Fake Fic Summaries 10/?, the triple fusion edition (2015-11-07)

A/N1: I didn’t want to have two missed posts in a row, even if this is just barely sufficient. So here are three sort of fusion/crossover fics from various fandoms that I’ve been pondering but wouldn’t want to or really know where to start.

1) DCU x Assassin’s Creed

While training with Shiva, Tim Drake learns the truth behind a secret centuries-long conflict, the League of Assassins, and his own history. Five years later, the lost heir to Drake Industries and the Robin-that-wasn’t returns to Gotham.

In which Ra’s league is actually the Templars misappropriating the Assassin name and Tim’s legacy comes with a heavy set of responsibilities.

Visited my BFF and she was playing Assassin’s Creed III. Basically, while we were both having intense feelings over Conner and his doomed fate, I wondered a little about a possible fusion. At first, I considered Damian since he’s literally an assassin baby, but the more I thought about it the more I realized that there’s no way that Ra’s was an Assassin fighting for people’s right to freedom. No, he’s more like a Templar–fight for “peace” through order. But then… why is his organization called the League of Assassins?

Likely, the real Assassins are few in number and scattered, losing the war against the Templars. Shiva is one such true assassin and, having discovered Tim’s lineage, decided to teach him about his own heritage. And this was one of the few ways where I can picture Tim being derailed from his duties as Robin.

2) Star vs The Forces of Evil x Elementary

When there are cases that stump other psychiatrists, they refer to Dr. Marco Diaz. For a such a bland seeming man, he has a talent with the more unusual patients.

Then he gets a call from a completely different dimension. He’s about to get a client who redefines the definition of unusual and an adventure for a lifetime.

This one, I admit, I was mostly influenced by me binge-watching Elementary and Star vs The Forces of Evil within the past month. Because the idea of a bewildered but competent adult psychiatrist Marco being drawn into the eccentric and conflicted Star’s evil/crime fighting paralleled Joan and Sherlock’s relationship very easily to me. Also, Tom and his demon horde as Irene/Moriarty? I dunno.

3) Naruto x Avatar the Last Airbender

In which Sai can only express his heritage through art, Sakura rails against her role as a pink-haired novelty, Sasuke is still the last of his red-eyed fire-breathing clan, and Naruto will not let the Air Nomads be forgotten–even if he was a shameful abomination in their opinion.

Also includes Kakashi, the first moon-blessed baby to fire-bend, and Yamato/Tenzo, who can’t bend anything but plants.

Basically, expanded Team Seven in the Avatar universe! Because the elements match up pretty well with Sai being a water-bender, Sakura as earth, Sasuke as fire, and Naruto as air. As for Naruto being a “shameful abomination” I
was trying to figure out what would be a jinchuuriki equivalent but then I remembered that, as far as we know, air-benders can also be spirit-benders. So what if Minato, the pride of the Air Nomads, took a journey into the Spirit World, fell in love with Kushina a fox spirit, and had a half-spirit half-human baby Naruto.

Then considering Kakashi’s white hair but lightning affinity I figured well… maybe his father was Water Tribe, therefore, moon-blessed but his mother was Fire Nation. Which could take the place of Sakumo’s failed mission–like, if he was considered a traitor to the tribe and so he left to have his family. But then Kakashi’s mother died and so Sakumo had no tribe, no wife, and a baby who he tried his best with. But grief/depression being what it is… well.

As for Yamato/Tenzo… I’ll be honest, I don’t know that much about him? Like… he’s got some Senju DNA and he was in ROOT/ANBU but not anymore? I dunno. Maybe I can have some kind of Dai Li subplot with him but… mreh.

Anyway, I figure this kind of happens concurrently with the series. So they’re all roughly the same age as the characters of the show. Even Aang and Naruto–Aang having been frozen in an iceberg and Naruto having some strange sort of slowed aging/immortality and having lived the century out. Well… maybe he was asleep too. I dunno. I know that throws off the Kakashi and Minato mentor/student relationship but I’m kind of fond of the idea…

Ooh! What if the Uchiha clan had Naruto sealed, but then Itachi did his whole massacre the clan thing but this time it was because he was such a principled person. Like, he couldn’t stand the idea that his clan’s success/status in the Fire Nation was because they had essentially enslaved a sentient being. So he kills them all (except Sasuke), sets Naruto free, then gets imprisoned. I dunno.

I also don’t want Sakura’s story to parallel Toph’s too much. Er, I suppose in my head her story would shake out a little bit to something like the shoujo manga Akagami no Shirayuki-hime. Aka Red-haired Snow White. In which a red-haired “commoner” is chosen to be a prince’s concubine because of her rare red hair, instead of agreeing, Shirayuki basically cuts off her hair, leaves for the neighboring kingdom in order to become a pharmacist/doctor, and accidentally meets/falls in love with the neighboring kingdom’s prince. It’s great, go read it, it’s super cute.

Mastermind (The Mother Knows Best Remix), brainstorm (2015-10-14)



This really won’t make sense if you don’t read @rahndom‘s Mastermind.

So the last chapter has the Young Justice swoop in to save both of the Drakes’ lives–though they are hospitalized–and there is a Janet-Tim mother-son bonding moment. Very sweet and everything. And I always want to know more about Janet Drake and figure that the woman who told her toddler that he can be anything so long as he put his mind to it, would be very supportive of her son as the vigilante named Mastermind.

So I was thinking some more about this universe and had some world-building/brainstorm-y thoughts about what I would like to read in a Janet POV continuation/remix of the fic.

The main one being–why does Janet, immediately upon waking up post-Haiti, decide to divorce Jack? And in answer to that I figured, well, what if most of the time, his parents were gone separately?

Like, Janet goes off somewhere for business and would assume that Jack would stay at home. And she’d say, oh, I’ll be back in three weeks. Then, two and a half weeks later Jack is like, Tim can stay at home by himself for three days, there’s a dig I would like to go to, I’ll be back in a month. Except then Janet calls and is like–I have to extend my stay for another six weeks–not knowing that Jack has already left for his own trip. Etc. etc. I mean, neglect is neglect, but at least this way it kind of explains Janet’s complete 180 in that last chapter.

Because it wasn’t really a complete 180. I figure it was probably something like… Jack was the one who wanted a kid and Janet didn’t really, but of course when she had Tim she loved him–but she still wasn’t ready to be a mother. As opposed to Jack who, even after Tim was born, still liked the idea of a son more than actually having a son. So hence Janet wanting to divorce Jack and stay in Gotham. Because the entire time she thought Jack was staying at home with Tim and finding out that he wasn’t–to the point that Tim became a teenaged vigilante with all his spare time–made her realize that she cannot stay married to this man who is a terrible husband and father.

And then everything else was just in line with what Tim can do and the idea that a lot of what makes Tim Mastermind is actually stuff he got from Janet. Including annoying the crap out of Bruce Wayne.

So of course she’s going to stick up for Catwoman as her son’s godmother. Retroactively claiming friendship with Selina Kyle–why of course, Bruce, Selina and I have been friends forever. It’s shameful that you’ve forgotten. It must be that dreadful alcoholism of yours, it’s practically pickled your brain.

But then she figures maybe it’s not enough. And while she adores Selina, well, Catwoman is a thief, and thieves don’t fight. They run. As Mastermind, Tim may not have the luxury to run, so he’ll need a little extra… something. Thankfully, the Obeah Man thing happens way before Infinite Crisis (which, is the thereabouts of when Blue Beetle dies) so that means that Ted Kord is still alive. That last chapter also mentions Jaime as part of the team even though he doesn’t become Blue Beetle until after Ted Kord dies but… uh… maybe his timeline is a little sped up (like Damian’s).

Anyway. Janet is all for plausible deniability, so she just has Drake Industries begin dealing with KORD Industries… and if that means that Ted Kord interacts with her son, well, if Tim can appoint himself a godmother surely she can choose a godfather. And if Blue Beetle happens to train Mastermind in the ways of non-metahuman vigilante skills/gadgets, well, that has nothing to do with their companies, does it? And it certainly is no business of Wayne Enterprises, butt out, Bruce.

As a bonus, since anywhere Ted Kord goes, Michael Carter goes, she basically gets two godfathers for the price of one. Which is especially great since it’s canon that Batman is ridiculously irritated by Booster Gold’s existence. It makes Booster helping to train Mastermind just absolutely hilarious to Janet (and me).

And I have some other thoughts–like… if Janet had gone to school with Lex as a teenager/child, well of course she’s going to recognize Kon, and similarly annoy the crap out of Lex. Mostly by sort of adopting Kon–because she’s been meaning to get Tim a bodyguard, it might as well be someone he likes. And then whenever she interacts with Lex she’s just so ruthless–“The darling boy is so lucky to favor his other parent’s genes, goodness knows your shoddy business practices are better off not being passed down to the next generation.” and “Oh, I’m sorry Lex, I can’t hear you over the sound of Lex Corp stock prices plummeting.” Hehehe…

Like, I would want this to take over the actual fic, but be more like a… supplemental reading sort of thing.

Sorry, all of my Tim feelings spill over into Janet feelings so… :/

Although… I may actually write this? In a drabble-y choppy way. For now, though, here’s the brainstorm.

I would love to see what you can come up with in my humble AU, sweetie. While I am not well versed in the Ted/Michael dinamics I do have a headcanon in which Janet and Lex were schoolmates (academic rivals in Lex’s opinion, forced acquaintances in Janet’s) and of couse she’s gonna tease Alex (”Please Janet, we’ve gone over this for decades, call me Lex!”) the moment she takes one look at Kon and sees that stuborn chin on him. 

As for her divorce request, canon-wise, she and Jack were having troubles by the time Haiti happened, a part of me wants to believe  that she took one look at her son’s face (bruised, scratched and so terribly sad) and decided it was not worth it following her asshole of a husband around the globe to salvage a marriage that forced her away from her child. 

She loves Tim, he is hers and he needs to come first for once at least in her book, if Jack wants to move away and find himself, fuck him, she is staying. 

Also, she is going to troll Bruce so hard when she notices her baby boy has captured the heart of Brucie’s little monster, Damian is an adorable little cookie that knows perfection when he sees it – of course Tim is perfect, he is her son – and she will encourage their interactions as much as she can if only to see Bruce squirm. 

OMG! I meant  “I would NOT want this to take over the actual fic, but be more like a… supplemental reading sort of thing.” (ugh seriously of all the freaking typos I could inflict, I’m so sorry. Without the not it sounds so arrogant, I didn’t mean to sound like some kind of idea thief)

But, hi! Hello! I’m a big fan of your fic–I’m such a sucker for Tim Drake and his many heartbreaking adventures, and you’re probably the reason why I ship DamiTim.

I just super love the idea that Janet knows about everyone’s superhero/villain secret identity shenanigans but never outrightly says it. Probably because she grew up with those dweebs and is just like–”Alex, surely all this melodrama would be solved if you just propositioned the alien. It’s starting to get embarrassing–and I knew you in the 80s.” or “Bruce, running around in spandex doesn’t make you the bigger man. Far from it, in fact.”

Thankfully, her son knows better. If he’s going to be a vigilante, he’s at least going to be one that is both practically and fashionably dressed.

I actually don’t know that much about the Blue Beetle/Booster Gold storyline, either, but I figure that there aren’t too many non-metahuman vigilantes that aren’t also Bat-sanctioned/funded. So it was either BB+BG, who are independent of Batman and also have the added benefit of annoying the bejeezus out of Bruce, or… well… one of the assassins/mercenaries like Shiva or Deathstroke. Which… I mean, that would be pretty interesting, too.

Janet could easily hire Deathstroke to teach her son–unless Slade Wilson is also someone that Janet has had past experience with and she leverages some kind of blackmail against him so he will train Tim. (And, obligatory Janet trashtalk: “Orange and black scales, Slade? Need I say more?”)

As for Shiva, well, now I’m not saying Janet possibly did her a favor on the wrong side of the law a few years ago, but I do think that if such a thing did happen then it would definitely make sense for Shiva to repay her by training Tim. Just saying.

((I guess there’s also Green Arrow, but I figure that in Janet’s eyes Oliver Queen is even less tolerable than Bruce Wayne)).

Also, hell yeah Janet is going to encourage DamiTim. She believes in multi-tasking and not only will that give Bruce an aneurysm, but it will also neatly tie up the whole Wayne Enterprises vs Drake Industries thing, and confuse Ra’s al Ghul (who she considers a mild but persistent pest in her international business dealings).