in another universe, beru whitesun lars and queen breha organa of alderaan meet in the belly of the millennium falcon. 

my aunt, luke skywalker says, and beru’s hand flutters self-consciously to the bruises, still ugly yellow-purple at her jaw, her cheek, where the raiders left her for dead.

my mother, princess leia says, and breha draws herself up in an attempt to look as though she has not recently been manhandled into a cell whose door she battered herself against, screaming for her daughter.

but beru hears ‘her majesty’ and stumbles into a curtsy (unlike her mother-in-law, maysherestinthelight, beru had never learned this; her family was seven generations free and she’d never knelt to anyone.) but breha catches her by the wrists, draws her up and into an embrace.

 I am so glad to meet you, breha says. my husband told me there was another child, but I feared—I am so glad.

oh, beru says, her gaze flicking over breha’s shoulder to her nephew, to the princess with her dark hair and eyes that remind beru of shmi’s. oh, she breathes. I am glad too.

middle aged ladies being friends,middle aged ladies fighting for the rebellion!!!!,han solo being generally terrified of both of them,families who don’t share any blood ties whatsoever but all love each other and want to be around and protect and help and fight,beru whitesun lars and breha order queen of alderaan (even if alderaan doesn’t exist any longer) and mon mothma,tactician and once-senator of the republic,form a triumvirate that win the goddamn war so there I said so,and no skywalkers are harmed in the making of this victory,the end,roll credits,star wars,the warry stars

OMG! This is a Stars Also Dream AU that I would love to see someone else do–or maybe even do myself if I actually finish SAD to a satisfactory degree–because it would be so amazing and can you imagine! Yoshino would fit so well in this badass middle aged ladies quartet:

The Jedi, The Queen, The Tactician, The Engineer–or maybe The Survivalist? The Pathfinder? (Rural living is hard, but desert rural living on the hell planet that is Tatooine? O_O Beru is probably, much like her nephew, sunshine and smiles with a core of tempered death)–taking on the Empire.

It’s like the best sci-fi heist movie that my child self could barely hope to wish for. 😀