Do you know the Girl Genius comics? That mention of Shikako humming as she worked made me want to prompt you for them–although asking for a “whole new” recursive AU for this event might be a bit much, lol :/ :)

I vaguely know of it but I’ve never actually read it, sorry lionheadbookends. Actually, I’m only aware of it because I’m a fan of Gunnerkrigg Court (as are you! given your avatar) and there was a card game they did together? But it was a while ago…

I’d be more prepared to do that as a new recursive AU though perhaps not in the same way. Like… instead of Shikako as the humming girl genius, it’d probably expand out to Konoha peeps are those from The Forest (or, at least, Shikako is Shadow) and other characters are from The Court… I dunno, I’d have to ponder it some more…

Friendship is a (mutual) con. 20) things you said that I wasn’t meant to hear

Friendship Is A (Mutual) Con, 20) things you said that I wasn’t meant to hear

He doesn’t mean to trip.

Hardly anyone means to trip, but he especially didn’t mean to do so now, back stepping as quickly as he could after listening in on his sister’s conversation with her weird friends.

Mum sent him to the shop to bring some things for Shikako and remind her about family dinner on Saturday. He didn’t really think much about the closed sign or the locked door: Shikako’s been teaching him lockpicking, on the off chance he might want to follow her in her business and because it’s a handy skill to have, or so she says, and he knew she was there and thought maybe it was a test because it’s not as if business hours mean anything to family, right? Except she didn’t appear when the bell above the door jingled, and he heard yelling coming from the back room and so he went further into the shop (after locking the door behind him, of course) but when he got close enough to actually hear the words more clearly–to understand them–he realized it wasn’t an argument.

Well, it was an argument only in the sense that there was a lot of shouting and disagreements.

Mostly, it was a plan for a heist.

And at first it didn’t make any sense because… because Shikako’s supposed to build vaults and locks and safes not break into them! But there was her voice, logical and methodical, painting such a clear and feasible picture that eventually the argument–the planning–simmered down into agreement.

And in that silence, Kinokawa realized what he heard. And he tried to back away, so as not to get caught, but Shikako only ever trained him in lock picking not any of her other, apparent, criminal inclinations and so in his hurry, he tripped…

… and knocked over the stand of antique keys Shikako keeps to build custom modern locks for fun.

Naruto is the one who gets to him first–or rather, leaps over him to get between Kinokawa and the exit–but Sasuke is the one that pulls him to his feet. Roughly, at first, until he sees Kinokawa’s face, hands gentling almost immediately.

Kinokawa flinches anyway. Not so much out of fear but out of shock. Has everyone Kinokawa known his entire life secretly been criminals this whole time?

Shikako finally follows, her weird pale and quiet friend in her shadow, and the air suddenly goes taught like a string about to snap.

He wants to blurt out excuses, wants to wipe his memory, wants to undo time and just wait in the front of the shop where there weren’t secrets and criminal plans being flung about for little brothers to hear. He wants to apologize.

Shikako gets to it first.

“Ah, I should fix this,” she says, before kneeling down and beginning to pick up the scattered antique keys on the ground.

Reflexively, he does the same. Slipping out of Sasuke’s loosened grip and picking up keys. Shikako glances up, gives her friends–fellow criminals?–a look, and the three of them leave.

It’s quiet but for the soft clinking of keys in cupped palms, the stand being brought back upright, and the somewhat out of tune low humming Shikako does as she works.

It is weirdly soothing, organizing the keys by their labeled tags back onto the stand, that Kinokawa almost startles when his sister speaks again.

“I’m sorry, Kino,” she says, elbow lightly jostling his shoulder as she puts another key in its place. “You weren’t supposed to hear any of that.”

For a moment, Kinokawa pauses. He knows Shikako would never do anything bad to him, but that thought still flashes across his mind–Nara quick and prone to paranoia.

“I hope we didn’t scare you,” Shikako continues. Kinokawa feels relieved followed immediately by bubbling guilt at feeling such.

“No!” Kinokawa denies, assures, “I wasn’t–I’m not scared.”

Shikako smiles, but it’s a kind of sad, disbelieving smile. “You weren’t supposed to find out this way. Although, I guess there are worse ways.”

Another thought comes to Kinokawa, “Were… were you ever going to tell me?” And another, left unasked: am I the only one who doesn’t know?

Shikako answers both, sighing, “I don’t know. A part of me wanted to tell you–all of you, Shikamaru and Mum and Dad–about what I really do–I do so much good, Kino, I can’t even count how many people we’ve helped–but it’s not like I can just say it during family dinner.”

No, certainly not. Definitely not with their dad being the governor’s chief of staff, or Mum being a police sergeant, or even Shikamaru’s own budding career as a behavioral analyst with the FBI.

Kinokawa can see why Shikako would keep her job–hobby?–a secret.

“I can keep it,” Kinokawa volunteers, because he knows his sister wants to ask but doesn’t think she can. But he’s not a baby anymore, “I can keep it secret,” he repeats, “Until you’re ready to tell them,” he adds.

From the shaky smile on Shikako’s face, it’s her turn to feel relieved, and she pulls him into a hug.

‘The Land of Snow Job’ DoS/Leverage cross. Since the Snow arc seems twisty enough to be a Leverage plot anyway, with the movie and the princess and stealing a country. XD

That’s true, anon. I mean, I don’t know if just “The Land of Snow Job” as a title matches the others but as an idea, the plot of the Snow arc would translate pretty easily into the Fia(M)C ‘verse.

And while I know it’s a full movie in canon, I don’t know if I’d want it to be a “finale episode” equivalent here because it’s not as relevant? Like… this feels very much more a focus on Kakashi’s change than Snow country itself.

Probably this one would be called something like… “Best Served Cold” or something like that? And it’d focus more on how a younger Kakashi tried to con the Kazahana corporation but failed because it was undergoing a literal hostile takeover and instead he ended up having to call in favors to find a home for the Kazahana would-have-been heiress.

And, like, considering Yukie/Koyuki is an actress that could be leaned into as a stronger bond between Kakashi and her. Sure he never trained her to become a grifter–he tried to find her a normal home, but the closest thing to normal he knew was a non-criminal theater troupe? or a B-movie special effects studio?–but she never fell for his “consultant” job cover.

So when news comes out that Kazahana Corp. is going public in a weeks–meaning Dotou could potentially gain billions by selling a company he stole–she goes to the crew for help.

Dotou can’t make money off the company if the crew steal it first.

And, like, obviously the theater troupe/B-movie special effects studio are highly involved in the unmasking of Dotou’s crimes, etc. etc.

Um… probably the reason why Dotou did a hostile take over of Kazahan Corp was because he wanted to kill a specific solar tech project which would have put his oil investments in danger? And of course he buried the files and blueprints as best as he could, but no one ever knew that Sousetsu had actually built a prototype–which is what the crew eventually find…

Yeah. There’s not much to say for this one since, as you said, it’s close enough to a Leverage plot anyway.

Um… I hope you don’t mind if I go with “Best Served Cold” instead of “The Land of Snow Job,” anon, even though the whole ask box event is about me making summaries off your suggested titles instead of the other way around?

Best Served Cold

Over a decade is a long time to pretend being someone else, but it’s just about right for getting revenge.

Title: Sell It With a Smile. Friendship is a (Mutual) Con.

I’m getting very strong Naruto-and-Sai vibes from this title. Part of me thinks that this would be an “episode” in which for some ~mysterious reason~ Sai and Naruto are the only ones who can actually interact with the mark without blowing their cover, but another part of me thinks this would be a heartfelt yet hilarious “what shenanigans do these two get up to by themselves while the rest of the team goes home to maintain their daytime identities/throw off family suspicion”

Ugh, phrased like that, though, I just made myself feel sad.

But, still, Naruto and Sai back together again! I haven’t thought much about this pairing since all the Colour Time brainstorms!

I can’t just copy paste their Colour Time from that into Fia(M)C, so what is it that they get up to when left unsupervised? Hm… well a cat burglar and an shadowy government agency hacker. There’s not much that they CAN’T do, crime-wise, which means it should be something ludicrously mundane or, at least, start that way. Like. Grocery shopping and Sai notices that, hey, the person in front of us is buying all the ingredients to a home-made bomb? Let’s go stop them!

Mrgh, no, too extreme.

When lives are potentially at stake, they’d definitely call in the rest of the team even if it “their day off,” so that wouldn’t work.

… I mean, I’m already stealing (heh) the premise of Leverage, so why not borrow a little further? The Broken Wing Job has Parker stuck at home with an injury and she tries to thwart a robbery mostly by herself–so this could be something similar?

… oh! So, Kakashi sends Sai and Naruto off to buy a birthday cake for Yamato (never mind that his birthday was four months ago–why are we tailing them, senpai? Is this some kind of test?)

And while they’re at the bakery/cafe, they notice that, given the angle of a photographer’s camera, he’s not taking pictures of the food or the supposed, well-lit subject, but the building across the street? And that building is a bank/jewelry store/art gallery?

Or, hm, maybe minus the fake birthday cake errand. Maybe they’re just at Ichiraku’s–which is the closest thing to family that Naruto has that he’d spend his week off with (and there I go making myself sad again)–and some random person keeps showing up at the same time and the whole photography thing. And first off, Naruto is very bored, but second of all he DOES NOT APPRECIATE the sanctity of his favorite place being so violated. Ichiraku’s is the only crime-free place, as far as he’s concerned.

Sai is also a little bored and feeling awkward about the lack-of-family thing, so… yeah, sure, why not he’ll help.

(Kakashi and Yamato are probably just lurking nearby–Kakashi for funsies, Yamato reluctantly)

I have a feeling–in a series typical plot twist–that the alleged thief is, in fact, not casing the building but actually stalking an employee who works there. Which is EVEN WORSE and Naruto gets EVEN ANGRIER.

I like the idea that for some reason Sai was the one who had to go on-site and actually speak to the employees there (maybe because assumed thief/stalker guy had already seen Naruto or Sai needed to be there on location in order to hack into the bank’s security system back when they first thought it was a robbery) so Sai’s the one who interacted with the stalker’s victim and he’s the one who has to explain the whole… well, we thought he was going to rob your place of employment but instead he was stalking you, don’t worry, my friend will make sure he’ll never bother you again. Also, your shoes are very nice today?

Sai makes his first civilian friend! (IS IT SHIHO?)

Sorry anon, there’s a lot of gaps in this one, but here’s a short summary!

Sell It With A Smile

More than lock picks, explosives, or computers–a con artist’s best tool is their people skills.

“An Unbearable Weight” … ??? I have no idea, I just had this sort of feeling of something pressing down on the shoulders and I can’t place anything else with the title (almost spelled it tightle, lol).

A/N: So the first thing I thought of with that title, anon, is the show Leverage. I mean, true, it’s not exactly far from my thoughts, but specifically there’s a spiel about how the crew of criminals is the leverage that normal people need to remove the weight that evil rich people have put on them, etc…

And so my brain followed that train of thought to my Friendship is a (Mutual) Con ‘verse, of course. And then, well, with a title like that… this would be a season finale-esque fic within that ‘verse. But what would it specifically be about? Hm…


An Unbearable Weight

Even myths can grow complacent: when that happens, the world shakes.

I’ll be honest, my brain went originally to Atlas Shrugged–as an idea, not the novel itself–but that was very western of me and so I decided to research the equivalent. Namazu is a giant catfish that causes earthquakes, Kashima is the god who is meant to restrain him to prevent that. However, sometimes Kashima fails.

Which I quite liked the idea of, but that seemed a little too specific to be used by name in the summary, so I abstracted the concept enough that really it could be either the western or Japanese myth that I’m referring to!

Anyway, from that summary, I suppose this is later in Team Seven’s “career” when they’re at the top of their game–no con is impossible to them–and they’ve unwittingly created their own enemy. Someone who knows them so well, knows their weaknesses and exactly where to hit.

Part of me, because of the word “weight”–the BEST scene in Naruto will always be Lee taking off his leg weights and beating Gaara’s ass (though I do love him, also)–wants to include at the very least Gai and Lee if not also Neji and TenTen… I wonder if they’re law enforcement who are supposed to be tracking down the “ruthless band of criminals” but are actually quite friendly with Team Seven, not knowing that they are the same.

Like FBI Agents McSweeten and Taggert from Leverage but more competent.

And like in canon, Kakashi and Gai are BFFs which would mean that whoever the big bad in this “episode” would somehow reveal to Gai that Kakashi is the leader of the “dastardly crew of renegades” that he’s been trying to catch for years. Which would, of course, strain their relationship but ALSO impede Kakashi’s ability to act on behalf of his team.

All part of big bad’s plan.

It would all resolve itself in the end–of course–most likely with Team Gai acting as Team Seven’s Detective Bonanno equivalent. That is, Team Seven cons the bad guys and gets the evidence that Team Gai needs to convict them.

… yeah… I like this idea.

So probably Team Gai has shown up in “previous episodes” individually–Shikako is TenTen’s go-to for locksmithing and questions on vaults/security systems, Neji and Sasuke probably met as kids during the upper class soirees that Noble clans all attend, Lee probably had an absolute SNAFU of a case and Sakura was the one who found/healed him… and, of course, Kakashi and Gai are BFFs… but while each of them probably knew Team Gai were FBI (in a vague sort of sense for Sasuke, probably) none of them knew that they were on a task force together and especially not that said task force was assigned to track down/capture Team Seven.

Until, you know, one of Team Seven’s normal milk run cons suddenly gets infested with law enforcement. Familiar law enforcement.

Sakura probably has to fake flirt some information out of Lee, Sasuke and Neji probably have a snooty “Hyuuga” “Uchiha” exchange before hella pummeling each other into the dirt, and Shikako definitely ends up promising TenTen that she’ll tell Shikamaru what it is she actually does for work.

Kakashi mopes around guiltily like the saddest string bean he is, until Gai forgives him in a heartbeat and challenges him to a push up contest.


Ask Box Event Now Open!

you have so many great stories and brainstorms and I love all the AU’s you create and I enjoy it when you do askbox events because it means there’s something new to look forward to each day. my fav might be Friendship is a Mutual Con so “FiaMC + headcanon” if you have any :)

Thanks, anon! I’m never sure if the ask box events are fun for anyone else besides me, so I’m glad to hear you enjoy them. (*⌒∇⌒*)

Here’s some… I guess background headcanons for what brought each of the team towards a life of crime.


Naruto bounces around foster homes and orphanages, a troublemaker and ticking time bomb that no one wants to be liable for.

Stealing things is just another survival mechanism, an especially useful one that he hones over time.

He has no idea he’s following in his parents’ footsteps.

Not even after Jiraiya takes him in and trains him properly.


Shikako becomes a thief inside out: building security systems first before realizing it’s more fun to take them apart.

Still, she has the locksmith shop–a legal revenue stream and alibi–and as far as her family knows, she just has very clingy and very strange friends.


Sasuke isn’t a thief, he’s a retrieval specialist.

Dutiful second son trying to bring honor to his family in his own way. The military has uses for boys who can fight, boys who have morals that aren’t… set in stone.

If you love something and you’re good at it, why not get paid premium for it?

An Uchiha doesn’t steal, they acquire.


Kakashi’s father will forever be known in history as the biggest scandal in the art world.

People don’t care that Sakumo Hatake had created organizations to promote the creation and preservation of art. They don’t care that his foundation sends hundreds of students each year to school on scholarships. They forget that art museums around the world have him to thank for donations and improvements and, in some cases, their continued existence.

Sakumo Hatake produced and sold over a thousand forgeries before getting caught by Interpol.

There weren’t many avenues left for Kakashi to take.


Ever since she was little, Sakura has wanted to save the world.

There’s a lot of pain and cruelty–an endless, constant amount, she knows this–but that doesn’t mean she won’t still try to help.

Her hero is the head of Doctors Without Borders.

Sometimes doing what’s right isn’t what’s legal.


Tenzo is framed.

(Yamato will never say so out loud near Kakashi-taicho, in anticipation of the inevitable painting pun)

He is framed and kicked out of Interpol–not quite on the run from his coworkers, but highly aware that he is being watched. Any false step and they will take him down.

He knows who framed him–or, at least, on whose orders they were acting on–but he doesn’t know why.

(Sai does. He’s been ordered to make sure Yamato doesn’t figure it out.)


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4, Shikako/Sai ( if you have time )

i don’t know what the fuck true love even is
but i do want to hang out with you
for basically the rest of my life.
(let’s hang out – TO THE DEATH)

(Friendship Is A (Mutual) Con)

Shikako stares at Sai, the breath for her response caught in her throat, more confused than concerned, but a healthy amount of both.

Sai stares back, guileless.

“… we can work on that,” Shikako finally says, hesitantly. She is angry and horrified–but not at him, it’s not his fault–and it takes effort to keep it out of her voice.

“I’ve read many books on this subject, so I’m quite confident I’ve mastered the theory,” Sai responds, holding up his tablet which proudly displays the title: Love and Other Mysteries.

“… that’s…” this time there is no hiding her skepticism, “Well… think of it as needing field experience. Cooperation leads to teamwork, teamwork leads to friendship, and friendship is a great step towards love.”

Sai nods as if what she’s saying actually makes sense and isn’t something she’s just making up on the spot.

And it’s not like anyone else on the team–besides Sakura, that is–is emotionally competent enough to dispute that.


Shikako realizes she still has her comm on ten minutes after the screaming fight with her brother has already ended.

Mostly because Sai, showing his developing social acuity, quietly clears his throat before asking, “Did he not like your gift?”

She sighs, exasperated and embarrassed with herself and, maybe, a little unapologetically petty at Sai for eavesdropping–let him deal with the audio feedback–but if he had to wade through that awful argument then she does sort of owe him an explanation.

“No, he was grateful for it. It’ll speed up his recovery by months, if not years, and it’ll definitely make his PT easier…”

“That didn’t sound like gratitude.”

Shikako’s chuckle is more bitter than amused, “He’s worried about how I got it, instead of focusing on his own health which is what really matters…”

She sighs again, exhausted. It’s been months of this, she just wants that easiness that they used to have.

“… sometimes love is hard.”


This is their final heist as a team–or as this team, at least: Sakura returning to her previous team, Yamato clearing his name and getting reinstated, and Kakashi finally obtaining the peace that had eluded him for so long.

“Will you be staying?” Sai asks her as he packs up his rig–there is a strange lack of urgency and so he takes his time to stow everything away neatly instead of just shoving things in his bag as someone else drags him away.

“Yes,” she answers, swiftly, simply, no consideration needed. She tilts her head over at Naruto and Sasuke, who are both saying their goodbyes and trying (and failing) to be professional about it. “They need me, still.”

There is a pause as Sai continues to pack and Shikako watches, not wanting to interfere.

“And you?” She finally asks, as the last zipper is zipped.

He shoulders his bag, two hard shell cases in either hand as well, and answers–swiftly, simply–

“I haven’t finished my lessons, yet.”


A/N: I don’t know why this was so difficult for me, anon… it’s not the pairing that’s the problem. I think maybe because this prompt was already asked with a blank check platonic pair and I had to NOT do the same thing here…

Anyway, hope you enjoy!

(If you’re only doing the ones on the post feel free to ignore, but) this Softer World makes me thing of Friendship Is A Mutual Con: “All aboard the friend ship! / Today we’re carrying munitions / and no running lights. / (I’ll be the Imo this time. You can be the Mont-Blanc.)”

All aboard the friend ship!
Today we’re carrying munitions
and no running lights.
(I’ll be the Imo this time. You can be the Mont-Blanc.)

It was only ever supposed to be temporary.

(There are sirens and screaming. The roaring of the flames. Dust and smoke in the air.)

Sakura knew this coming in: it was just a favor for a friend, a learning experience.

(Beneath her hands, a man screams, blood gushing out around the piece of rebar through his shoulder.)

And she has learned a lot, advanced her own skills not only in healing and fighting, but in grifting and hacking and stealing. She’s had fun and she cares for her teammates. She doesn’t regret any of it.

(She stabilizes him as best as she can–it’s not fatal, not with ambulances on the way, he’ll be brought to a hospital soon and they can do more for him there–and moves on to the next person.)

But it was only meant to be temporary.

(When she’s done with triage, she leaves with one of the ambulances, holding the hand of a woman who might lose her leg tonight.

The explosion was far too big–nothing at all like the controlled blast that was part of the plan–and no one is answering on the comms.

She follows protocol and gets out.)

The explosion knocks both of them off their feet. Sai drops his gun.

Yamato doesn’t.

“Don’t,” he warns, simply, barrel aimed perfectly even if he is awkwardly crouched against the wall and his head is aching from the collision.

Sai raises his hands, moves away from where his gun lies by his feet slow and calm and as expressionless as ever.

“Was it you?” Yamato asks, uncaring of the encroaching fire and the heat and the ringing in his ears. “Interpol showed up before the alarms went off. There’s no way they could have come here so fast unless they were warned ahead of time.”

He would know. He used to be one.

Sai doesn’t deny it, Yamato cocks his gun. They’ll probably both burn to death if they don’t leave now, but Yamato isn’t willing to leave that up to chance.

“Kakashi-taicho told me to.”

“Teammates don’t keep secrets from each other,” Sasuke grits out, praying to any god that’s listening that the ropes don’t snap. His arms are killing him, and he can see from the look on Naruto’s face that the harness is becoming painful.

The rig is only designed for one person’s weight–maybe two, tops, but definitely not three.

Shikako doesn’t answer.

“I’ll drop you,” Sasuke threatens, but doesn’t mean it. If it were a shorter fall, maybe, but at this height–this many stories up–it would kill her.

“I was trying to keep you safe,” she says, finally, and while she doesn’t really think Sasuke will drop her, she coils the rope in her free hand just in case.

Sasuke dismisses it immediately, “What, by keeping us in the dark?”

“Well… I mean. That is kind of my thing.”

Naruto snorts. Or maybe that’s a grunt of pain.

“This isn’t the time for jokes,” Sasuke scolds.

“This isn’t the time for arguing either,” Naruto wheezes out, and both of his teammates focus, “We need to get out of here.”

The elevator shaft was an impromptu haven, sliding doors heavy enough to save them from the blast, but it very well might be their death if  they don’t figure a way out of this mess.

Kakashi sits at a table, a dim lamp the only source of light in the room.

Across from him is a dead man.

“It’s nothing personal,” says the dead man, smile on his face.

It’s a struggle to put a matching smile on his own, but Kakashi isn’t a grifter in name only. “Of course not,” he says, casual and cool and not at all what he feels.

“What’s a little sabotage between friends?”


A/N: I have no concrete idea of what is or isn’t canon in the Friendship Is A (Mutual) Con ‘verse, so I don’t know if the “dead man” is Obito or… I don’t know.

Basically, this would be one of the season finale type episodes in Leverage–the one in which everything honestly goes to shit and the crew barely make it out alive (and have to disperse for several months before reuniting and getting even).

Thanks for the prompt, anon!

Number + Ship + (optional) AU –> my ask box

“delicacy in layers”, friendship is a mutual con verse, dos!! have fun writing and thanks for doing the prompt!! (i do hope the ask got sent)

Because Friendship Is A (Mutual) Con ‘verse is so heavily based on Leverage [which, again, I cannot recommend more highly. It’s on both Hulu and Netflix] this would have to be another one of those intricate, wheels within wheels, Rube Goldberg-esque heists where each part of the mission is steadily foiled but it turns out that success actually relies on being caught somehow. But because I am not as skilled a writers as the writing team from the show, I don’t what exactly that would be.

It would be grifter centric, which means its probably Kakashi centric because of all of the members of extended Team Seven he’s the only one who canonically grifted someone (though Sukea is a filler episode/omake).

Then again, Naruto’s oft forgotten flare for henge would make him a good grifter, too… They probably all overlap in roles eventually, but to start off with probably Kakashi is their main grifter (and he is the man of many masks so…)

Or maybe it’s about a grifting-heavy mission. All the different ways the team members successfully (or not) grift.

I’m also getting very strong kimono vibes. Like the fancy multi-layered kind that nobility wear which kind of harkens to this post but doesn’t necessarily require it so…

I have a feeling that this is an Uchiha related mission, probably Itachi but possibly Madara/Obito instead, and Sasuke’s “grift” is “himself but not a criminal” so… or maybe that’s one of the complications? Like, Sasuke’s “role” is “Uchiha heir” but then Itachi shows up and that puts his “cover” in danger because Itachi wasn’t supposed to be here and now they’re in danger of the mark catching wind that there are two Uchiha heirs running around. (And Itachi is not a criminal in this AU, but he’s definitely not as unaware as Sasuke probably hopes).

Yeah, that feels better.

I also want to involve Kurenai somehow because layers invokes genjutsu so maybe it’s something like:

Kurenai, a famous actress, is marrying Asuma, the son of a highly ranked politician, but someone is trying to interfere with the happy couple via blackmail or something and it’s Team Seven’s mission to find/destroy the evidence that is being used to blackmail and also make sure the wedding stays on track?

Maybe this is a mission as a favor/wedding gift to Asuma? Like, Asuma doesn’t quite know about Team Seven’s criminal inclinations, but he knows something is worrying Kurenai and he mentions it to Kakashi (who had awkwardly opted out of being Best Man–it’s Gai, btw) who is like. I can do this thing for my friend.

Yeah! I am really liking this now 😀

Anyway here’s the summary (short to match the Seven Deadly Sins installment):

Delicacy In Layers

All relationships have complications. Team Seven is proof of that.

this is weird but i enjoy reading any dos au by you, even if i don’t ship the ship (if it’s about a ship thing) but enjoy the general stuff too!! my favorite au so far is the friendship is a mutual con verse!!

It’s not weird at all–or if it is, then I must be weird for being flattered! It’s one of those “how much do writers write for themselves or because of their readers” matters: A lot of my readers are here because of my DoS stuff, so they prompt more DoS stuff so I generate more and its a very cyclical, sustained process. If there were less prompts for DoS then I’d probably stray into other fandoms more often or work on some of my original fic–not because I enjoy those more than DoS stuff, but because I have a problem focusing and committing to any one thing at a time unless prompted. 


Thanks, anon! I’m glad you like my brainstorms 🙂 When it comes to ships I think I enjoy them more as the character equivalent of crossovers/fusions than as actual romantic relationships. So more of a “how do these two characters get along” than a “I want these two characters to smooch.” Whether that’s because I’m aro-ace or because I love world-building and “ship-building” is a step away from that, I’m not sure…

Friendship is a (Mutual) Con ‘verse is heavily based on the show Leverage which I cannot recommend more (it’s on both Netflix and Hulu)