I just wanted to say that I really like your last untitled post with all the little snippets. I really related to the first one as another child of immigrants. I think you really conveyed that we only have some of our parents’ culture and that hurts. Um, I also really liked that tone and melancholy (?) of all of the snippets (i kinda feel that that’s mean but). Anyway, hope everything’s ok with you.

Hi, I’m glad you liked them. And thanks for asking, I really do appreciate it. I do love writing fanfiction, don’t get me wrong, but sometimes being able to write nonfiction is freeing. Its not mean at all–I’ve been dealing with depression for the past year or so, and this blog has actually helped a lot. It’s like a daily reminder that, hey, not everything is bad, hey, you’re not worthless, hey, there are people out there that appreciate something that is uniquely you.

The child of immigrants thing had always been something I’ve been keenly aware of growing up. Especially since I do have some cousins who were born/still live in the country my parents are from and seeing how much they understand each other is just like–I am missing half of this conversation and not just literally, given my lack of language skills.

But there’s good in it too, if you’re lucky. My hometown was filled with a lot of children of immigrants like me so it was interesting to see the way we fell in together, how some of us have different bits and pieces and missing others. And the way new habits and traditions form from this patchwork society–new slang, combination of food, etc–like we are building something together with parts of this and that.