark side of the moon)

She stares up at the sky, a thought nagging away at her that she can’t quite articulate.

A pair of arms curl around her: part of her wants to just lean into the embrace, to close her eyes and turn away and enjoy how happy she is now.

Another part of her knows something isn’t quite right.


A/N: Lalalala Infinite Tsukuyomi ;D

Post Word Count: 335, Running Word Count: 2774