Three Sentence Fic, the Grab Bag edition (2016-04-05)

A/N: Just a bunch of three sentence ficlets that my brain didn’t want to elaborate on…


It just didn’t seem fair, that he had loved so much, had lost so much, and didn’t even get to keep a trace of them. No scars on his skin, or trinkets to be carried around.

Just him and his ever fading memories.

“Not everyone gets second chances,” she says, hands fisted at her side, knuckles pale from the strength of it. She doesn’t want to fight, but it needs to be said:

“Sometimes, we don’t even get a first chance.”

Uzushio developed sustainable peace decades before the rest of the world did. There is danger in being the first.

They suffered the consequences for it.

Their son would never be king, regardless of his heritage. But he would be loved and, if nothing else, be kept safe.

Or at least, that’s what they had planned.

Sometimes she wants to shut her eyes, ignore Ryuk’s gravelly laughter, Light’s polite inanities, and L’s monotonous stream of conscious. She wishes she were anywhere else but here.

She can almost imagine the clicking of stones against wood.

“I wasn’t trained for this,” Starling says, brows furrowed above the line of his mask. Caleb looks away from the seething crowd of monsters thirty stories below them to his stepbrother, and stifles a laugh.

“I don’t think any of us were trained for this.”

Leanne wakes up with pain in her shoulders; one, due to a stab wound wrapped and recovering, the other stretched awkwardly with a set of handcuffs around her wrist to the bed. She smiles obnoxiously at Officer Sheridan and asks:

“What’s my safe word?”

Be brave, he thinks, stepping into the light, remembering the dragon’s words. All you need to succeed is imagination and courage.

He leaves the shadows and tries to remember what he is outside of dreams.


A/N: I don’t know if I want to tag all the things that these are from? I will for the ones explicitly stated but otherwise… guess that fic?

That new story about Death Note is really interesting!

Thanks! It’s actually a continuation of an old story, or at least the idea of a story–you can check out the (En)Closure tag–set more specifically in Hikaru no Go. (I figure that, since both are by the same artist, and they do both kind of deal with the afterlife/death that they’re probably in the same world).

Haru Kuwabara is the granddaughter of Kuwabara-Honinbou (who the manga kind of hints at being able to sense Sai’s presence?). I would recommend checking out the tag for more.

(En)Closure (2016-02-06)

Haru meets her first shinigami the same time she meets L and the person behind Kira, so needless to say it’s an overwhelming experience and she does not hold her reaction against herself.

Of course, she can never tell Hikaru about it because he does not need any more ammunition in their eternal war to embarrass each other. But still, it was a perfectly reasonable reaction. Mild, relative to other occasions. Understandable, even.

Ultimately, though? A terrible first impression.

Because the last thing a person wants to do their first day on the job is to scream at thin air then puke on their boss.

Mostly she’s surprised L kept her on the task force, more so that he’s sticking to the, frankly, exorbitant consulting fee negotiated in her contract. But apparently he sees something in her–her closing rate, probably–that inspires enough confidence as to erase that disastrous initial meeting.

L really thought Haru Kuwabara would turn out to be a fake–he’s disappointed that she isn’t.

It’s not that he was hoping for her to be a charlatan, for all of her supposed solved crimes to be incorrect. Rather, he had wondered if perhaps she was like him–a detective beyond par, enacting justice but using an eccentric cover so as not to have to answer to the tedious ways of the law. That the title of medium was just a tool and not her actual identity.

L had hoped that he would find, if not an equal, then at least another potential heir.

This was not the case. Haru Kuwabara was not like L, using logic to find the truth where everyone else only found mysteries. No, Haru Kuwabara had seen something that no one else did–her pupils had dilated in response to a perceived threat–had reacted to something so thoroughly as to empty her stomach on his person. There was only a 0.3% chance that was premeditated.

No, Haru Kuwabara is the real deal–an actual medium capable of seeing actual ghosts and bringing them closure by solving their murders.

How boring.

Ryuku laughs for seven hours straight after the newest member of the Kira task force is introduced, and it is only the fourth most annoying thing about the day.

The third being that Kuwabara was very clearly able to see Ryuku and possibly even hear him–given her reactions to the shinigami’s grating laugh and flippant comments. The second being that, even covered in her vomit, L had decided to keep her. But the most annoying thing of today?

Kuwabara is not named after springtime.

Perhaps out of deference to her famous grandfather or maybe her youth during the cases, her first name is never written in police reports. And while Light knows her name is pronounced Haru, her few public records have it written in katakana–not acceptable to the Death Note as her true name.

Which means that Light either has to bribe Ryuku into giving him her name–unlikely, considering how amusing the shinigami seems to be by this situation. Or he has to charm it out of her–again, unlikely, seeing as how he’s fairly certain she knows he’s Kira because of Ryuku. Or he has to have Misa get it and convince her to kill Kuwabara for him.

The last option is the most likely to succeed, but given it requires him to suffer through the role of being Misa Misa’s boyfriend, it may supersede the rage inducing irritation of the day by itself.

No, Light will leave that option for last. Or at least, until he can devise a way to do it without having to go on a date with Misa.

Truthfully, he’d much rather date Kuwabara instead.


A/N: A small (En)Closure drabble smashed out on my phone while cuddling with my sister’s dog because of yesterday’s terribleness.

Don’t worry, this is not romance between Haru and Light (actually, there is no romance in this story at all). I’m just pretty sure that Light is going to manipulate Misa into killing Haru “for free” by making her jealous. Haru may not be a genius, but she’s certainly not dumb enough to date a guy who is creepy and probably a murderer and is the boyfriend of a pop idol who is also creepy and probably a murderer.

(En)Closure drabble (2015-08-31)

They fight all the time. It’s in their nature, it’s how they communicate. They don’t speak to each other, they bicker with each other. They don’t talk, they argue. Kicks and shoves are far more common than hugs, but at least it’s done with a smile. They don’t really mean any harm, no true ill-intent behind barbed words.

Except for this time.

“You didn’t even ask me!” Hikaru shouts, and rather than drawing in close he pulls away, turns his back towards her.

Because he knows she will yank him around, demand he look her in the face.

“It wasn’t your decision to make!” Haru screams back, hand fisted in his obnoxiously yellow shirt so he can’t run away.

“He was mine before he was ever yours!” His own hand grips tightly around her wrist, squeezing, and no doubt there will be a bruise there tomorrow.

“Sai was his own person, you have no claim over–”

“He was my friend–”

“He was my friend, too!” She cries out, because surely there is no other word for it; for this raw empty feeling scraping it’s way out of her throat, burning in her eyes.

Hikaru, too, is crying, tears dripping wetly down his cheeks, to his chin.

There is no silence between them, even now, when they are angry and have no words. There are the sobs of their mutual mourning, which gradually transform in hysterical laughter. Guffaws wracking their lungs and aches in their ribs so strong they have to lean against each other to stay standing.

They must look like a couple of lunatics, laughing and crying in the middle of the sidewalk.

“He was my friend and he didn’t even say goodbye,” Hikaru says, finally, somber and silent and lost.

It’s the medium in Haru that makes her say, “He knew that in you his purpose was fulfilled,” but it’s the friend Haru that says, “He was proud of you, Hikaru, so proud. But he needed to go while he still had the ability to choose for himself.”

And while I was still around to help him move on, she doesn’t say.

“Let go of my shirt,” Hikaru mutters, wiping at his face with his arm.

“Let go of my wrist,” Haru shoots back, suddenly drained. When he does, she rotates her hand gently, wincing at the pins and needles and the rushing blood of injury, “You asshole, this is going to bruise. I’m going to look so unprofessional tomorrow. Ugh, as if I didn’t already have problems with them taking me seriously.” She grumbles, thinking of her upcoming job with an actual police task force.

“Sorry,” Hikaru says, sincerely enough that she is mollified. He looks away, guiltily.

“Hey,” Haru says, bumping her shoulder roughly against his. Now that he’s taller than her, it doesn’t knock him over like it used to, but it gets him to sway and look up at her startled, “You’re my friend even if you are an asshole. Actually… you’re probably my friend because you’re an asshole.”

Hikaru make a face at her, before nudging her back in agreement.

“Sai was my friend, too, and I’m sorry that I’m part of the reason he’s not around anymore. But he asked me, and I couldn’t say no,” Haru braces herself for a second round of fighting, but it doesn’t come.

Instead, Hikaru is smiling, sideways and soft and sad but still smiling, “We can miss him together. For the rest of our lives, until we meet up with him again,” he says, and that’s so like him that Haru doesn’t have the heart to tell him that it’ll be a lot sooner for her than for him.

That’s what happens when you join a task force to catch a killer.


A/N: Some (En)Closure drabble, from way into the future. Because Sai has two seers he doesn’t just drift away like in canon (because of Hikaru’s neglect) but he does have to leave at some point. And better when there’s a medium who can help him move on rather than have him just fade away–or worse, stay and fester and become an evil spirit.

Yeah, Haru’s going to die during the events of Death Note. Like, the ghosts of all those people Light killed tell her he’s the one but she’s nowhere near genius level enough to play the mind games he does with L so just because she knows doesn’t mean she’ll be able to win.

And as a medium, she probably knows her death is impending.

Well… I didn’t really mean for this to be so gloomy. Actually, I was listening to the VideoGameRemixes version of Love Like You on repeat while I was writing this so… I have no idea why it’s this kind of tone.

(En)Closure drabble (2015-07-12) [1]

“You know,” Haru starts, which is a terrible sign because whenever she starts a sentence with that phrase it always ends up with Hikaru in trouble, “I could help with the whole NetGo thing,” she offers lightly, hardly a catch or trap in sight.

“You don’t even play Go,” Hikaru automatically responds, which Haru chooses not to verbally react to. Instead she swipes the last of the ajitsuke eggs, relishing in both the flavor and his protesting squawk. She’s the one paying, so technically they’re all hers anyway.

They then spend the next minute or so kicking at each other’s ankles. Because they are the epitome of maturity.

“That did not stop you in the beginnings of our relationship. Haru-san is as capable of placing stones where I point as you are.” Sai scolds, as exasperated with their antics as he is internally amused. Probably.

“Ugh, fine, that would be really helpful.” Hikaru grumbles around a mouth full of ramen. “What do you want in exchange?”

“Wow, rude,” Haru says facetiously, not referring to his terrible table manners, “What if I just want to help you out of the goodness of my heart.”

Even Sai has a skeptical expression on his face.

“Okay, so maybe there’s a case that involves the principal’s office at an all boy’s school and I can no longer convincingly cross dress as a teenage boy.”

Sai, out of politeness, does not let his gaze travel away from her face. Hikaru, out of well trained fear, does the same. But he does protest the arrangement loudly, “No way! There’s a reason I stopped going to school as soon as I could, okay, I’m not going back!”

“You don’t have to actually attend the school, just maybe, you know, call them and make it sound like you’re considering going back and that their school is on your list of potential options. I’m sure they’d be honored to have one of Igo’s young celebrities attend their fine establishment,” she smirks, voice lilting up into a lofty proclamation.

Hikaru grumbles, trying to play the hard sell, but with Sai obviously accepting the trade and eagerly poking him in the shoulder, she knows he’s going to give in: “Ten NetGo games when I choose and you buy me lunch for a week.” He declares, trying to eke out as much as he could.

“Three games when I choose, and I buy you lunch all the time anyway you giant gaping stomach of a leech.” She counters, flicking a crumpled up straw wrapper at him.

“Five matches, times agreed on by all of us, and you really should start contributing to purchasing meals, Hikaru, it isn’t proper,” Sai cuts in before they can devolve into a childish scuffle.

“She makes more than I do!” says Hikaru, the fifteen year old professional Go player.

“Not for long, Mr. I’m going to get the Honinbou title from your grandpa before creepy Ogata can,” says Haru, the seventeen year old professional medium and private investigator, “you should hurry on that, by the way. Grandpa’s getting up there in the years and Ogata is getting desperate.”

“Do try speaking about your elders with respect,” says Sai, the thousand year old ghost.

The two living participants of the conversation meet eyes and, after a beat, start laughing uproariously. As if.


A/N: I have now titled the Haru Kuwabara series! Hooray! Written as I was on a seven hour bus ride to visit my sister, and got all weirdly nostalgic over Haru. Gonna be honest, I was tempted to call this Nightlight for a second… but then I realized how potentially shipping sounding that was since Haru’s name is Ash Night and Hikaru’s is light. And, no, they’re just bros. Platonic life partners tied together by the ability to see Sai and their lack of shame. It’s great. 

(En)Closure drabble (2015-03-22)

“It’s just a bit odd, that’s all,” says Haru, the girl who has the ability to see ghosts and regularly solves cold cases with said ability.

Hikaru, the boy who, as far as they can tell, can only see just one ghost but who is involved in mistaken identity drama within the setting of a professional board game community, just glares back. Then gives up and sighs in agreement because he used to be a normal kid and he has to admit that it is odd.

“Don’t get me wrong,” Haru adds, pointedly towards the third participant of the conversation–Sai, the ghost–before he can feel insulted, “It’s cool that everyone’s so passionate about this. Passion is rare, and sometimes it results in terrible crimes, but it’s nice that you guys are so passionate about something that also makes you happy.”

The three of them are at a ramen stand not too far from the Go Institute. The chef, having known Haru for at least two months, does not find it alarming that she seems to be talking to multiple people when there is only one. Nor does the chef, having known Hikaru for at least a year, find alarming the sudden whole body jerk sideways or occasional arm-flailing or even persistent staring at empty air. They are odd kids, but good ones, excellent customers and decent entertainment, beside.

Hikaru and Sai both blush with flattered embarrassment, the former rubbing a hand at the back of his neck the latter hiding demurely behind his fan. Haru laughs congenially.

“And how goes your battle against evil-doers?” Sai asks, honestly curious. He’s never had two people see him before, so while his enthusiasm for Go is sated with Hikaru’s insei lifestyle, his interest for the rest of the modern world can be explored through Haru.

“Yeah, anything newsworthy? Oh, but hey, don’t go following shady guys in black at amusement parks,” Hikaru jokes.

Sai, obviously not getting the reference, nods solemnly in agreement at such wise if strangely specific advice.

Haru responds by kicking at his ankle lightly, “I’m not Detective Conan. Ugh, I can only imagine if on top of everything else I get turned into a child,”

“Yeah, that’s too many tropes at once,”

“And plus, you play soccer too. If anything you’re more like a shounen manga protagonist,”

They both break into laughter while Sai, confused but in good cheer, looks on.

“But, well, honestly? The cases have been kind of boring lately. Pretty open shut, simple you know? There’s more hassle in actually getting the cases than solving them. It’s easier to just hang out here and wait for them to call me. It’s relaxing…” Then, thinking about Hikaru’s situation, laughs again, “… if odd.”

“The other insei still won’t stop bugging me about your grandfather,” Hikaru grumbles.


“Yeah, they think he wants me as his apprentice or something. Morishita-sensei keeps telling me not to betray the study group whenever I see him,”

“They also think he has arranged a betrothal between the two of you,” Sai interjects, before hiding his own chuckle at their bewildered faces. As a ghost he has eavesdropped on some fairly amusing conversations.

“That’s so weird!” Hikaru blurts out immediately, flinching away from Haru in expectation of some kind of slap like what Akari would do.

But she doesn’t, and not because she’s more prone to kicking that slapping. Considering the actual reason why they do hang out so much… “It’s definitely more believable than the truth.”


A/N: Random scene from the Haru Kuwabara series. Yaaaaaay.

Edit: Now called (En)Closure

(En)Closure drabble (2015-03-08)

The match ended, unsurprisingly, with the insei’s defeat. It was a decent showing on the his part, definite shodan quality, but nothing on par with a title-holder. With the status quo maintained, the world of Go pretended the event didn’t happen… for the most part. While the professionals and the press continued on with their lives, the insei were still reeling from the game–from the possibilities implied by the game.

No one honestly expected Shindou to win, of course, but the fact that he was asked to play by a title-holder made him even more notorious than his supposed rivalry with Touya Akira. It didn’t help that, after the match had concluded, Kuwabara-Honinbou had said, “Not bad, brat. If you want to play again without the Institute making a fuss like headless chickens, you let me know,” And the fact that Kuwabara’s assistant could frequently be seen around the Institute, even without the presence of said title-holder. It made rumors of a supposed apprenticeship fly.

While an apprenticeship was not on the table, the young woman was what was on Hikaru’s mind. And Sai’s. Beyond the startling, steady gaze during the game, and the brief glances since then, she hadn’t made any other moves. But they both knew she could see Sai: she was able to track the ghost’s movements, even as minimal as walking to Hikaru’s other side. It was unnerving.

But, at the same time, it was a bit of a relief when she finally walked up and introduced herself. Considering that Waya still occasionally waxed poetical over his NetGo game with sai, and would probably go off at any hint of the mystery player, it was even more of a relief that she had done it out of earshot of the other insei

“Shindou Hikaru. I’m Kuwabara Haru, medium. It’s nice to properly meet you… and your friend.”


A/N: Reaaaally should come up with a title for this series.

Edit: Series now called (En)Closure

(En)Closure drabble (2015-03-07)

The day Kuwabara-Honinbou asks to play a game against an insei is a memorable one. The Institute had never experienced such a thing before, weren’t sure if they should make it an official match or not, if they should offer the Room of Profound Darkness and whether they should have reporters covering it. A title holder challenging an insei? Unimaginable!

The other professional players were ambivalent, some had thought Kuwabara had finally gone off his rocker (it took him long enough, one Ogata-Juudan could be heard muttering). After all, why else would he have a young woman shadowing his steps for the past week? Others thought it was a refreshing change of pace, perhaps the old coot was finally going to take on an apprentice. Touya-Meijin very pointedly remained silent on the matter, though Touya-Nidan had, what could only be described as, bristled when asked for his opinion.

Meanwhile, the insei practically exploded. It was one thing for one of their own to brag about being rivals with the Go Prince, Touya Akira, it was another for him to be specifically picked out by a title-holder to play a game.

And as the Go world turned into a frenzy, those at the eye of the storm were calm if a little confused and annoyed.

As the Institute finally gets their act together, deciding not to offer the Room of Profound Darkness but still providing a venue. The goban is set on a slightly raised stage, cameras set up to project the game onto a screen so the small audience of professionals, insei, and reporters can see without crowding the two players. On the stage are the stars of the event, Kuwabara-Honinbou and Shindou Hikaru, and one other person much to the consternation of the others gathered. She has the best vantage point, and yet spends the entire match staring at empty air behind the insei. Those who are there for the go game try to ignore the third person on the stage.

For Shindou Hikaru, the day Kuwabara-Honinbou asks to play a game against him is a memorable one, too, but for a different reason. Because he finally meets someone else who can see Sai, the effortlessly ignored fourth person on the stage.


A/N: I should probably come up with a title for this, at least for organization purposes. But yes! More of the Haru Kuwabara, onmyouji/medium, universe.

Edit: Now called (En)Closure

(En)Closure drabble (2015-03-01) [1]

If her life was a book, she would tell you to skip the beginning. It was repetitive and bland and didn’t have much of a plot. Her ending wouldn’t be such a good read either–though there were moments of suspense and terror, it featured mostly frustration, helplessness, and bitter resignation. And she’s pretty sure towards the end she wasn’t even a main character.

Then again, she could argue that most her life she wasn’t the main character. Even in the middle which would be her favorite. That part she’d reread if she could–relive if she could–filled as it was with excitement and laughter. There were times when it felt quotidian, tedious even, but it was tempered with contentment. There was frustration then, too, and drama, but the kind that could be resolved with hard work and communication. It was the middle of her life when she was satisfied. Such a shame that it ended so poorly.


A/N: … sigh, I really do want to play in this universe but it’s hard to articulate the stuff percolating in my brain. Related to this ramble of Kuwabara-Honinbou’s medium/onmyouji/exorcist granddaughter. I kind of wanted to imply that she died because of Kira from Death Note (which I headcanon is in the same universe but just a few years after the events of Hikaru no Go) because she could see the ghosts of all these criminals and basically, she knew too much without having the genius to back it up. Still don’t know what I want to name her, though. Leaning towards Haru so there’s the default assumption of Spring (春) when in fact it’s Ash Night (灰夜) which is rather morbid. Basically, she’s tagged for death from beginning to end.

And of course my author’s notes are practically longer than the actual drabble. Of course. But I suppose it’s good foundation for if/when I do come back to this universe.

(edit: I now realize that Haru really would be a good name, because if she just verbally introduces herself to Light then he’d write down her name with the wrong kanji and it wouldn’t work. Of course, she’s screwed as soon as Misa enters the scene with her Shinigami Eyes, but by that point there’ll be some other plot reason to keep her alive)

Edit2: Now called (En)Closure

(En)Closure (2015-02-27)

That’s the kid.

The one with the bleached hair? Ah, I see what you mean… Yeah, you were right. This is my kind of job.

Of course I’m right. Who do you think you got your skills from?

Well, you may be my grandfather but I’m a lot better at this than you are. Otherwise you wouldn’t be asking for my help, you decrepit old monkey.

Such disrespect! Ha! Just how I taught you.

Of course. But seriously–I’m not charging you for this, however if I do take this job you have to follow all the rules I give my clients, grandfather or not.

Rules? Can’t be too difficult.

It really isn’t, or shouldn’t be, but you’d be surprised at how poorly my clientele follow directions. I hope you won’t be added to that.

Lay it on me.

First, you have to listen to what I say. If I tell you to hold your breath, you do not breathe. If I tell you to destroy something, you break it and set the pieces on fire. If I tell you to–

Yeah, I get it.

Second, you need to stick to your goals. Once you set those goals you can’t turn back, I will be working to meet them so no regrets and no changing them mid-job.

Ah, that I may need help with.

I can help you create a list of what the possible results and situations may be, but you have to be the one to get your priorities in order.


And third, the living get to live. The dead are here at my leisure. If there’s any sign that that kid is being possessed against his will or if it’s hurting him, then I’m performing an exorcism regardless of if that ghost is some kind of once in a lifetime genius. He already had his lifetime, he doesn’t get to steal another from someone else. Got it?

Yeah. I’d exorcise him myself if it were like that.

Please, you don’t have the juice to exorcise a goldfish much less a centuries old ghost. You weren’t even sure if there was a ghost involved. Eyesight going already? How will you play your board game?

Little brat, a real player doesn’t need to see the board to win.

Hm… Speaking of, set up a game with the kid. I need to get a closer read on both of them; don’t want to approach them cold. Can you do that?

Are you joking? I’m Kuwabara-Honinbou, if an insei won’t agree to play a game with me I might as well hand over my title to that upstart Ogata.


A/N: Uh… yeah. I guess I’m on a bit of an OC fanfic spree. So this is for currently unnamed granddaughter of Kuwabara-Honinbou who works as a medium. Which means she can actually see Sai–it’s highly implied that Kuwabara stopped and stared at Hikaru because he was able to sense Sai but the fact that he didn’t bring it up means that maybe he can’t see it so well?

She then figures out the dealio with Sai and Hikaru, but is mostly a spectator for their hilarious identity shenanigans. She only really steps in to prevent Sai from fading, and can be talked into providing an alibi for Hikaru by acting as Sai’s hands in NetGo in exchange for doing embarrassing favors. 

She emphatically does not play Go. But people are really confused as to why Kuwabara’s granddaughter is hanging around an insei so at first they think she’s Sai but then they think Hikaru’s going to be Kuwabara’s apprentice…

[edit: sort of continued here. Also, now tentatively naming her Haru – Ash Night (灰夜), not Spring (春)]

[edit2: Series now called (En)Closure, follow that tag or the haru kuwabara tag for more]