Chouji with a Beautifly tho!! *v*

Gotta respect that clan iconography 😀

I did originally posit Butterfree instead of Beautifly, though, because I have a soft spot for the classics and also I was concerned about Wurmple’s whole… “it might turn into a Beautifly but it might turn into a Dustox instead” and there’s no real way to control that on a massive scale which the Akimichi would want to since the Butterfree is their clan Pokemon.

Shikamaru, DOS, “Babysitting”


Doing a favor for his sister probably shouldn’t feel so much like doing a D-rank mission, but apparently–despite being S-rank war heroes–Team Seven really might as well be a bunch of children.

(Or, that ONE TIME Shikako asked her brother to look after her team for a week and he STUPIDLY agreed)

The funny thing is, I’m pretty sure that Shikamaru is actually really fond of actual children. The eagerness to help out with Baby Kino, the fact that his “dream” includes having two kids. If it didn’t require so much effort, he’d probably want to be an Academy teacher.

Shikamaru loves kids. He does not love overpowered idiots who act like kids. Poor Shikamaru, the title is not literal.

I don’t exactly know what would happen in this fic except for a bunch of The Hangover-esque shenanigans. I don’t even know why Shikako needs Shikamaru to watch her team.

Probably the rest of Team Ten is helping, too, but it’s very possible that Ino and Chouji contribute to the chaos: Ino and Sai have decided to paint floral murals on the administrative building, Chouji has brought all of Kakashi’s ninken to an all you can eat barbecue restaurant. Asuma (because… maybe he’s alive I don’t know) and Naruto are trying to outdo each other with wind ninjutsu and have managed to blow off the roofs of some buildings. They might also be having an ongoing heart to heart about their vastly differing emotions regarding the Sandaime. Sasuke keeps getting into fights with the chuunin on patrol. All of them. Every chuunin, every patrol. Shikamaru can’t find Kakashi ANYWHERE.

(Kakashi is definitely the child that wanders off in the grocery store and is only found when the PA system announces a clean up is needed in aisle four, will someone please collect their strange grey-haired child)

I think maybe it’s Shikako and Yakumo’s genjutsu-fuinjutsu collaboration. Or like a seal that’s meant to self-activate whenever a genjutsu is cast on the person (like an automatic kai) except it kind of backfired and now Team Seven think they’re in a genjutsu? Actually, now that I think about it… maybe they are actual literal children via temporary de-aging? Mentally, at least 😀 

Basically, it’s Shikamaru running around trying to herd the worst cats and his own team making things EVEN WORSE.

When Shikako comes back he swears never again.


A/N1: Nyehehehehe…  Part Three! 😀

Also, now with title, “Lies Beyond The Morning”


Something is wrong.

Shikako blinks. Dark then light.

Across the room stand three creatures, so colorful and defiant against the stark impossible room.

She doesn’t want to approach them.

They do not move and do not speak.

She doesn’t want to break them.

“What do I do now?” she asks, though she knows the not-Sai creature will not say anything.

He only smiles at her, sad and apologetic.

“Upwards and onwards,” she says, walking forward.

There is only one way to go.

If she has to spend an eternity in this strange place, she will not spend it waiting for nothing to happen.

She comes to a stop in front the three familiar creatures, not-Sai following behind her.

“I’m sorry,” she says to the creature that is not Ino, reaching out for its hands. The creature is neither warm nor cold, lifeless and empty like the room around them.

But as she pulls at its hands, its arms move. No longer is not-Ino covering its mouth.

Shikako blinks. Dark then light.

Something has changed.

In not-Ino’s eyes pale blue eyes are a matching set of thin slit pupils.

She steps sideways, in front of the creature that is not her brother. Here, she hesitates.

Under her fingers, not-Shikamaru is lifeless and empty, neither warm nor cold. But at least he’s whole.

She doesn’t want to break him again.

Sensing her hesitation, not-Sai moves, walks around these fake Ino-Shika-Cho and stands opposite from her.

Sad and apologetic, he no longer smiles.

She pulls at not-Shikamaru’s hands, its arms moves. Not-Sai nods, silent.

No longer is the creature covering its eyes.

“I’m sorry,” she says, turning away, tears forming in her eyes.

Shikako blinks. Dark then light.

Her cheeks are wet.

There is only one hand in her own.

Another step to the side, and not-Sai follows, an inky reflection defiant against the stark white room.

Between them stands not-Chouji, hands over its ears, face blank and empty and lifeless.

Nothing like the real Chouji.

She hasn’t broken him.

Not yet, anyway.

There is only one way to go. Upwards and onwards.

She takes its hands in hers and pulls until it is no longer covering its ears.

Shikako blinks. Dark then light.

Nothing changes.

The silence spreads.

“I don’t understand,” she says, looking around.

There is nothing here. Not-Sai watches her, waiting.

“What do I do now?”

“Upwards and onwards,” a voice says.

Startled, Shikako springs away.

In this strange eternal place, there are only two sounds: the noise, like gears in a machine, and her own voice.

Something is happening.

“What?” she asks, glancing around. The fake Ino-Shika-Cho have not moved.

Neither has not-Sai, who stands and waits, watching.

This is different.

“Fight,” says not Chouji. But not the not-Chouji that is silent and lifeless and empty.

“Who–?” –are you–do I fight–have I forgotten–is doing this to me–

“That old fool,” the not-not-Chouji voice says, sad and apologetic.

“Fight,” it continues, as a noise, like gears in a machine, sounds off.

The doorway appears, and not-Sai walks toward it, waving her forward.

She follows. She remembers what happened in the room with not-Sakura.

But on that first starlight step, she looks back.

Ino-Shika-Cho, unmoving, broken.

“Upwards and onwards,” the voice finishes, as the doorway seals itself shut, impossible room lost to the eternal void.

Shikako blinks. Dark then light.

Not-Sai walks ahead of her on stairs neither stone nor metal.

Something is happening. Something is wrong.

But it’s not her.

Above her the helix spirals forever, but in front they appear only a few steps ahead.

Starlight and the endless void of space.

Colorless, lifeless, silent.

It’s different, and yet…

“I’ve already been here,” she says out loud.

“This has happened to me before.”

Or near enough.

At the top step, not-Sai waits for her, sad and apologetic smile on his face.

“I understand,” she says out loud.

Not-Sai looks at her, startled.

“You’re not Sai,” she continues, catching up.

“You’re his brother.”

In front of her is an invisible wall where a doorway will appear. Beside her is a ghost.

Not-Sai… Sai’s brother fades, image changing as he does. Instead of the familiar ink dark features, she sees dimming starlight and a smile that is no longer sad or apologetic.

“Thank you,” she says as he dissipates, “Thank you for helping me this far.”

Sai’s brother nods, as kind in death as he must have been in life.

A noise, like gears in a machine.

Shikako blinks. Dark then light.

The doorway appears as well as the last impossible room.

She is not surprised by what she sees, the worst of it yet.

A tableau of her nightmares meant to break her and stop her and keep her trapped.

Across the room are two figures, frozen in time: mid battle, mid death blow. 

Sasuke as he might have been, Curse Seal fully bloomed across his skin. 

Naruto partially transformed, caustic red chakra cloaked around him.

Chidori against Rasengan.

These are not her teammates.

She walks toward them, neither move, as empty and lifeless as the room.

The corruption of natural chakra should claw at her skin, should burn in her lungs, but it does not.

Because none of this is real.

These empty creatures, this strange place. Impossible starlight and eternal voids. Ink and color like defiance.

Something is wrong.

Just not here. There is nothing for her here and so there is nothing here to be wrong.

Something is happening.

Out in the real world.


Shikako blinks. Light then dark.

Im the haunted house anon! THAT was super awesome & freaky, thank you!!! It had this gradual sense of loss, and it’s even more frightening b/c Shikako’s going through this madness blind. Like, it feels really ominous, aaaa. HOly cow, I can’t wait for part 2 * v *

A/N1: I’m glad you liked it anon! 😀 Freaky and ominous was what I was going for. I hope you enjoy part two as well 🙂


Shikako looks around, the two of them standing on impossible stairs. Smooth not-stone not-metal steps.

Starlight against the void of space.

“What is happening?” she asks him, reaching out.

For some reason, she feels alone. She wants to confirm she isn’t.

But Sai steps back, away, silent. Shakes his head.

He gives her a smile, one far more emotionally eloquent than he’s usually capable:

A little apologetic, a lot sad.

He climbs the stairs and waves at her. Upwards and onwards, he doesn’t say.

She follows.

“You’re not Sai,” Shikako says, as they climb impossible starlight stairs.

“But you’re not like that not-Kiba,” she continues.

She doesn’t know where she is, or what is going on, but she’s exhausted.

She feels like she’s been here for a long time. An eternity.

Maybe she’s gone mad, maybe this is her breaking point.

“This isn’t real.”

The not-Sai ahead of her stops, looks at her. Shakes his head.

Confirmation or denial, and for which statement, she’s not sure. Doesn’t have the time to ask.

A noise, like gears in a machine, and a doorway opens in front of them.

A stark white room that goes on forever. Smooth floor neither stone or metal, and walls she can never reach.

Not-Sai’s dark hair and dark clothes stand out defiant, even his pale skin somehow contrasting.

He stands behind her, even as she walks as far as she can, forever.

Silence spreads.

Something is wrong.

Shikako blinks. Dark then light.

Across the room, a riot of color. Pink and green and red and black.

Sakura. Not-Sakura.

Not the Sakura she’s come to know.

Pink hair cropped short, armored gloves but no medic’s uniform.

This is the Sakura she replaced.

But this creature with Sakura’s face doesn’t move, doesn’t attack.

Shikako steps forward. Not-Sai behind her.

Something is happening.

This is… different.

“Sakura?” she calls out, but the creature does not respond.

Behind her, the not-Sai figure stands his ground.


Where is the doorway?

Maybe this is different for a reason.

Maybe there’s a reason why not-Sakura isn’t attacking her.

Not-Kiba did so immediately, as well as the previous encounters against [|||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||]

… something was wrong, then.

Which means it is not wrong now?

“Come with us,” she tries, reaching out to touch not-Sakura, but stopping short of contact.

The creature’s face remains blank and empty.

A part of her is afraid. That as soon as she touches not-Sakura, it will spring to life, try to kill her.

And she will have to kill it instead. Just like [||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||]

… Shikako is exhausted.

She doesn’t want to fight anymore.

“Please,” she tries again, and this time commits, hand curving around not-Sakura’s arm.

Beneath her fingers, the creature is neither warm nor cold. As lifeless and empty as the room around them.

Not-Sakura doesn’t move.

But a noise sounds off, the only other noise here besides her own voice, and the doorway appears.

Not-Sai leaves his position and walks to the doorway, starlight stairs already assembling.

On the first step, upwards and onwards, he stops and waves toward her.

“Please, Sakura, come with us!” she tries one last time, tugging, futilely, as if against a statue.

A noise, like gears in a machine.

Something is wrong.

On the other side of the closing doorway, not-Sai waves at her impatiently, frantic.


There is nothing for her here.

Shikako runs.

On starlight stairs in an endless void, Shikako stands.




A few steps ahead, not-Sai watches. Sad and apologetic.

Shikako blinks. Dark then light.

Something is happening.

Her cheeks are wet, and she wipes the moisture away. Droplets falling into eternity.

She moves. Upwards and onwards, there is only one way to go.

Not-Sai watches her. Stopped ahead, waiting. Sad and apologetic for some reason.

She catches up. Then keeps going.

Not-Sai follows silently behind her.

On the top step, before the invisible wall and the noise and the doorway, Shikako turns to not-Sai.

“It’s going to be worse, isn’t it?” she asks, already dreading it.

Not-Sai nods, confirmation, ever sad and apologetic.

“Why can’t you speak?” she asks. Perhaps, if she were not so exhausted, she would be angry.

But she has been here for an eternity, and she just wants to hear something besides her own voice and that–

Not-Sai sticks his tongue out, black ink on pink flesh

–noise, like gears in a machine.

The doorway appears.

This is different.

The room is the same–an impossibility of stark endless white–but inside, immediately, it is not empty.

Across the room, like colorful statues, are three unmoving silent figures.


But not hers. Just like the not-Sakura from before wasn’t hers.

The creature that is not Chouji stands, hands over its ears, face blank and empty.

Not-Ino stands next to it, hands over its mouth, eyes a solid intact blue.

Between them is her brother. Or, rather, the creature that is not her brother, eyes covered by two hands.

This Ino-Shika-Cho is not hers, because hers are broken.

She was the one who broke them.

Shikako blinks. Dark then light.

Nothing has changed.

She tries again. Dark then light.

Still no change.

She doesn’t want to do this.

She turns around to where not-Sai stands behind her. Surely because he followed her in, the doorway would still be there.

But behind him is an endless expanse, no stairs spiraling down and away.

No escape. There is only one way to go.

She’s exhausted.

Something is wrong.

“What do I do now?”

That something might be her.


A/N2: … I guess there will be a part three to finish this off?

Pokemon trainers Team 7!!!



( ) Yeah!

Okay, let’s see, I don’t particularly want to assign different Elemental Nations to different regions, so let’s pull Pokemon from all generations, if that’s okay?

First off, single type teams just do not work because if Kakashi is any single type he would be Electric and there aren’t enough Electric-type dogs to make a full team. And I feel like him having dogs is more important than him having Electric type so he’s one of the Elite Four, but here that’s not a type thing:

Pakkun is most likely a Herdier/Stoutland–he was Kakashi’s starter, given to him by his father (a former Elite Four member himself) and, even though he doesn’t usually fight, his experience and knowledge is valuable.

Other members of Kakashi’s team includes Granbull, Mightyena, Furfrou, Lycanroc, and Houndoom. (Supposedly, Kakashi also has the Legendary Raikou, but surely that’s just a rumor.) Heck yeah, it’s an all dog team!


The Nara clan are known for their herds of Sawsbuck, and all Nara children’s starters are Deerling. Shikako’s second Pokemon was a Growlithe which has evolved into a massive Arcanine that likes cuddling. The rest of her team includes: Sableye (who can now turn into Mega Sableye due to the Sablenite found in the Gelel Shrine?) and maaaaaaybe Onix, Staryu, and Voltorb?


The Uchiha clans, likewise, used to give their children Fletchlings–even though there was no longer a clan to formally do so when Sasuke became of age, the Talonflame flocks stuck around and one Fletchling joined him on his journey. Other members of Sasuke’s team are possibly: Lunatone, Hawlucha, Cubone, Luxio, and Bisharp?


It’s said that, if one should be powerful enough to live for over one thousand years, that a Ninetails can rival even a Legendary Pokemon and develop psychic powers. Of course, that’s just a story. There’s been no sighting of such a mythical creature in generations, and how would a human possibly control such a powerful Pokemon before the creation of Master Balls? Naruto’s team includes: Politoed, Scrafty, Solrock, Mimikyu, Sudowoodo, and Emolga.


Probably the shinobi of this world are more like the Pokemon Ranger trainer class or police officers in that the Leagues/Villages of each respective area are in charge of making sure wild Pokemon and people are safe. The ones that end up on elite jounin-led teams are Ace Trainers.

Akatsuki are the bad guys, with some Oto and Ame sprinkled in for grunts, and the Kages are the Champions? And the other jounin sensei are the other Elite Four. So the coming of age for the Konoha Twelve is the first time that all of the Elite Four have training teams. And, like in canon, Team Seven’s missions are incredibly weird–it’s almost like they see Legendary Pokemon every other time they leave the village.

There’s no real plot, though, just fusing canon into a Pokemon world and replacing jutsu with Pokemon.

(Sorry this is so messy, anon, I’m having trouble organizing my thoughts for this. But if you’re curious about my choice in Pokemon for I can totally explain if you’d like?)

I think, if I were to write this, it would be more of a Naruto-style society except where Pokemon replaces chakra. Like, the shinobi are the full out teams of six battlers while the civilian are the same as people in Pokemon games who aren’t trainers but do own one or two Pokemon as pets. Then nobility is probably more about the pedigrees and possibly participate in the pageant-like competitions.

So there are still clans and such, and like in canon, being part of a clan is a head start–clan kids grow up around Pokemon their whole lives, while civilian kids don’t get their starter until after they graduate from the Academy? Hm… that’s a pretty big disparity. Maybe it’s something like… you’re legally only allowed to own two Pokemon unless you’re a League certified Trainer then you can get up to six.

So they’re not just thrown together with a strange Pokemon and two other kids on a team with an Elite Four and expected to roll with it. So students of the Academy do have one or two Pokemon, but they have to graduate to get more. Which makes more sense?

Okay, Pokemon team breakdowns:

Kakashi’s is fairly obvious, I think. There were some other dogs that I was considering, such as Manectric and Smeargle and Arcanine, but Arcanine went to Shikako because it fit super perfectly and I feel like Manectric and Smeargle are both too… cartoony. Also, I’m pretty sure if anyone owns a Smeargle it’s Sai.

The Nara with the Deerling and Sawsbuck herds were a must. And their medicine would no doubt be even more elevated by harvesting from a Grass type deers that also change every season. Arcanine, I’ll admit, is mostly because of the fantastic art by kristinaxx0 but the more I thought about it, the more it just kind of fit? Growlithe must be very common in Land of Fire, and no doubt Shikako stumbled on a lost Growlith puppy that just followed her everywhere.

Sableye as Dark/Ghost works pretty well for Shikako even before the Gelel arc leading to the stone and Shikako’s first in-world death. Reincarnated Nara, anyone? I’m less sure about the following three, but given her Earth nature and penchant for GIANT PILLARS OF STONE, I figured Onix would work quite well. And, well, as @to-someplace-else said, Voltorb? ~Self Destruct~

Staryu, I admit, is more to match up with the boys’ Solrock and Lunatone. DoS is Shikako’s story but there’s always going to be this back and forth between Naruto and Sasuke. So her star isn’t really part of the sun and moon of her teammates, but it still fits a little and I quite like that.

The Uchiha’s crest is a fan and their family jutsu are Fire natured and then the whole hawk contract, so even though it’s not as one to one as the Nara and the Sawsbuck, I think Talonflame works best. Lunatone I’ve already explained above. Hawlucha I think he gets later on, if not the last one he gets, because I kind of wanted to represent his time skip changes in DoS–hawk contract and ANBU and to reflect the fact that he is the taijutsu specialist among Team Seven.

Cubone is just, I mean, pretty obvious right? A reflection of his past as the last (loyal) Uchiha. Luxio is a bit of a mix to show–hm, how do I say this–what he inherited from the living. That is, the Chidori from Kakashi and coming to terms with the Itachi of the past and present via the Neko-baa and pawprint mission. Bisharp is… the way I’d express it, he would have had a Pawniard in canon or DoS but in DoS it evolves into Bisharp during the Sasuke Retrieval Arc and in canon it doesn’t until post time-skip. It’s a representation of Sasuke’s life choices, basically.

Politoed and all of it’s line, besides being the same as Naruto’s summoning contract, also has the Uzumaki swirl which *clenches fist* doesn’t drown me in Uzushio feels at all, nope, none here. Scrafty I think emulates Naruto pre-graduation, all mischief and anger and brawling. Solrock explained above.

I honestly think Naruto would empathize quite a bit with Mimikyu. Lonely but trying to make friends, disguising itself to be more approachable. Yeah, I think Naruto would love Mimikyu and vice versa. Sudowoodo kind of is a more light-hearted side of the trickster and disguise expert that Naruto was way in the beginning before canon just dropped that idea. But something that looks like a tree but isn’t? And look at how happy it is! And ~Konoha~

Emolga I’m least sure about, but I wanted a small non-bird Flying type and I also just like the idea of Emolga just chilling on Naruto’s head one second and then being all up in someone’s grill the next.

A huge list of Pokemon that I was considering but didn’t make the cut or didn’t fit one team member in particular under the cut:

Keep reading


Ahaha, yeah, the Absol as a herald of disaster just feels right for Team Seven as a whole. 🙂

I don’t know if Lee would have an Eevee, but I do like the idea of Team Gai each having one of the Tyrogue line. Not as their starter, but probably a gift Gai gave them when they became his team? So Hitmonlee for Lee, Hitmonchan for TenTen, and Hitmontop for Neji.


Lee’s team would be only Normal and Fighting type to reflect his taijutsu-only ways, whereas TenTen probably has some Steel types and Neji has some Psychic. Which also kind of goes with the whole “Neji always wins against Lee even though Lee is faster than god” given the type weaknesses.

Let’s see, as for Team Ten? Maaaybe…

Shikamaru: Sawsbuck (Normal/Grass), Slaking (Normal), Nuzleaf (Grass/Dark), Drowzee (Psychic), Lampent (Ghost/Fire), and Altaria (Dragon/Flying)


Ino: Grumpig (Psychic), Nidorino (Poison/Ground), Kecleon (Normal), Roserade (Grass/Poison), Oricorio (Flying/Fire/Electric/Psychic/Ghost), and Smoochum (Ice/Psychic)


Chouji: Butterfree (Bug/Flying), Darmanitan (Fire), Hariyama (Fighting), Quilladin (Grass), Munchlax (Normal), and Clefairy (Fairy)


Like with the Nara clan, the Yamanaka and Akimichi give their kids their starters too.

(Mimikyu is a sweet darling angel that has done nothing wrong and deserves the world)

Ask Box Three Sentence Fic, 15/? (2016-11-09)

(1 – anonymous – Shikako/Itachi, Death and the Maiden?… I don’t know this movie/play if that’s what you’re asking for, so here’s a more literal interpretation)

Itachi Uchiha is a dead man walking, the countdown on his life swift and guaranteed: the only question is whether it will be his eyes, his lungs, or his brother that kills him.

As it turns out–it’s none of the above.

“Your time is up,” says the Shinigami, reaching a hand toward him, and the last thing that Itachi thinks is that it looks remarkably like his brother’s teammate.

(2 – anonymous – Shikako/Gaara, soulmate!AU?, red string of fate)

It’s a good thing soulmates are the only one who can see their shared string, Shikako thinks, staring blankly at the ethereal red thread tied around her pinky.

Otherwise, it’d be such a point of weakness for any shinobi.

“Soulmate,” says Gaara, voice raspy but still perfectly audible–of course, she sighs internally, ignoring the gasps around her, it only works if the soulmates keep quiet about it.

(3 – anonymous – Shikako/Sasuke, Avatar the Last Airbender!AU)

Shikako literally stumbles upon him, tripping over his bedroll and legs–needless to say, it’s a less than graceful start.

His first instinct is to summon a flame which, given the dark night, would have been smart if he weren’t literally in the middle of Earth Kingdom territory.

In seconds, she has him encased in rock… but the resignation in his eyes makes her release him.

(4 – anonymous – Kakashi & Team Seven, Next Gen DoS, changes for the better)

Kakashi can’t forget the way his students looked after everything: bleeding and drained, war weary in a way he never wanted for them…

But at least they were alive–and alive meant they could heal, even if it took time and distance and the possibility of spiraling apart completely.

Now, decades later, smiling at his honorary grandchildren, he thinks that they’ve all turned out alright.

(5 – anonymous, canon!Team Ten & DoS!Ino, the differences between the two Ino)

Ino is released after a short meeting with her father-but-not, deemed a non threat but still in need of monitoring–who better to monitor Ino than herself and her team-but-not?

Chouji is a welcome, familiar sight, but it’s a shock to see herself without slit pupils, to see Shikamaru with both arms still, and at first she begins to feel a little bit jealous…

… until the topic moves onto how she ended up in this dimension.

Forget jealousy, Ino can’t wait until Shikako brings her home.


A/N: So this is the last one for now, I’ll come back to this someday but I think I’m done. It was fun and I really appreciate everyone who participated 🙂

Post Word Count: 340, Running Word Count: 3114

You and Me and Baby (Makes Fifteen), part 2/2 (2016-06-02)

It’s not exactly a problem, but considering the make up of Team Seven–the fact that she’s the only non-orphan and the only one with siblings who didn’t leave the village after slaughtering their entire clan–she probably could have handled the matter of introductions better.

Shikako’s teammates take the sudden appearance of a baby as well as she expected. Meaning, not with any measure of grace or dignity whatsoever.

“What do we do with it?” Naruto asks, his hands fluttering around Kareru without actually touching. In contrast, Sasuke’s stare has only become more suspicious, arms folded across his chest.

“He’s a baby,” she answers, exasperated, “not a kunai. We don’t do anything with him except, probably, raise him into a decent human being.”

“We?” Sasuke prompts.

“Oh, well, no,” Shikako says, amending her statement, “Not ‘we’ as in us, but ‘we’ as in people in general. I was hoping someone else would be willing to raise him. And I could just let them take over. It’s not as if we can, there’s other more qualified people.” Although, said out loud, it does sound an awful lot like she’s shirking responsibilities.

“Why not?” Naruto says, absolutely entranced by what might be his only living blood relative trying to eat his own foot. Shikako shifts her hold on Kareru so his infantile acrobatics won’t lead to him plummeting to the ground.

“Why not what?” she asks.

“Why not us?” Naruto clarifies, “Why can’t we raise him?” he asks, finally looking up, blue eyes full of conviction. “We can do this.”

Shikako and Sasuke glance at each other, expressions far less skeptical than the other would expect–neither of them have ever been all that successful at denying Naruto when it really matters.

And, yes, she may have been doubtful of Naruto’s ability to take care of a baby earlier–long ago D-rank babysitting missions flashing through her minds–but he’s not asking to take care of Kareru by himself. He’s asking if they can do it, together. And, well, together they’ve done some pretty amazing things.

She bites her lip, though, still unsure. This isn’t just some one-off mission that they can complete and walk away from. This is a baby, an actual whole other person who will be their responsibility for years. For the rest of their lives.

But it’s Sasuke who makes the decision, carefully extending a single finger in the baby’s direction. Fascinated, Kareru grabs it, a pleased squeal erupting from his mouth.

Naruto’s grin is wide and bright, “We can do this!” he repeats.

Shikako nods, an answering smile of her own spreading across her face. “But,” she adds, ever the pragmatist, “Probably not by ourselves.”

It wouldn’t make sense for the Hokage to be informed of every new citizen of Konoha–frankly, it’s an inefficient use of the village leader’s time and with this particular Hokage, time is something that his horde of administrative shinobi have to schedule with frenzied exactness–but when it comes to this particular citizen, exceptions can be made.

Or, well, Team Seven will make the exception for him. After all, it’s not everyday a jounin-sensei becomes a pseudo-grandpa via his students collectively adopting a baby found in the ruins of a fallen village.

… Well, it’s not as if the paperwork ninja didn’t already hate them.

“Maa, not the mask, Kareru-kun,” Kakashi says fondly to the baby currently seated on his desk and trying to unmask him. Except for gently pulling the tiny hands away from his face, Kakashi lets Kareru do whatever he wants, crawling across the desk and drooling on no doubt very important files.

“That’s all you have to say about this?” Naruto asks, impatient, the first one to crack.

“Hm,” Kakashi responds, stretching the noise out until Sasuke begins to scowl, “He’s a little young to learn the chidori,” he admonishes, just to see the team twitch in annoyed unison.


“I have a lot of free time,” Kakashi lies, blatantly, “I guess I could watch Kareru-kun occasionally,” he says, so nonchalant that it’s obvious he cares.

Not that Shikako was really expecting anything else, her sensei awkward but affectionate in his own way–but it’s nice to be proven right about things.

Team Ten, thankfully, is far less uncomfortable about sudden teenaged parenthood–skipping over origins and uncertainty of what constitutes family, going straight into how to raise Kareru. Which, isn’t really a surprise considering their clans are known for strong family ties.

“I always thought I’d end up with a kid first,” Shikamaru says, one eyebrow raised. But there’s a smile on the edge of his mouth, his shoulder brushing against his sister’s. It’s nice to know he’ll support her even in this somewhat spontaneous decision.

Chouji, in far fewer words, also expresses his approval by reaching out for the baby. His bulky arms a gentle cradle for Kareru to observe the world.

“Can you say Ino-neechan?” Ino coos to Kareru, who babbles happily in response.

“Neechan?” Naruto asks, as tactful as ever, “Wouldn’t you be Ino-bachan?”

“Excuse you,” Ino says, “If you want to be called uncle, then that’s fine. But I’m going to be Kareru’s fabulous older sister.”

“He’s not even old enough to talk yet,” Sasuke says, though he stands on the opposite side of Chouji from her. Strategically.

“I’m training him early,” Ino says with a shrug, before turning her attention back to the baby, “You can pull off purple, right Kareru-chan?”

Which starts Naruto in on the sanctity of Uzumaki wearing orange and somehow devolves into an argument about who will be Kareru’s favorite.

Well, at least he won’t be lacking for attention.

It doesn’t take long for Kiba to find them–hand on the pulse of Konoha’s rumor mill and having almost as good a sense for inane competition as he does smells–the rest of Team Eight follow after.

Preemptively, Shikako says, “No, this isn’t mine and Gaara’s kid,” which sends Kiba into a fit of raucous laughter.

Thankfully, it’s Shino who responds. “I did not think so. Why? First, because you have only been gone for a few months–not long enough for the human gestation period, or for the additional months this child has of age. Second, you were nowhere near Land of Wind, and it is well-known that the Kazekage does not often leave Sunagakure. Third, while it is true that the child and the Kazekage both have red hair, it is obvious, even within such a short period of time, that the child has more in common with Naruto in appearance than the Kazekage.”

There’s a beat of silence as everyone processes Shino’s statement.

“Thanks for the support?” Shikako says, more question than not, but Shino nods and she supposes it’s close enough.

“I-if I can help in any way, I’d like to,” Hinata offers, once the story has been repeated for Team Eight’s benefit. Shino nods again, in agreement, while Kiba is more vocal with his.

“And anyway, babies love dogs! Me and Akamaru will definitely end up this kid’s favorite.”

Which restarts the argument all over again: this time, with animal summons for added silliness.

It’s not as if Shikako ever planned for this–her entire life has basically been rolling with the punches–so it’s not like she’s actively recruiting people into helping out with Kareru.

Try convincing Lee that, though.

“I will run around Konoha one hundred times on my hands!” he declares, eyes bright and filled with determination. “I, too, will prove myself a worthy caregiver for young Kareru! Superior, even, to my rival, Neji!” He points, at said rival who, despite the look of deep disgruntlement, has not pulled away from Kareru’s curious hair tugging.

Instead, to rile up his teammate, Neji says only one word: “Byakugan,” which… is a fairly strong point. The Hyuuga bloodline would make literally watching a baby almost ludicrously easy.

TenTen huffs an exasperated laugh, “Of course they’d find a way to argue over a baby.”

“They might as well join the fight already in progress,” Shikako says, gesturing to where some of their friends have set up an impromptu sparring tournament to somehow prove which of them will end up as Kareru’s favorite. As if they were waiting for permission, Lee and Neji–untangling himself from tiny baby fingers–go and do just that.

“Mostly, I just wanted to see how your mission to Uzushio went,” TenTen admits, “I figured you’d bring back some seal samples, though, I didn’t think you’d return with a baby.”

Well, technically, she came back with both…

“My missions always end up really weird,” Shikako muses, before glancing over at the baby, still comfortably perched in Chouji’s arms. Kareru’s eyes meet hers and he smiles, a wide, toothless, drooling thing.

She can’t say it doesn’t tug at her heartstrings.

Within the hour, Sakura finds them–not that they were hiding–and she comes armed with paperwork and an unimpressed expression.

“I take it you’ve figured out what to name him, then,” she says, channeling as much of her shishou as Shikako tries to channel of her sensei. Given how infrequently Kakashi ever pulled one over on Tsunade, that was probably a poor decision.

“Aah, Sakura, I was just about to… you see, I was on my way home when–”

“Save it,” she interrupts, thankfully, because Shikako’s Kakashi impression isn’t all that good to begin with, “What’s his name and who should I put for his official guardians?”

With all of her friends around her, knowing that she’s far from alone in this, it’s less daunting to say:

“This is Kareru Uzumaki. And I’ll be his guardian.”


A/N: Sorry, y’all. It’s a little abrupt and clunky, but I kinda just wanted to get the full fifteen of the title at least mentioned so I can safely stow this two-shot away in my imaginary completed fic bin… still have a lot of prompts to go through. Oh, dear.

Okay, so I know it doesn’t really fulfill the prompt but… I kinda wanted to do more “reacting to sudden baby” fic than “raising sudden baby” fic, if that makes sense. And,Tth, I kind liked part one as is? But the title wouldn’t make any sense unless I actually wrote the others, so I just kinda use this as an opportunity to explore writing characters I never have before. It’s harder than I thought–less the actual characters and more having them interact in a group setting. One on one from now on, please and thank you.

Anyway… I think I’ll post both parts as one chapter in Dreaming One Shots on ao3…

Character Analysis: Dreaming of Sunshine, Team Ten (2015-10-26)

A/N1: Because I am a glutton for punishment. This one was much harder than Team Seven’s (partially because there’s less material to work with, but also because… well… I’ll explain below).

If you’re reading this, I presume you’ve already read the Team Seven edition. If not, I highly suggest reading that one first because I explain most of the various team/group tropes/tests there. I will still be providing links to the related articles/websites, though, so don’t worry.

For consistency, I’ve included the TVTropes’ character analysis devices even though I’m not at all keen on them and they don’t make much sense to me. Which probably explains why I’m so conflicted about the allocations, but I tried my best and I hope it makes sense.


the Ego / the Id
Sanguine (/ Phlegmatic)
The (Big) Chick
(E/i=A)SFP – Artisan
Neutral Good


the Id / the Superego
Phlegmatic (/ Sanguine)
The Lancer
ENFJ – Idealist
Lawful Neutral/good


the Superego / the Ego
The Smart Hero
ISTJ – Guardian
True Neutral


the Mentor
The Big Guy
ENT(J/p) – Rational
Lawful Good/neutral

Super conflicted reasoning under the cut

The Freudian Trio

From the outset, who fills which role of the Freudian Trio isn’t all that obvious. It’s not like with Team Seven where there are two obvious polar opposites and a mediator in between. So I tried positing a series of what ifs. That is, what if each member of the team was the ego, who would be the id and who would be the superergo. I got the following:

A) If Chouji is ego then Ino is id, Shikamaru is superego.
– Ino is the one to push him, get him to act. Shikamaru is the one to guide him in the how.
B) If Shikamaru is ego then Chouji is id, Ino is superego.
– Chouji is his personal needs, safety and contentment. Ino is the one to bring up societal expectations.
C) If Ino is ego then Shikamaru is id, Chouji is superego.
– Shikamaru brings out her animalistic emotions, gets her to fight. Chouji is the idealism, represents the why she fights.

This cyclical allocation is rather vague, but I think it’s about right. Which makes this both frustrating and fascinating. Frustrating because everyone is everything, and fascinating for the same reason.

In the strictest sense of the Freudian Trio trope, however, variant C doesn’t make very much sense because I wouldn’t call Shikamaru and Chouji polar opposites or Ino the mediator. A and B fit better with the trope–A as more of an outsider point of view with B as the insider point of view. And, again, with jounin sensei Asuma as the separate Mentor role.

The Four-Temperament Ensemble (and The Four Philosophy Ensemble)

As I’ve said before, I’m not very keen on this group/character device since it just really doesn’t make much sense to me, but I tried. Here’s my rough breakdown of the four temperaments and the Myers-Briggs equivalent:

Phlegmatic (intro – rational – people) –  I_TP – Ino( / Choji)
Sanguine (extro – emotional – people) – E_FP – Choji (/ Ino)
Choleric (extro – rational – task) – E_TJ
Melancholic (intro – emotional – task) – I_FJ

The clear cut ones are Shikamaru and Asuma, with the former being Melancholic and the latter being Choleric. Both of them are task oriented, and between the two it’s obvious that Shikamaru is the introvert while Asuma is the extrovert.

As for rational versus emotional, I’d say both of them are equally prone to using logic and feelings depending on the situation. We see it time and time again with Shikamaru, especially as relates to his sister. With Asuma it’s not as obvious, since we don’t really know much of him through canon or through DoS, but I know that he’s got issues with his father and that manifested in him wanting to strike out for his own (becoming one of the Twelve Guardians, some of the few shinobi who are not legally under the control of the Hokage) so I imagine he’s a bit of a rebel.

As for the people oriented members of Team Ten, well, I actually think it depends on when exactly we’re talking about them. More recently, Ino has been the Phlegmatic one (despite being an extreme extrovert and not at all an introvert) due to her PTSD from Orochimaru’s possession; whereas earlier she was the Sanguine one, bright and engaging. In contrast, Chouji’s early childhood bullying/uncertainty made him the more Phlegmatic one, and now that he’s older and more settled into himself he is the Sanguine one.

To be honest, I had to turn the the Four Philosophy Ensemble to completely make my decisions. The four philosophies and the four temperaments roughly approximate to each other as such:

Melancholic = Cynic
Choleric = Realist
Sanguine = Optimist
Phlegmatic = Apathetic / Conflicted

As previously stated, Shikamaru and Asuma are easy enough–the former as the cynic and the latter as the realist. As for Chouji and Ino, it’s the difference between the temperaments versus the philosophy ensembles that tripped me up–Ino didn’t match the description of Phlegmatic but she was a match for the Conflicted, whereas Chouji wasn’t quite a perfect Sanguine but definitely matched Optimist more than Ino did–I decided that the issue was a matter of time. Or, rather, when in their development the both of them were. Hence the double allocation.

The Five-Man Band

Ugh, this trope sucks, but consistency is consistency so here we go:

Jounin sensei kind of default to The Big Guy role, hence Asuma’s allocation. Although, if I didn’t have to include Asuma, I would assign his students as the following. Shikamaru, the Smart Hero–a mix of the smart guy (for obvious reasons) and the hero, as the leader of Team Ten (he makes the decisions and feels responsibility for his friends whenever they get hurt). Ino, the Lancer–she is the foil to Shikamaru, emotional where he is logical, aggressive where he is passive, etc. Chouji, the (Big) Chick–I hate the naming scheme, but he is the peacemaker of the team and undeniably the physically strongest (barring Asuma, of course).

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator

Super quick breakdown of Myers-Briggs Types. It’s a set of four binary spectra: Extroversion vs Introversion, Sensing vs iNtuition, Feeling vs Thinking, and Judging vs Perceiving. So let’s go!

Chouji is an ambivert (the in between of extrovert and introvert) in pretty much the exact opposite way that Shikako is. While she oscillates between solitude and large groups, Chouji does better with smaller groups and essentially shrivels in isolation. For all that he is an optimist, he lives in the moment–he trusts what he experiences for himself. In particular, I bring up his response to Naruto’s reveal of himself as the Kyuubi jinchuuriki. While the Nara twins are unphased because they already know/suspected, Chouji does not have that advantage. But he still believes in Naruto because he knows that Naruto is a good person, their shared history proves as such. Feeling is obvious, and Perceiving likewise. (E/i=A)SFP

Ino’s was almost ridiculously straightforward: she’s an obvious extrovert. She’s been repeatedly described and shown to be highly intuitive. She’s an inherently feelings motivated person. She’s decisive and has on multiple occasions shown her proclivity for strategic planning. ENFJ

Shikamaru likewise is very straightforward: he’s the only introvert on Team Ten (poor him!) He’s detail oriented, trusts in what he witnesses for himself more than what others say (cynic, remember?). Very obviously a thinker more than a feeler, and especially a strategic planner at that. ISTJ

Unsurprising, given how little we know of Asuma, my allocations for him are rather spotty. I presume he’s an extrovert given how frequently he hangs out with the other jounin (rather than be dragged out reluctantly like Kakashi) and how well he works in tandem with others. As for intuition, this is mostly a guess–he seems like a big picture kind of person, and is likely to trust people at their word. And, given his rocky relationship with his father, remembers events not with objective details but with their deeper, subjective meaning. I decided on Thinking as he does make decisions rationally, even if the goals themselves are founded in emotions, and the mix of Judging and perceiving is just something I assume every experienced shinobi must have. ENT(J/p)

The Keirsey Temperaments

Given the above Myers-Briggs types, figuring out the Keirsey temperaments is easy enough. Chouji, (E/i=A)SFP, is an Artisan; specifically the Performer (edit: after reviewing, I believe Choji is more like the Composer–ISFP–which makes sense given he is an ambivert). Ino, ENFJ, is an Idealist; specifically the Teacher. Shikamaru, ISTJ, is a Guardian; specifically the Inspector (which he definitely matches more than Sasuke). Asuma, ENT(J/p), is a Rational; specifically the Fieldmarshal. You can check out the descriptions of the temperaments, and their more specific titles, in the second link provided above. I’m fairly confident in these allocations, even for Asuma whom I know very little about.

Hogwarts Houses (is a link even necessary?)

This “test” is surprisingly the least difficult for me to run given that Hogwarts Houses has always seemed to be the almost bewilderingly subjective. Everyone on Team Ten is almost perfectly stereotypical representations of their Houses. Chouji, whose main trait is compassion and loyalty, an obvious Hufflepuff. Ino, ambitious and cunning, a Slytherin (definitely more so than anyone else on the team). Shikamaru–intelligent, creative, daydreamer–Ravenclaw. And Asuma, the Gryffindor (based on his likely rebellious-against-his-father but still-for-the-good-of-Fire-Country history and, of all things, his bluntness).

D&D Alignment

Team Ten, as a whole, is definitely more lawful than Team Seven (aka Team Trouble) though their good to neutral levels are about the same.

Chouji is Neutral Good–given he was a part of the troublemaking groups in canon at the Academy, he clearly doesn’t hold rules to be the end-all be-all of everything–and while he is loyal, he’s also an optimist. Hypothetically, he wouldn’t mindlessly follow after a friend turned evil, but he would try to convince them to come back to the good side or would believe, at heart, that they were good and need only be reminded of that.

Ino, having been raised by her parents with to have a firm belief in Konoha and its administration, is very distinctly lawful. But her ultimate loyalties are towards herself and her friends–her people, which, admittedly is quite a large group–not the ideal of a village. Theoretically, if someone were to take over Konoha and make it evil, she wouldn’t outrightly join the rebellion but she would probably toe the line and feed information to friends in the rebellion. She’s a Lawful Neutral edging into Lawful Good.

Shikamaru is a True Neutral. It’s not as obvious as it is with Sasuke, but Shikamaru is on a moral edge. He, amongst the entire team, would be the most likely to slide into Evil under the right circumstances (*cough*ahurtShikako*cough*). As for the law, well, laws are restrictive and chaos is too much work. Rules he can take or leave, but above all else his friends and family have to be okay.

Asuma, much like Ino, has been raised to respect the law of Konoha and Fire Country. The Good edging into Neutral is, again, a bit of a guess, but given that he continued to work for the greater good of village and country despite his hangups with his father, it seemed like a decent enough choice. Mainly I just don’t know if he’s done anything selfish–sure, he left Konoha, but only because becoming one of the Twelve Guardians allowed him to serve Fire Country without having to be under his father’s direct control.

A/N2: Not as satisfied with this one as the first, but mostly because there’s less info to analyze for these characters. Ugh, I shudder to think what doing Team Gai would be like.