Once Then Always, Tetrarch Picture (2016-06-13)

A/N: I really should have been sleeping, but I figured, since I didn’t and I made online dolls of the Lost kids as Narnian tetrarchs (or tetrarchs to be) instead, I ought to post it and hope someone else enjoys them. So pics are under the cut.

I used Rinmaru’s Ascension Doll Maker, if anyone’s interested. It’s a fairly good doll maker, a lot of options.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t make Carlos shorter than the girls, which was a liiiiiiittle bit annoying (pun not intended) but I figured maybe he ended up having a growth spurt during their months in Narnia (a la, Skandar Keynes, the actor for Edmund Pevensie in the Chronicles of Narnia film, who did actually end up having a growth spurt during filming before the Battle of Beruna and so some of his lines had to be dubbed by his sister)?


Like how the Lost kids make different choices than the Pevensies in their journey through Narnia, I kind of liked the idea that they also got different sets of gifts from Father Christmas. Or, rather, different combinations of gifts. So for Evie: the bow and arrows plus the healing potion. For Carlos: the summoning horn and the shield (implied with the across the chest belt). For Jay: not only the sword but also a dagger–because why settle for one blade when you can have two?

So it would seem like Carlos has the worst combo, but I figure it vibes a lot more with what I’m planning to have him do with wolves (that is, not kill them and so he becomes Carlos Wolftamer) and while I’m not saying he’s going to go all Captain America with his shield, it can be a pretty descent weapon (at least in terms of bashing things). And, well, Edmund never got a sword from Father Christmas but he still ends up sword-fighting too. So while Carlos’ sword isn’t a ~special~ sword, he might learn how to use one… Though him also not and instead summoning wolves to him does sound super appealing… unless the horn is somehow a weapon?

Aaand eventually, once Mal frees herself (with help from Aslan) from the White Witch and defeats her in battle, she gets the White Witch’s wand (which may or may not be the Fairy Godmother’s wand but before millennia has eroded it to a mere remnant of itself).

Also, this shouldn’t be much of a surprise, but Evie is High Queen over all four of them–hence the longer cape and the crown.

I came here because of the DoS forums, I stay because of all the stuff you write being really really good. Especially your Benlos Descendants stuff. I saw your thing about the descendants kids being pulled into naruto-verse and was wondering what would change/happen if they ended up in DoS instead, or if Shikako and various others went to Auradon.

Thanks, anon! 😀 I always wondered if my readers were cross-fandom readers, or if they just stuck to a single fandom, so it’s nice to know at least one person likes my writing in different fandoms.

This brainstorm correct?

Let’s see… I don’t think much would be difference if the Lost kids ended up in DoS instead of canon Naruto. The structure of the teams are much the same (with Team Seven being heavy hitters, whether it’s Shikako or Sakura) and so the dispersion of the Lost kids amongst genin teams would also be the same.

I guess the difference would be in how Shikako reacts. Because even if she doesn’t know Descendants, per se, she does definitely know the fairy tales that their parents are from. It gives her additional information that the other Konoha nin don’t have, a context for their background, though whether she can use that to her advantage depends on how the story goes.

I’d be hesitant to say that she’d be suspicious of them because of their parentage, but it does seem like something she’d do and it wouldn’t look all that different from everyone else being suspicious of them because of their mysterious appearance in Konoha. That being said, I do think she’d be interested in learning more about their world–especially when it comes to collaborating and creating new seals gadgets that are similar to the ones back home or even adapting Mal’s spellbook into jutsu. Even though the Lost kids were only off the island for one day (or not, depending on when you want to have them spirited away), they know enough about technology (via broken scraps from Auradon) that they wouldn’t be all that unfamiliar with real world equivalents.

And, I guess in a ruthless way, Shikako doesn’t have to worry about them dying or not in order to preserve the happy ending. Like, hypothetically, if Naruto and Sasuke die then she knows she’s failed because there’s no way anyone else can deal with Kaguya. But if any of the Lost kids die? Well, it’s not like they existed in the Naruto canon in the first place, so their absence doesn’t affect the plot.

Which may make her more likely to tell the Lost kids at least part of the truth about her origins… or at least, enough that they would know she is their best bet at… well… not going home necessarily (or maybe that, at first) but the closest thing to someone knowing who they are? To understanding where they come from and how, because of the trust given to them by Konoha and their respective teams, they’ve changed for the better. Someone to appreciate the fact that they’re not villains like their parents.

As for characters of DoS going to Auradon…

Most likely it’s via one of Shikako’s attempts to figure out Hiraishin. Which probably means that TenTen is also there. Which might mean that this is during a kunoichi study group meeting. Which would be absolutely amazing!

Okay because consider this: Shikako, TenTen, Ino, Sakura, Hinata, and possibly also Yakumo and Isaribi (though I don’t really know these two all that well) in Auradon where literally everyone except the Lost kids are super spoiled civilian royalty. If we go with Shikako as special jounin rank then she would be the highest ranked of the seven and thus automatic taichou. Also, the one in charge of getting them back home so… a lot of pressure for her.

In that line, I guess it’d depend on when during the Descendants movie the kunoichi appear and if we want to have them deal with that pesky language barrier or not. Because, that would be a pain to write.

Although I guess… hm… If it’s English then Shikako would still remember it from her old life and maybe the Yamanaka have some kind of ability that lets them skim knowledge? That way Ino can also understand English… I mean, the other five would still be stuck, but at least it’s not as bad as having only Shikako understand. Then again, that would be pretty terrible so maybe… I dunno… ~magic~ means that everyone can understand everyone. Maybe there’s a spell the Fairy Godmother can cast.

Anyway, firstly, you have the same problem as the Lost kids going to Konoha and that is: how do they appear and why does Auradon trust (or, at least, not imprison them) immediately? But it does depend on when in canon you want them to appear…

Hm… this may be just because I recently watched Hercules but… what if…

*thirty minutes of researching later*

Uh, okay, no never mind. I thought there were seven muses of Greek myth (Hercules only used five) but apparently there’s nine of them. I mean, I guess I could just use the five that Hercules used and not have Yakumo and Isaribi (since I don’t know them that much anyway…).

[In which case I’d have it be: 
Calliope – epic poetry, writing tablet – Shikako
Clio – history, scroll – TenTen
Thalia – comedy, comic mask/cup – Sakura
Terpsichore – dance, lyre – Hinata
Melpomene – tragedy, tragic mask/dagger – Ino
Though at first people think Hinata is Melpomene and Ino is Terpsichore. I don’t know why that seems important to me.]

Anyway, the point was that when the five/seven kunoichi appear the Auradon people take it as some kind of sign that Ben will be a good king/hero of legend etc in the same way Hercules was (I assume since Auradon is a mishmash of vaguely Europe and some other countries then Greece would be included?).

Uh… I guess there are also the Seven Princesses of Heart from Kingdom Hearts franchise which… is also technically Disney. And, I mean, I dunno. Maybe they actually represent something?

Anyway, so maaaybe. If you want them to appear during the canon Descendants movie, they should probably appear somehow when the Lost kids go into the museum. Maybe they knock something over or activate some artifact that has a delayed reaction and “releases”/summons the kunoichi from their universe to Auradon.

Like, one of them knocks into it and everyone is afraid that it’ll break, but someone else manages to catch it before it hits the floor. But they put it back in the wrong spot and this new spot gets sunlight and then when the sun rises, when the Lost kids are already back at the school with alibis, suddenly the kunoichi appear.

And the thing is–kunoichi lessons? Are all about infiltration and acting and information gathering. So even if it’s not a situation they ever expected doesn’t mean the others besides Shikako won’t be able to handle themselves reasonably well.

(Ha! I just realized, considering Shikako has the deer summons and Ino has the chameleons–if you consider Disney princesses very frequently have animal companions they’d blend right in. :P)

And I guess the plot proceeds however you’d want it to–the kunoichi work on getting back home, because unlike the original Lost kids go to Konoha idea, there’s a sense of urgency that they have to go back. That Auradon isn’t there home and can never be their home–maybe some select people *coughtheLostkidscough* learn new tricks before they go. There’s a coronation, Maleficent crashes the party, etc. etc.

I’m not all that sure if the kunoichi should change the movie canon plot all that much–I mean, maybe after the coronation, and if they’re still there, they do something but… I don’t see how the sudden appearance of seven girls who know how to be subtle would prevent Ben from getting crowned king etc etc.

Uh, but it was a pretty interesting thought exercise, so thank anon!

I saw the latest post on the BH6-au-ideas tumblr and thought you might like it. It’s part 2 of a crossover/fusion between BH6 and Descendants. It looks a bit intriguing and I was wondering what you thought of it.

Ah, okay, you mean these posts, right? Or at least the ones that are connected… It’s definitely very interesting, and I do appreciate how OP has adapted the BH6 characters into the Descendants world. They’ve clearly put a lot of thought and effort into it and I like the decisions they’ve made for who’s related to who… but it’s not really my cup of tea, I think.

It’s a lot of characters to juggle, and it almost feels like the BH6 crew kinda of usurp the Descendants kids. Which, I mean, given the blog is called BH6-au-ideas makes sense–of course they’re going to focus on the BH6 crew–but I almost wonder if it wouldn’t be better to just either full on replace the Descendants kids (that is, Honey Lemon isn’t Evie older sister, she just takes Evie’s place, same with Fred and Ben, etc.) or, have them be separate and adjacent to the Descendants kids? Like–these are the villain kids left behind on the Isle, angry that they weren’t chosen? Or these are hero kids that we didn’t get the chance to see.

Personally, if I were to do this I’d most likely do just a straight crossover–no fusion at all. Because, I mean, Hiro and Baymax literally go through a portal into a different dimension. Like… whose to say that dimension isn’t basically the space in between universes?

And then, well, you can kind of go in two different directions–either Hiro and Baymax (and Abigail?) appear on the Isle or they appear in Auradon. Does Callaghan also go into the portal? Well, you can sort of hand wave some minor canon divergence and say he does. In which case, it’d be interesting to decide who appears where.

Because on the one hand, Callaghan as Yokai on the Isle essentially hijacking the villains while Auradon is distracted by Ben’s exchange students and the sudden appearance of Hiro, Baymax, and Abigail could be cool.

But what might be even more fun is if Hiro, Baymax and Abigail end up on the Isle having to make do with scraps to rebuild the portal, whereas Callaghan schmoozes and charms the royalty by saying a villain (aka Hiro) has stolen his technology (either Baymax or the nanobots). And then there’s the big Abigail is still alive reveal. So…

I mean if you REALLY want to hand wave some minor canon divergence, you can have the entire crew get sucked into the portal (because, well, giant dimension crossing portals in the sky) and end up in the Descendants world.

I guess if I were to try more on the fusion side, rather than strict crossover, I’d probably… hm… without directly replacing the Descendants kids OR having them completely derail the movie plot…

OH! Okay… so… I don’t super know if the ages would match up or if someone would have to be de-aged, but Honey Lemon as Snow White’s daughter (or niece via Rose Red). Which will make it interesting because both she and Evie are super into chemistry. [[Actually… given that the main four Lost kids are 16ish, maybe they’re looking into colleges? Or Auradon Prep alumni come back for the coronation? So that everyone is still the same ages as they are in their respective movie…]]

Anyway, so… wouldn’t it be interesting if each of the Lost kids matched up to a BH6 member? So… Wasabi as Audrey’s older brother who, during his own time at Auradon Prep preferred science to sports and wasn’t really that cool despite being royalty. But, you know, he stuck with what he wanted/was passionate about despite what his parents would have preferred. Alternatively, son of Tiana and Naveen who did encourage him to follow his dreams even if that means not being the stereotypical prince.

I do rather like GoGo as Aladdin and Jasmine’s kid, as the OP suggested–and like hell she’d put up with Jay’s bravado. Although I have heard, alternatively, that Jay is actually Aladdin and Jasmine’s kid that Jafar stole. And, I mean, the naming convention does still apply as Jasmine’s son. (And he was totally channeling street rat Aladdin in the movie). So maybe… ooh. What if GoGo was adopted (as a once street rat herself?) whereas Jay is the biological son of Aladdin and Jasmine.

And, I dunno why, I just really like the idea of the Hamada brothers basically being the sons of the Radcliffes (is that their name? the ones with all the dalmatians) and, well, considering their aunt has a Lucky Cat Cafe. Although maybe the Hamada family used to have a lot more cats but Cruella actually succeeded in making a fur coat out of their cats. Okay, sorry. That just got super morbid. My bad. Anyway, technology and creativity setting you free etc etc for Carlos.

Fred, obviously, is also a royal. But I’d rather not have him be Ben’s older brother, mostly because the whole line of succession thing and just why is Ben king at 16? I’m trying to think of which royal family would suit him best though… because on the one hand, him being the slobby older brother of Chad Charming could be hilarious, but on the other hand he’s pretty spot on for what I imagine either Rapunzel and Eugene OR Anna and Kristoff raising their kid as. Like, yeah, he’s still royalty. But not really the kind of royalty that uh, sorry to cross tracks but, would “play the game of thrones” you know?

Uh… yeah, sorry about that. I kind of totally derailed your question. Or my own answer. Uh, I haven’t slept in forty hours so… please excuse any… strangeness in this post.

Once Then Always (a Descendants x Chronicles of Narnia fanmix)

  1. Once Upon A December by Liz Callaway
  2. Somewhere Only We Know by Keane
  3. The Curse by Agnes Obel
  4. Starting To Turn by Andrew Paul Woodworth
  5. Wolf by First Aid Kit
  6. Iron by Woodkid
  7. Tracks in the Snow by The Civil Wars
  8. Til Kingdom Come by The Autumn Film
  9. Beautiful Ending by Barlow Girl
  10. Home by Dotan
  11. Skyfall by Adele
  12. Woman King by Iron & Wine
  13. King and Lionheart by Of Monsters and Men
  14. Kings and Queens by 30 Seconds To Mars
  15. Empire by Alpines
  16. This is Home by Switchfoot
  17. Time by AD vs Satellite Empire Remix
  18. The Call by Regina Spektor
  19. A Thousand Years by Boyce Avenue
  20. A Thousand Years by Christina Perri

Find it here!
(The link sends you to a mediafire folder, only the zip file is necessary for the entire mix)


A/N: As you probably saw earlier, I’m very proud of the album art (and the related “banners”) all of which are included in the zip file download.

So this is the fanmix for the epic fanfiction which I have yet to write, in which the Lost Kids are the Four Rulers of Narnia instead of the Pevensie siblings (and in which Narnia is the distant past of Auradon). I tried to make the songs reflect the flow of the story in hopes that it would inspire me into actually writing the fic. Unfortunately that does not yet seem to be the case.

I also wasn’t sure which version of A Thousand Years to use so I just included two that I had (I also have an instrumental version but… uh…). Enjoy!


fanmix album art plus individual crown banners for Once Then Always (aka my Descendants x Chronicles of Narnia crossover/fusion)


A/N: … uh… so… I swear I was going to write something! I had even set up some music so I could focus on writing instead of getting distracted by the internet! Except then I got distracted by the music… and then the internet followed swiftly afterwards so…

So, this was sort of nonverbally prompted by @briarberry​​ who recently liked a lot of my Descendants posts and I just kinda remembered for a second that–oh, I haven’t yet written anything for Once Then Always but I would really really like to some day. 

And also maybe a fanmix.

Except all I have right now is the “album art” which I thought looked really cool (though I’m not sure which font I prefer) and then I was like, well, might as well share it so I don’t end up with another Missed Post.

And then I thought, hey, these individual crowns also look pretty cool, so I separated them to make “banners.” Feel free to use them–if anyone’s interested, I can host them on my mediafire account to make them downloadable, just let me know.


Added some text to the banners because… because.

fanmix album art plus individual crown banners for Once Then Always (aka my Descendants x Chronicles of Narnia crossover/fusion)


A/N: … uh… so… I swear I was going to write something! I had even set up some music so I could focus on writing instead of getting distracted by the internet! Except then I got distracted by the music… and then the internet followed swiftly afterwards so…

So, this was sort of nonverbally prompted by @briarberry​​ who recently liked a lot of my Descendants posts and I just kinda remembered for a second that–oh, I haven’t yet written anything for Once Then Always but I would really really like to some day. 

And also maybe a fanmix.

Except all I have right now is the “album art” which I thought looked really cool (though I’m not sure which font I prefer) and then I was like, well, might as well share it so I don’t end up with another Missed Post.

And then I thought, hey, these individual crowns also look pretty cool, so I separated them to make “banners.” Feel free to use them–if anyone’s interested, I can host them on my mediafire account to make them downloadable, just let me know.


Light It Up (Burn It Down) 3/?, (2016-04-30)

Ben is dreading the next communication from the mirror so much that when it finally happens he is completely taken aback by the question’s tone:

“Have you ever met a dragon?” The paint on stone asks, almost innocently.


Ben hesitates, “No,” he says, hoping this doesn’t turn into some other disheartening quest for a disheartening truth. Or worse, an automatic failure–yet another blue petal falling off the rose.

The letters change:

“Ask them what they love the most,” it demands, bizarrely, and refuses to clarify when Ben asks the mirror to do so.

How is supposed to ask a creature he’s never met a question which, even to him, seems awfully personal?

But, well, he supposes it could be worse. All he has to do is find a dragon, befriend it, and ask them a question–how hard could that be?

Here’s hoping he hasn’t jinxed himself.

Actually, surprisingly, it’s rather easy; the first step anyway. While there are no dragons in Auradon–for obvious reasons beyond the dwindling of magic in the world–Ben at least paid attention enough to know that dragons have very different reputations in other kingdoms. And although Ben wasn’t close friends with her, he was friendly enough with Lonnie in school that he doesn’t need an official appointment with the Chinese ambassador in order meet up for lunch.

“You want to meet Mushu?” Lonnie asks, incredulous laughter in her voice, an additional pleasure on top of her amusement at the flock of paparazzi trying to get a good shot of their table.

He hopes the tabloids won’t print something about an engagement–his public relations team still has to put down the occasional story about his and Audrey’s supposed on again off again romance, or his secret unrequited love for Princess Melody, or even random people claiming to be pregnant with his child.

“Yes?” Ben asks in response, because he doesn’t know why that would be funny.

“Really?” she says, starting to become honestly confused, and this is getting ridiculous. It’s not like they’re playing Questions. Why doesn’t she think he’s serious?

“Sorry,” she says sheepishly, “It’s just that given Auradon’s… thing… about dragons, I figured…” she ends with a shrug.

During political negotiations, she is a far more eloquent speaker, but right now she is not the ambassador of China. She is the woman who was his chemistry lab partner in high school. The girl who he once ate an entire batch of cookies with in the middle of the night because she was feeling homesick and and he realized he’d never know what that was like. The girl who offered to punch Audrey on his behalf when he found out she was cheating on him with Chad Charming in senior year and didn’t know what to do–he declined the offer, but he did go to prom with her that year as friends and she spent the entire time talking about her little cousins while he confessed that he was afraid he was going to end up being a terrible king.

He doesn’t quite know how to explain to her that him meeting Mushu will help him not be a terrible king.

“Please,” he says, because being reminded of yet another one of his kingdom’s failings–and how far off is a cultural fear of dragons from being bigotry against a sentient species?–has keenly reminded him of why they are having this lunch in the first place.

“Well, I suppose don’t see why not,” Lonnie says with an entirely different sort of shrug, “We can go after this,” she adds, before resuming to eat her meal.

Ben pauses, confused, “Go… to China?”

She looks up at him, brow raised, incredulously amused again, “No… go to the embassy,” you idiot, she doesn’t say, “Now let me enjoy this very expensive steak you are paying for.”

Costly, yes, but still–surprisingly easy.

Ben has been to the Chinese embassy before, but always in his official capacity as king of Auradon and mostly for various galas where the name of the game was Dont Start A War And Don’t Get Engaged. Somehow he’s more nervous now, following after Lonnie as she leads him to a dragon.

It’s not fear–while he’s not completely free of cultural bias against dragons–he at least knows that this particular dragon isn’t going to try to kill him. He really doesn’t want to mess this up, for a lot of reasons, really. Lonnie is his doing him a favor, letting him meet Mushu, and he doesn’t want to offend either of them by saying something awful. And there is the whole matter of this being another one of the magic mirror’s strange quests–none of which he’s managed to answer or solve correctly. Yet.

“Mushu!” Lonnie calls out, after directing Ben to take a seat in one of the conference rooms and waving one of the embassy staff for some refreshments. Apparently the dragon has free reign of the embassy–at least when galas aren’t being hosted–because Lonnie just takes a seat as well and waits for him to arrive.

Ben hears Mushu before he sees him, a light staccato of claws against the floor, and a beleaguered voice from about ankle high complaining, “Xiao Lon! Girl, I know you did not just raise your voice as if that would summon me like that old cow!” And then a darting stripe of red winds it’s way up the table leg to stand in front of Lonnie.

“It worked, didn’t it?” she says, flippant, but brushing a finger down his back apologetically, nonetheless.

“Hmph, I am unappreciated around here,” he says, still beleaguered, but allowing her petting. Until the dragon sets eyes on Ben, “Now who’s this? You didn’t say anything about company. I would have put on a little show–a little smoke, a little fire. Some pizazz! Instant crowd pleaser,” he says, his claws tap tap tapping against the wood of the table as he makes his way towards Ben. He tries not to tense up too much, because no matter how small or friendly Mushu may be, he is still a fire breathing creature with claws and fangs.

Then again, for a good chunk of his life, Ben’s father was also a creature with claws and fangs–and while he couldn’t literally breathe fire, he was neither small or friendly.

“I’m Ben, Lonnie and I went to school together,” Ben introduces himself, because right now that’s who he is and his title doesn’t matter.

“Oh, oh I see,” Mushu says slyly, massive grin showing off his relatively massive teeth, “Someone’s trying to get my blessings. I don’t know, Xiao Lon, this one doesn’t look like he can take on Cri-Kee much less an entire army of Huns. But I guess, since you’re asking, unlike Xiao Lon’s dad who just went off and proposed and wouldn’t even let me plan her wedding…”

“No! Mushu, that’s not what he’s here for,” Lonnie says, embarrassed, because it’s one thing for tabloids to speculate about possible engagements, it’s an entirely different thing for family to do so.

Huh. Family.

Ben’s pretty sure he knows the answer to the question he came here to ask. But he still asks anyway.

Mushu looks at him, the expression of incredulous amusement on his reptilian face somehow the same as Lonnie’s, “What do I love the most? Boy, that is the strangest ice breaker I have ever heard. And, frankly, stupid. The answer’s obvious, even a cross eyed, blind folded, dumb hat wearing bureaucrat can see it,” the dragon says, dashing over to Lonnie to give her a hug, “I love baby girl and baby girl’s baby girl the most.”

He goes back to the castle after an additional three hours of talking to Lonnie and Mushu and heads straight for the magic mirror. The same sentence is there, not a question but a demand… or maybe a suggestion.

He tells the mirror about his day, about his meeting with dragons who love each other because that’s what family does. He’s not sure if he succeeded but he’s grateful for the experience regardless, so when the image changes from paint and stone to glowing rose he’s calm.

But instead of a petal falling, marking another failure, something strange happens: a pair of hands, one of them holding a knife, reaches into the frame and carefully cuts off a thorn.


A/N: Whoaaaaa, I bet you thought I forgot about this. Well guess what? I didn’t! I just hella procrastinated. 😛

Anyway, most of my Lonnie / Xiao Lon feels can be found here, but basically: I headcanon that Lonnie’s real name is Xiao Lon aka Little Dragon and the westernization would just to make Lon cutesy. Hence Lonnie.

Light It Up (Burn It Down), 2/? (2016-03-06)

Ben doesn’t mention the blue rose until Chip catches him staring at the magic mirror. And, given Chip’s history with floating magical flowers, his reaction is completely justified.

“I’m fine!” Ben protests as Chip bodily hauls him to the Fairy Godmother.

“Tell that to my porcelain childhood!” Chip yells back, panic making his word choice odd but no less accurate.

By the time Fairy Godmother gets to her office, she is greeted to the sight of her king being held in a headlock by his bodyguard. She smiles, even though this is not the first time she’s seen such a thing.

The situation quickly become serious, however, when the topic matter is explained to her.

“I’m not going to be losing my limbs any time soon, am I?” Chip asks, though what he’s really asking is if this curse is the same as the one from his childhood.

Fairy Godmother examines the magic mirror, the image it contains, and her brow furrows in concentration and concern.

“It’s not the same, that much I know for sure,” she says slowly, as if carefully laying down the foundation for something huge she doesn’t even know of, “Roses were never really my specialty, and curses even less so, but I have been researching ever since the jewelry store robbery…” She purses her lips, “I’ll let you know what I find. Until then… for how long has this been going on?”

“Ten days,” Ben says, and immediately gets an indignant glare from Chip.

“Well, since then only the first petal has fallen, correct?”

“Yes,” Ben nods, and only feels the slightest twinge of worry when the Fairy Godmother doesn’t say anything in response to that.

“I’ll hold on to this for now,” she says instead, gesturing at the mirror, and not so subtly dismissing them.

Ben, despite being her king, was also once her student, so he leaves. And where he goes, Chip follows.

The thing about most curses is that they are fairly easy to undo–but only under very specific parameters. The more powerful the curse, the simpler the cure… and vice versa.

But she doesn’t know what this is. As far as she can tell, nothing has happened to Ben–yet–or to anyone else.

Unless the rose is meant to throw her off the right track. Have her make the obvious connection between this spell and the one that afflicted Ben’s father–wasting her time trying to undo one curse only for it to turn out to be another.

The petals must mean something, though. Maybe not a countdown to escalation but a countdown to activation. Something with such a long activation time would surely be incredibly strong.

In which case… an activation of what, exactly? And what triggers a petal falling?

Before she can research the answers, the image in the mirror changes. Gone is the rose; replacing it is a painted stone wall with a question of its own:

“Who did Laurette Bibeau hurt?”

She brings the mirror to Ben, who reads the question and is immediately alarmed. Considering the last one led to a murder investigation, it makes sense to expect the worse.

Captain de Châteaupers is eager to jump on it, even with so little to go on–it must be galvanizing to see the perpetrator of his last case walk free even with all the impeccable detective work and evidence against Chad Charming.

Still, even determination and skill does not make up for the lack of information on Laurette Bibeau, much less her possible unknown victim. The Knight hits a dead end within the week–the only Bibeau is an old bar in a small village in the outskirts of the capitol.

Ben checks the mirror obsessively, worriedly–if a failed conviction caused a petal to fall, what would a stalled investigation?

Thankfully, a lead appears. From the queen, in fact, visiting her son for their biweekly lunch. He tells her about the question–but not the curse–more as a way to vent than anything else, so it’s surprising when Belle solves it.

“Laurette Bibeau?” She responds in surprise, “I haven’t heard that name in years.”

Ben stares at his mother in shock, “You know who she is?”

“I did grow up with her after all. She and her sisters were the only other girls my age in our village,” Belle explains with a small nostalgic smile, “We weren’t that close, but I know none of them would hurt anyone,” She pauses, considering, “The triplets did have terrible taste in men, but in their defense, it was a very small village.”

Ben squints in confusion, “I don’t understand,” he has no idea where this is going.

“Well, all of them wanted to marry Gaston when we were younger,” at this point, Belle’s mouth twists into a frown, “Of course, only Laurette actually succeeded.”

“Where is she now?”

His mother looks at him, incredibly sad, “She married Gaston,” she says, instead, as if that were answer enough.

In a way, it is.

Ben sits in his study, head propped up in his hands, staring blankly at the magic mirror on his desk. The sky has already gone dark, but he has yet to turn on the lights in his room. Only the low gleam emitting from the mirror illuminates the room.

He’s already passed the information on to the captain–who will continue his investigation out of professionalism by finding and interviewing the remaining two triplets–but Ben is quite certain as to what he will find: nothing.

Laurette Gaston née Bibeau has hurt nobody, that’s the point. She’s hurt no one and yet she was exiled to the Isle of the Lost because of who she married.

“Why are you asking me these things?” Ben asks futilely, fingers pulling at his hair in frustration, “Why are you making me do this?”

It’s rhetorical, of course, Ben knows why. The kingdom of Auradon is imperfect, it’s justice system clearly flawed, and these questions are making him confront these facts. Who better to correct these problems than the king? But no child wants to know this about his inheritance, about the home he grew up in.

The mirror does not answer him.

“Laurette Bibeau hurt no one,” he says, then watches in fascination as the image wavers and changes, like the reflection on the surface of moving water.

“So what?” the mirror asks, flippant and cruel and goading.

Ben is confused, startled–what does that even mean?

“So,” he begins, “if she wants to return to Auradon, then I can arrange it.”

The image flickers and twists, back to the blue rose. Another petal falls.

“No, wait!” Ben says, “What did I do wrong? What do you want?”

Again, the mirror does not answer him. He resists the urge to throw it against the wall.

Four days later, after the latest Isle barge run, Princess Melody visits Ben in person, bearing a package.

“Normally, I’d say something about how I don’t appreciate being a delivery person. But I think for this I’ll make an exception,” she sets the box on Ben’s desk and steps back, looking away to give him privacy as he unpacks it. Which he appreciates when the contents become clear.

Inside is an urn. The plaque reads: Laurette Gaston née Bibeau, Beloved Wife and Mother.

Date of death, three years ago.

Ben thinks maybe he understands why the second petal fell.


A/N: This took me a very long time. So I don’t feel guilty about being ten minutes late for my daily post 😛

Also, in case you didn’t catch it, Laurette is one of the three “Bimbettes” (aka the three swooning blonde sisters) from the Beauty and the Beast movie. Why did I choose Laurette? Well, just use the search function on the wiki page and read about her. SHE WAS CLEARLY THE MOST AMBITIOUS AND CUNNING OF ALL THREE SISTERS. Why did I choose Bibeau as their last name? Well, I basically looked up French surnames, went to the part of the list that started with “Bi” and found one that means ‘heavy drinker’ and considering they’re apparently waitresses at the village tavern it seemed to suit.

Anyway, hope you enjoyed 😀

(Still no Carlos yet–sorry about that @walker2702)

Ah, looks like part 1 of my 2 pt post didn’t make it through. I don’t think it matters much based on what you wrote back. pt 1 was basically me saying that i don’t see why the lost 4 would want to return to Auradon willingly, before giving 3 ways to force them back in pt 2. Also that unlike with Narnia magic, they would actually age, so coming back to the same moment only 2 plus years older might cause problems. but if they got pulled before the movie, then that might not be a problem.

Ah, yes that makes more sense. But I’m glad I was able to answer your questions regardless. I feel like if the Lost kids got to the point of being accepted by Konoha–which still remains a military dictatorship despite their reputation–then they would reciprocate the trust shown to them. They’d be so loyal–to their teams and to each other, if not to Konoha as a whole–that they would feel unfairly ripped away if the Fairy Godmother were to summon them back.

I guess the plot would revolve around how the Lost kids either find their way back to Konoha or fail to and eventually accept living in Auradon. The second half, at least. The first half would be about the Lost kids adjusting to Konoha and their individual character arcs.

2/2 1: The plot device at the museum/in Konoha has a timer and automatically sends them back. 2: Encounter with dimension crossing Sharingan via Akatsuki/Kaguya forces them back. or 3: Forces from Auradon either pull them back arrive via Magic wand to re-imprison them on the Isle, much to the displeasure of Konoha, or arrive in Konoha for the same reason and a similar response. Personaly, even after a 4th shinobi war, I think Konoha would kick Auradons butt.

(related to this previous brainstorm)

Given that Auradon has spent the past two decades banishing all of their villains to an island and all of their knights/princes are athletes instead of warriors, there’s no question that Konoha would totally own Auradon if it came to that. Heck, even in canon Descendants I’m pretty sure the Lost kids could take down the rest of the school–including the Fairy Godmother–if they really wanted to. Obviously, they’d have to use the advantage of surprise, and this is with the wand out of play (not even with Mal, just not with the Fairy Godmother). And by taking out the school they’d effectively have all of the children of the royal families hostage and thus the rest of the kingdom but…

Wait… what were we talking about?

Oh, right. The crossover!

Actually, now that I think about it some more, I wonder if the Lost kids shouldn’t be somehow summoned directly from the Isle of the Lost a few years before the events of the Descendants movie. Such that they are the same age as the Konoha twelve and grow up alongside them through to Shippuden. At which point they’d be at the right age for the events of Descendants to occur.

That way its a summoning on both ends–someone in Konoha on one side, then the Fairy Godmother, by request of the king to be, on the other. That way it puts the least suspicion on the Lost kids’ appearance–and the being pulled away from their home(s) twice makes for some additional story drama.

Now, whether or not Konoha is going to try to retrieve them… well. It depends on the specifics of how they disappear. But definitely for sure they will try to make their way back to their “real” home–and given that Carlos would be a weapons AND seals specialist, they would have a decent chance of doing it.

From the Auradon side, depending on what they know, they could view the matter as “saving” them. As in movie canon, the way Ben was “saving” them from the Isle by offering them an opportunity to get better education etc. Or, if somehow Fairy Godmother knew they were being used as child soldiers, then “saving” them from that fate.

Which the Lost kids don’t appreciate because they’re probs all chuunin/jounin level after 3-4 years of training which means they are used to being treated as adults by shinobi standards.

I dunno. There’s definitely lots of interesting possibilities you can play around with here, anon. How do the Lost kids affect Konoha’s timeline–does Sasuke defect when shown examples of kids who actually have worse family than he does? Does Danzo try to muscle his way into their group and get outed to Sandaime early on? Does being half-fairy give Mal some kind of bijuu-esque advantages? I have no idea, but it’s interesting to think about.