Color Time / Indiana Jones TV verse + an award presentation ceremony (oscars etc)?

(・・。)ゞ Hm… I don’t think the TV/movie industry has gotten that far when Colour Time and The Adventures of Konoha Nara are at their peak.

I mean, the advancement of technology and entertainment in the Naruto world is a little weird to me? Like, certain countries are way more advanced than others and then there’s the sudden rapid advancement between Naruto and Boruto’s generations so…

And then there’s the whole… military vs civilian society clash. If there does exist an Academy of Motions Picture Arts and Sciences, then it’s probably a civilian thing. More specifically, an upper class civilian thing if not an outright nobility thing.

Which is not to say that shinobi-produced media wouldn’t be in the running of whatever awards the civilian/nobility run media academy is doing. Just that.


I’m not entirely sure what I’m saying anymore.

I guess maybe it’s more of a… instead of Colour Time or The Adventures of Konoha Nara getting awards for being amazing/educational television shows, it makes more sense for the creators of the shows (ie Naruto and Sai, or Shikako, respectively) to be awarded/funded by various nobility?

Sort of in line with what happened in Snow Country? Except… backwards…

For example: Colour Time is, along with showing the benefits of art and creativity in a highly militaristic society, about friendship. So Naruto and Sai help the arguing heirs to the Fire Daimyo resolve their issues through art. And because of that, said heirs create a fund for artists in the Land of Fire in their honor.

Or: Prince Michiru, despite Shikako raining death and destruction upon his castle, is still rather fond of her and especially fond of her accidental television series, decides to fund a feature length movie about her adventures never mind the fact that she doesn’t do any of her stuff on purpose and surely being filmed by professional grade equipment (and that daredevil Director from the Unlucky Princess series) would negate all the interesting stuff from happening?

Hahaha… nope.

To this day Konoha Nara and the Moon Crystal is still the reigning leader of opening weekend box office sales.

All that being said, sorry I couldn’t give you a ficlet out of this prompt, anon, but I hope you enjoyed this rambling brainstorm a little bit.

Both Shikako Indiana Grylls Nara and Sasuke why-the-fck what-the-fck Policeman Uchiha star on Color Time at some point or another. It goes.. interestingly. Interesting because Shikako you were just SITTING DOWN Where did that sealing array come from?? And That One Guy from That One Episode on Sasuke’s cop show somehow gets involved?? Why is he here?? How Did He Escape?? The real miracle though is how everything was kept PG and still managed to be solved with Colors and Love.

😀 Pretty much, anon!

Shikako might actually have been there for a legit reason–after all, Naruto’s challenge for most interesting painting method is probably an ongoing contest and fuinjutsu-ing color onto a wall sound like it’d be fun. Or maybe using different colors for the same seal array leads to different outcomes?

Sasuke’s is more of an accidental–the perp I’m chasing stumbled through an episode of Colour Time, thankfully all the would-be-censored parts were covered (possibly by a quick thinking Sai who just had a paint animal block the view)–and that very well could have been one of those bizarre “and painting out their feelings solved the problem.”

I love the implication that Konoha just jumped on the reality tv bandwagon because you can’t script anything weirder than whatever happens to Team 7, no matter the genre.

Well, given the trend of shinobi over time (actual shinobi world war to festival like chuunin exams) I wouldn’t be surprised if all the villages are joining in the media arms race.

Konoha has a bit of a head start seeing as how Team Seven were literally in a blockbuster movie, and not to mention that they’re the first ones to stumble into the reality tv format. Why fix what isn’t broken?

Actually, maybe different villages specialize in different formats? Konoha is tv documentary, Sand is animation–edit: The Muppets thanks @azersol, how could I be so foolish?–Cloud is musical competitions (ABDC and The Voice), etc. etc.

!!!Color Time!!!! And of course Gai is the ultimate kunoichi. XD But also if Shikako is Indiana Jones and Naruto and Sai are kids TV … what’s Sasuke’s accidental Team7 fame?


The easier one to come up with is Sakura–now the beautiful badass ingénue of the Naruto world’s equivalent of Grey’s Anatomy. She is both the hopeful optimist of the hospital drama and also the smoldering heartthrob (those muscles! those eyes! wooow! Other member of the Medic Corps swoon dreamily whenever she passes).

Kakashi as Hokage and the poor haggled administrative team headed by Iruka-sensei trying to wrangle him into respectability. A lot of The Office-like confessionals, crying in the supply closet, deadpan staring at the cameras.

Sasuke’s is very difficult, though…


If Sasuke rebuilds the Konoha Military Police with his ANBU training, I imagine there are a lot of… basically Cops meets Maury? A lot of censored faces, a lot of sordid shenanigans. His show started off as a sort of… the police wear body cameras less for the accountability (because I like to believe that fictional police are better than IRL police) and more for evidence collecting. But then he kept getting involved in really weird cases. Not even dangerous ones, but things like: this civilian is having an affair with four different shinobi but that’s not what he’s in trouble for. That civilian keeps drunkenly stealing apples? Just. Why? Why is he naked?

Or, he’s called into way too many three AM domestic disturbances. Thankfully no spousal abuse, but things like: a fight on whether or not one partner should be allowed to get a pet tarantula. Whose turn it is to wash the dishes. Except, considering they’re shinobi, it turns into this huge production.

Sasuke probably hoped for something respectable like a crime procedural shows–CSI or something like that. Lol, nope.

Okay that Colour Time AU cleared up my acne and also saved my soul. I, too, am here for Sai’s colourful animals THROWING THEMSELVES AT THE WALL in the most colourful nO YOUTHFUL DEATH EVER OKAY BUT TEAM GAI HELPING OUT AT COLOUR TIME


Lee, learning that Art isn’t about quantity or speed–there’s no competition in art–it’s about getting in touch with your emotions. Which is his JAM. Neji somehow despite all the paint flying around, remaining perfectly spotless. TenTen taking on Naruto’s challenge for most interesting methods to paint with a FLURRY OF PAINT COVERED WEAPONRY.

Now I’m not saying TenTen invents the Naruto world’s equivalent of paintball, but I’m also not NOT saying that.

Gai, unsurprisingly, is uncannily talented. At heart he is a True Artist. Martial arts, painting, singing, etc. He possibly teaches or shows up during kunoichi classes as a prime example of the “nine in one” ultimate kunoichi?

But yes. Colour Time. I’m sure everyone makes a cameo in Colour Time at some point or another. Unsurprisingly, Yakumo is a recurring guest. Possibly Kino-chan and his genin team are the most frequently recurring team as well.

‘paint with all the colours of the wind’ Sai; Naruto

I know what this is referencing, but for some reason I just cannot get this Teen Wolf fic out of my head. More specifically the fake children’s TV show that Scott and Stiles have and the catchphrase in which Scott says “I have rainbows in my daydreams,” and the audience is meant to shout back “Paint the world!”

I guess in the accidental-television-celebrity ‘verse that has Shikako as the equivalent of Indiana Jones and Bear Grylls I would totally want Sai and Naruto to have a kids show that’s a little bit like the one Scott and Stiles have in that fic.

A little Reading Rainbow meets Bob Ross, I suppose, with the adorable epic friendship of Troy and Abed from Community… relationship?

Also, in my defense, Naruto has already made his media debut in the same movie Shikako did. Except where she got the my older brother is dead action-adventure potential sequel subplot, Naruto got to hit the bad guy with a Rasengan of RAINBOW CHAKRA and if that isn’t a potential spinoff of it’s own about defeating negativity with colors and art and friendship then…

I lost track of where I was going with that.

So basically anon:

Paint With All The Colours Of The Wind

According to Naruto, every episode of Colour Time is their best episode ever. According to Sai that is a denotationally impossible statement.

Regardless of who is right, they’re both having fun and that’s all that matters.

(The ratings are nice, too)

Like with Shikako, they probably stumble into children’s television stardom accidentally–Team Seven luck holding strong and all that–I’m thinking Naruto and the Konohamaru corps are trying to explain the painting things for fun. Sai doesn’t quite get it because, not only are his paintings practical literal weapons, but also graffiti is against the law and won’t the Hokage be mad at them?

The Hokage is mad at them, but the Hokage is also wilier than them (not sure if I’m talking about Tsunade or Kakashi at this time but it applies to both) and not only has them clean up the mess but also has them tagged for all the painting related D-ranks in perpetuity.

Murals everywhere.

The Konohamaru corps are probably also punished alongside them for the “first episode” but after that it’s always a different genin team.

And I guess they go around painting fences and houses and etc with charming murals (there was a lot of rebuilding, wasn’t there? Functionality was prioritized over aesthetics, but better late than never right?)

And because Team Seven luck, something always goes… sideways with these punishment D-rank missions. Nothing DANGEROUS, but definitely weird. And, of course, the power of art saves the day?

Like, early on the problems are actually pretty small. Two of the genin are fighting and Art and Friendship helps resolve their differences. Then at one point there’s two businesses who can’t agree on their shared wall or are rivals or something and because Art and Naruto’s empathy and Sai’s more practical problem solving they join up and are now a combination bakery and blacksmith. Which is not a thing one would think would go together but is unsurprisingly very popular in Konoha.

And it escalates.

They don’t really leave Land of Fire (not as well traveled as Shikako’s bizarre fuinjutsu trips) but they do move beyond Konoha. Possibly even to the Daimyo’s court where somehow the bitter decision of succession is solved when all of the Daimyo’s heirs just… paint it out? And realize they all love each other as siblings? And most of them realize they don’t want to be daimyo or only like part of the responsibilities and, hey, how convenient that they’re all complementary parts. I don’t know.

Like Shikako’s adventures, Colour Time starts pretty low-tech. Photos of the respective murals and the murals being popular installments of art, the painting process (with Naruto’s more creative methods including but not limited to: paint balloons, wind jutsu, just throwing an entire paint can at the wall, bodily rolling in paint and using his clothes as a roller, his hair once and never again, Rasengan pretty frequently until the Hokage made him stop, etc) getting recorded and uploaded by the respective genin teams. Sai just tends to use brushes at first. Until he becomes more comfortable with himself and makes COLORFUL PAINT ANIMALS WHO THROW THEMSELVES AT THE WALL and thus beats all methods Naruto has used thus far.

I think I’ve gotten off track?

I guess maybe if graffiti artists were also children’s television hosts that’s what Colour Time would be. And ninja.