So while I was procrastinating I did some quick recolors; if a redesign of the hoodie is necessary, I can do that, but I figured I’d start with these.

These are great! I am most fond of bottom left but bottom right is also very good. I’m a bit wary of the top two mostly because of the similarities to Mitsuki might be too prevalent, but the bottom ones are different enough that they’re safe.



Mostly a coloration change this time, but it’s a pretty substantial one.

The white/blue one is a simple change from his former shirt, but I added a change of pants as an option. Because the navy pants might mesh better with Sakura’s spandex shorts or something?

And then a huge recolor on bottom, because I thought adding the gray might set him apart from the other two while making the blue accents might call to lightning better or something? Plus, all of the Team 8 genin wear mainly gray, so it’s a call-forward to that whole deal. And a variant of that with the other color shorts.

I agree with @sweeterthanmydreams, it’s definitely a decision between top left and bottom right.

The reasoning for the bottom two is really neat (“call-forward” is such a cool term!) but something about the top left is just super compelling to me. Maybe he goes through a wardrobe change after (possible) death of jounin-sensei and switching to Team 8? I mean it’s canon that everyone had a wardrobe change before Shippuden so…

Maybe top left is his pre-Shippuden and then bottom right is Shippuden since it has a more adult/Konoha chuunin feel to it.



Try #4! Didn’t mess with Youbirin too much because his design is pretty much done, but I did mess with his bangs and bandanna a little bit.

Jiro’s jacket mk 2 more directly calls back to Kumonin chuunin jackets with the separating lines and straps and such. And the mesh shirt got longer for balancing(?) purposes. I also made his wrist-protector larger to be more believable. (Honestly though, if Kankuro can have his weird hood-hat as his forehead protector while still a genin, and Chouji can get his custom-made panty-shaped one as a genin, then them being available in different sizes isn’t that far-fetched.) It makes it a good place for if he needs to run chakra through it for a magnet; just slip it down to his palm and he’s good.

Ooh! Okay–I am liking the asymmetry on Jiro much better as a shirt with mesh sleeves than a long-sleeved jacket. 😀

I wonder (if it’s not too much trouble) what it would look like if the black were a different color? For either Youbirin or Jiro, I guess, because I realize having both of them wear black while Sakura doesn’t would make them look off as an entire team. Unless Sakura also gets some black in her outfit…?



Try #3!

I changed Youbirin’s pants and Jiro’s hoodie as suggested, but I also moved their forehead protectors. Mostly because I realized they were both doubling up on styles of their future teams (Jiro and Hinata wearing theirs around their necks, Shikamaru and Youbirin wearing theirs on their arm) So Youbirin gets the Badana-style, and Jiro is unique with his wrist-watch substitute!

As for Jiro’s hoodie… The over-the-shoulder jackets of most Kumonin are actually their chuunin flak jackets, which doesn’t translate well for a Konoha genin. So instead I called back to the asymmetric style while keeping it subdued. I think it turned out well? Ish?

I also considering converting Youbirin’s belt into the forehead protector or finding another style for Jiro, but I think these work reasonably well.

Youbirin looks fantastic! I can’t think of anything I would change 🙂

Jiro’s outfit is better than before but… I don’t know… it doesn’t seem as spot on as Youbirin’s does for him? Also, unsure how a wrist-band style protector would work? I don’t know how much the metal part of the protector can bend or if there are different sizes available–but I do really like the idea! Also, given his lightning abilities, I wonder if he doesn’t also use his forehead protector as a functional compass or magnet? That’d be way cool 🙂


@jacksgreysays@bethisalive@dosbysilverqueen​ (i have no idea which blog to @ for this so I’m tagging all of them)

I updated my designs for Youbirin and Jiro, and came up with these radically different versions as a result. The kanji on Youbirin’s shirt is a poorly-drawn and slightly-obscured 医, which means medicine. (it’s pretty obvious i’ll admit, but i’ll remind you that the kanji Chouji wears on his shirt is literally just food.)

I’m a bit concerned that the orange/black combo on Jiro might edge too closely to Naruto? But the rest of his design might be unique enough to avoid that.

Just so we have the links: here’s the original designs and here’s my answer to your ask.

Though, basically, it shakes out to: I really like this redesign for Youbirin–it’s mostly dark and not showy except for the off-white vest which screams medic clan to me. He could probably rock shorter trousers or maybe the bandages roll up higher on his leg so it still feels like Naruto-world aesthetics.

I’m less fond of the orange for Jiro–though I do like the more feathered out hair and the mesh for him (the mesh works better on him than it did on Youbirin)–yes, because it’s awfully close to Naruto’s own outfit but also… hm… 

So I did a quick browse of all the named Kumo nin and their outfits and I’be noticed that they all have a lot of sashes crossing diagonally and some sort of asymmetrical top. And while Jiro is very much so about proving his loyalty to Konoha I like to think that he keeps some hold of heritage–finds a balance in his identity between his home and his culture–and it’s kind of. Like… he already looks like a Lightning Country native because of his skin and hair, it’s not like his clothes will fool anyone so maybe that’s the one concession he allows himself? Or maybe it’s his parents that want him to keep at least this much… So maybe green… or turquoise–since Youbirin no longer has blue–in an asymmetrical diagonal across his jacket? 

(Also realized that probably Jiro’s crush on Youbirin was because Youbirin defended him as a child from racist punks because to Youbirin, Jiro’s ability to play ninja was more important than what his skin color is)



So, I’ve been a little obsessed with the Disney Descendants TV movie, and thanks to tumblr I’ve jumped onboard the Benlos ship.

Pencil, fine point Sharpie, fine point marker, colored highlighters, and white gel pen on a 3×3 inch post-it.

Special shoutout to jacksgreysays, whose fic and drabbles have taken me from “oh, that’s cute” to “I WILL GO DOWN WITH THIS SHIP” 😉

This is absolutely gorgeous!


My first ever commission post! 8q | I’m doing commissions!!! OuO)/ Please! | If you have any questions, please e-mail me at idakichan@gmail.com since Tumblr seems to eat up asks I get every now and then!

I’ll be looking forward to your support ^O^! Boosts appreciated!


Okay, both a signal boost and also to show off the commission I got of my Pokemon OCs! 😀

The top one is Team Adelaide (Jensen), the middle is Team Balto (Ferdinand), and the bottom is Team Charlie (last name still pending).

I really enjoy how dynamic idakichan made the pictures 🙂