Ask Box Three Sentence Fic, 9/? (2016-11-03)

(1 – anonymous – Shikako & Ibiki, partners in crime)

Shikako glances at the box in Ibiki’s hands, then to the still smoking pile of rubble in front of them, then back at the box.

“I mean, if you really get into the letter of the law, technically–”

“You’re twenty years too early to be lecturing me about technicalities,” Ibiki interrupts her, before doing the same glance between box and rubble, “… but, yes, this isn’t actually illegal.”

(2 – anonymous – even more 6.1, Shikako/Haku, Project Runway!AU, Haku comforting stressed out Shikako)

During the three months before Fashion Week, Haku visits Shikako’s home–it’s further south and thus hotter than his own, full of sprawling forests and rolling hills and bright sunshine. In a way, it explains a lot about his designer.

Haku enters Shikako’s work room and finds her flopped over onto a nest of fabric scraps, a line of coffee mugs standing guard: that explains the rest of his designer.

(3 – anonymous – Shikako’s alternate rise to stardom… Primadonna Girl (Says No Thank You)!AU?)

Shikako blinks away her tears, hiding her sorrow as her brother leaves, she tries to keep quiet but the sudden implacable thought hits her: this might be the last time she sees him alive.

She tries to shout, but her voice is twisted with utter dread–this is when a swell of music will be edited in to reinforce her feelings, she really hopes it’s not more My Heart Will Go On–on cue, she manages to choke out, “Shishimaru!”


(4 – anonymous – Team Seven, revolution against injustice)

The Jounin Commander ends up in a coma and she knows it doesn’t compare–he’s still alive, she still has her mother–but she goes to her team, desperate and shaken.

“We’re going after Danzo,” she says, doesn’t ask, doesn’t need to ask, certainly not after she explains everything he’s done.

She used to be concerned about plausible deniability–about subtlety and staying under the radar–but what’s the point of that now?

(5 – anonymous – Shikako/??, bodyguard!AU)

Shikako Nara is the Jounin Commander’s daughter, friends with the major clan heirs, and a burgeoning fuinjutsu master. Powerful, but vulnerable.

Danzo tasks Sai with her protection–and her recruitment–but it seems he has still somehow underestimated her.


A/N: I realize now that keeping track of word count while doing Three Sentence Fic is counterintuitive, because the point of NaNoWriMo is to hit 50,000 words, but the point of Three Sentence Fic is to be succinct…

I mean, I’ll still do it, but now I know not to be disappointed in myself for having such a low word count–I’m literally writing at cross purposes.

Post Word Count: 322, Running Word Count: 1039

Ask Box Three Sentence Fic, 8/? (2016-11-02)


(1 – anonymous – Team Seven as dragon riders)

The Uchiha have always been people of fire, dragons passed down throughout the generations.

Naruto was born bonded to the strongest dragon in the world.

Shikako comes from a clan of ground walkers–a family satisfied with their forests and herds–but she’s always dreamed of flying.


(2 – anonymous – music Shikako has shared with her friends)

They are a crowd of colorful silks and beautiful patterns, a troupe of pretty musicians invited to perform for the daimyo: with Yakumo’s genjutsu, as far as the audience knows, all five performers are on stage even though two of them are sitting off to the side.

Further in the palace, kimono traded for stealthier outfits, the strains of music reach Ino and Shikako’s ears–familiar music, even.

Shikako murmurs with a smile, “Smooth Criminal, really?”


(3 – anonymous – more 6.3, Shikako/Gaara, youkai!AU / Inuyasha!AU)

For someone meant to be the reincarnation of a priestess, she finds herself empathizing with the demons more than those on their supposedly holy mission.

“Step aside, Shikabane, this demon is not worth your efforts,” the cloaked priest says, hand extended towards them.

She stays where she is, unwilling to move from her spot in front of Gaara’s prone form, “My name is Shikako, and I won’t let you hurt him.”

(4 – anonymous – even more 3.4, Shikako/Gaara, modern royalty!AU)

She fidgets, tries not to, keenly aware of how literally outclassed she is here; she knows she’s wrinkling her outfit and hopes that Ino won’t notice.

He keeps blinking, so tired but unable to sleep, insomnia combined with secondhand nerves and the duties of being one of Her Majesty’s younger brothers.

They bump into each other, an awkward clash of limbs and a flurry of stilted apologies–the photos instead capture a theatric tableau of love at first sight.


(5 – @captainlibrarynerdstuff – even more 6.1, Shikako/Haku, Project Runway!AU, outsider POV)

“It’s all luck,” Netsui snarls, leaning in close when the cameras are away, “You’d never have gotten this far without it.”

The other models observe, judging: it’s obvious which designs are at the bottom this week, and Netsui’s designer has never won a challenge.

Haku smiles, silent, and walks away.


A/N: No worries, still doing this, though I may start using prompts that’ve been languishing on my to-do list from before I started this three sentence fic meme. I hope those prompters don’t mind.

Post Word Count: 319, Running Word Count: 717

Ask Box Three Sentence Fic, 7/? (2016-10-30)


(1 – anonymous – more 6.1, Shikako/Haku, Project Runway!AU, Haku POV)

Being a model is stressful enough without being in a competition against and living together with a bunch of other stressed out models–but its worse when everything is being recorded.

“I’m fortunate to have such a talented designer,” Haku says, with a smile wide enough that everyone else in the house will think he’s being duplicitous and leave him alone when, in fact, he has never been more sincere in his life.

He really is lucky Shikako chose him and continues to choose him–she was always so creative and talented and driven and ever so careful to make sure he was comfortable with her designs–she’s so out of his league.


(2 – anonymous – Team Seven, idol!AU with rookies!genin, former-idol-turned-manager!Kakashi, and company-president!Tsunade)

“So we have a self-taught guitarist, a classically-trained cellist, and a drummer who was originally slated to be a pyro-technician,” Tsunade sums up, after reading through the three files handed to her by a grinning Kakashi.

“She can still be our pyro-technician, if she wants,” he says, completely unhelpful, as per usual.

“Well,” Tsunade says, considering, “This is either the worst thing you’ve ever tried to get approved or they’re going to be famous.”


(3 – anonymous – Shikako/Neji, taking the world by storm)

Like the moon pulls the sea,
waves and tides,
something compelling,
waxing and following.

Sight beyond,
both space and time,
and the flow of chakra,

The clarity to act,
the will to change,
drowning all in their path,
pages dissolving away.

(4 – anonymous – Shikako/Neji, taking the Hyuuga clan by storm)

Maybe, if she had been born to this world completely, she wouldn’t have given it a second thought.

Maybe, if she had less to prove and more to lose, she would have stopped and considered.

But they just took out an entire organization that used seals on children to control them–ROOT has been dealt with, the Caged Bird Seal is next.


(5 – anonymous – more 5.1, Shikako/Sasuke, cooking battle)

“On this episode of Beat Kakashi Hatake: two of my adorable sous chefs are going to duke it out using an ingredient of my choice to see who gets the honor of going up against their beloved sensei in culinary battle.”

Sasuke and Shikako’s matching expressions convey just how unimpressed with the spiel they are, but–given the cameras around, and the live studio audience cheering wildly–they gamely stay silent.

It doesn’t help that Naruto is practically laughing his head off at the judges’ table.


A/N: Did the Shikako/Neji one twice because…  because.

Ask Box Three Sentence Fic, 6/? (2016-10-29)

(1 – anonymous – Shikako/Haku, Project Runway!AU)

“I could dress him in garbage,” Shikako groans from where she’s mashed her face onto the table, “and the judges wouldn’t even notice because he’s so damn beautiful.”

Kiba stares at her, unaware or uncaring of the bright fuchsia sparkles smeared across his face, “You have, actually, dressed him in trash; you won that week’s challenge.”

Shikako sighs wistfully, remembering the distressed vintage-inspired wedding gown she made out of discarded coffee cups: gods, Haku had looked so good in it, and he was so kind about her last minute meltdown when the zipper broke and she had to practically hot glue him into the gown–he’s so out of her league.

(2 – anonymous – Shikako/Deidara, fanboy-ing over Touch Blast)

Sasori glances at his partner: the irritation is normal, the embarrassment is familiar, but the bewilderment? That’s new.

“She touched my face,” Deidara sighs almost dreamily; the seal sequence is inert–Deidara is an S-rank demolitions expert, if he doesn’t want something to explode it won’t–but he’s kept the pattern on his face as if it were an autograph.

(3 – anonymous – Shikako/Gaara, youkai!AU… Inuyasha!AU?)

“Gaara,” she says as calmly as possible, though she can hear the wavering in her voice, “You need to give me the Gelel shard, please, I haven’t purified it yet.”

His green eyes, normally so kind, are clouded over, the markings on his face more vibrant and lethal.

The moon is full tonight.

(4 – anonymous – Shikako/Sasuke, Hades and Persephone!AU)

“He just needs a place to lay low for a bit,” says Naruto, god of tricksters, wind, and the only deity who regularly visits her home.

The Underworld isn’t exactly a welcoming place, but it is the last place people would think to look for the god of summer’s little brother, and she could do with some company.

If Shikako had known it would lead to a six month long literal cold war and a semipermanent roommate she wouldn’t have–well, no, she’s fond of Sasuke, the half year long siege was worth it.

(5 – anonymous – Walking Around ‘verse Team Seven, What Would Sakako Do?)

When Shikako was younger and needed guidance–needed to be wilder or braver or kinder–she would ask herself: What Would Naruto Do?

Over twenty years later, she’d be pleased to know, his son does the same with her daughter.

What Would Sakako Do?


A/N: Should I post these on ao3? And if so, as a separate work or as chapter(s) on Dreaming One Shots…

Ask Box Three Sentence Fic, 5/? (2016-10-28)


(1 – anonymous – any!DoS, reality TV)

“Sensei,” Chef Uchiha hisses quietly, but not quiet enough that the cameras don’t pick it up, “we’re fifteen minutes into cooking and you haven’t told us the menu yet.”

“Maa,” says Iron Chef Hatake, in the classic blasé attitude which makes him a fan favorite, “I’m sure you’ll come up with something; I have very dependable and cute sous chefs, after all.”

And, as always at least once per episode: Chef Uchiha seethes, Chef Uzumaki shouts, and Chef Nara sighs, looking straight at the camera.


(2 – anonymous – Kakashi as their teacher, modern!AU, playing favorites)

Every year, Professor Hatake chooses four students to intern at his law firm: this year’s a little different–not even counting all the murder and media and madness–because this year, he chooses five.

“I didn’t think he even knew my name,” Sakura says, a little bit in shock, “he just calls me Pinky.”

Tenzo–Yamato?–Hatake’s associate lawyer looks them over and says, “I’d offer congratulations, but I don’t think you know what you’ve gotten yourselves into.”


(3 – anonymous – Shikako/Lee, fighting together)

It’s not that they complete each other,
two halves of a whole,
his taijutsu and spirit
with her ninjutsu and cunning.

It’s that they both share a rhythm,
an unbeatable upward climb,
no chakra, no chance,
every obstacle thrown their way.

They don’t need balance,
no grounding, no anchors,
they propel each other,
further, faster, forward.


(4 – anonymous – Walking Around ‘verse Team Seven)

The first time they hear Boruto laugh–a bitter, vicious thing–Sakako and Mitsuki realize that good men do not always make good fathers.

The first time they hear Sakako laugh, bubbling quietly like a stream, Mitsuki and Boruto share identical expressions of victory.

The first time they hear Mitsuki laugh, a surprise for all three of them, Boruto and Sakako join in moments later, happy to be alive.


(5 – @byebyebriar – even more 3.4, Shikako/Gaara, modern royalty!AU and beleaguered PR person)

Jinzo fondly remembers the years when Gaara-sama’s need for public relations was minimal and manageable: unfortunately, his job has become infinitely more difficult since Her Royal Majesty’s coronation.

He has an entire team now, which is supposed to make things easier but in fact just means more idiot children to wrangle–not even including the recalcitrant Leaf girl who started this whole mess.

Jinzo presses a hand to the throbbing vein in his forehead and bites out, reluctantly, “What do you mean you can’t find His Highness?”


A/N: Some Iron Chef for anonymous 1 and some How To Get Away With Murder for anonymous 2. And I guess some pseudo-poetry for anonymous 3? Anonymous 4 may not have been prompting for three sentence fic, but they get it anyway, and @byebyebriar you are awesome as always! 😀

Ask Box Three Sentence Fic, 4/? (2016-10-26)


(1 – anonymous – Shikako/Sasuke, battle prowess)

Every fight that Shikako has is a new one–she has a near endless list of abilities and the intelligence to utilize them.

But Sasuke has trained beside her even before they became a team, and he knows her more than anyone else.

She still takes his breath away.


(2 – anonymous – more 3.4, Shikako/Gaara, modern royalty!AU)

“The crown princess of Wind Country’s coronation is next month,” Dad says, blandly, as if he were talking about a particularly flavorless bowl of porridge.

For once in their lives, Shikamaru moves faster than she does, “Not it,” he says, finger to his nose, smug at the sound of his sister cursing.

It’s not exactly Once Upon A Time but, nevertheless, that’s how it starts.


(3 – anonymous – Haku/Shikako, post-canon wandering, home)

No one from Konoha really understands it, the need to keep moving, keep learning, keep growing–if she stops, she’s dead, no matter that all the threats have been dealt with.

But Haku was raised traveling with Zabuza, the wind in his hair and the road beneath his feet.

It’s not about running away from something, or running to someplace: it’s about running with someone.


(4 – anonymous – reincarnated as puppy… B*tch Please)

A bark and a whine and two pairs of puppy eyes staring beseechingly up at you.

The black puppy with white spots licks at your hand; the white puppy with black spots brazenly flips belly up, twitching his paws.

“Fine,” you huff, far less exasperated than you aim for, “But only this once,” you add in a tone that not even you really believe.


(5 – anonymous – more 3.4, Shikako/Gaara, modern royalty!AU, tabloids)

“It’s your portmanteau,” Sakura explains, carefully clipping out the newspaper article and handing it over to Ino who slides it into their scrapbook next to a pressed red camellia.

“My what?” Shikako asks, eyeing the floral cover dubiously.

Ino sighs, rolls her eyes, “Your shipping name, Shikako, honestly; your PR team has their work cut out for them.”


A/N: So for anonymous 4′s prompt… I actually already have a SI!OC-as-an-Inuzuka-ninken series–I don’t do much with it, but it seemed to make more sense to use that than to have it somehow be Shikako.

Anyway, in B*tch Please, Aomi is the littermate of Akamaru and also Kiba’s ninken (if Hana can have three, Kiba can easily have two). You can check out that tag if you’re interested in the few other ficlets I’ve done for the series.

Ask Box Three Sentence Fic, 3/? (2016-10-25)


(1 – anonymous – Shikako/Sasuke, arranged marriage fluff)

“Let’s paint the walls green,” Shikako says, hand brushing over the blank walls, “and plant trees in the backyard.”

Sasuke walks through the empty living room of their new home–a wedding gift from both their families.

“Whatever you want,” he says with a smile, stands beside his wife and lets her loop an arm through his.


(2 – anonymous – Itachi & Shikako, internal morality struggle)

“I didn’t save you to be kind,” the girl says, sitting calmly in the other armchair of the interrogation room.

Only so many Uchiha left in the world–twice as many as on record, but still less than a handful–and in this card game, the Sharingan are aces.

There’s a clock in Itachi’s cell that ticks away every second: no, it wasn’t kindness that saved him.


(3 – anonymous – Shikako/Haku, Olympics!AU)

Different countries, different sports, and hovering coaches choreographing and micromanaging their every breath.

No, Shikako and Haku really shouldn’t have anything to do with each other.

But things are different in the Olympic Village: here, the top seeded figure skater and the dark horse in skeleton can make a connection.


(4 – anonymous – Shikako/Gaara, modern royalty!AU)

He’s the third child of a dwindling monarchy of a country whose claim to fame is that it has the greatest area of desert per capita.

She’s the second born of a minor peerage more concerned with maintaining their herds and forested lands than playing politics.

Separately, they don’t even merit the status of celebrities; together, they’re apparently the fairy tale romance of the century.


(5 – @sphereshadow – Shikako/Neji, realization of feelings)

His first impression of her–the real one, not the pale memory of a girl two steps behind Uchiha–is dirt and blood and smoke in the air.

Power, skill, and the ruthless desperation to use both.

Every moment after that is softer, sweeter, but no less impressive.


A/N: Figure skating for Haku was obvious, but I wasn’t sure about Shikako until I looked up winter Olympic sports and found Skeleton which, not only is pretty on point naming wise for Shikabane-hime, but is basically luge but MORE DANGEROUS which… well, also is on point.

If it were summer sports, Shikako would be a gymnast (because Kakashi’s penchant for twirling things like a rhythmic gymnast is practically canon) and Haku would probably be… I don’t know… archery or steeple chase or sprint relays?  

Ask Box Three Sentence Fic, 2/? (2016-10-24)


(1 – anonymous – Naruto/Shikako, any soulmate!AU)

Not one day after the worst of Yoshino’s life–the Kyuubi rampaging through Konoha, the eerie silence of her daughter, sitting amongst the other evacuated citizens and praying for her husband’s safety–she gets another scare.

Her gasp is quiet, but her terrified flare of chakra is sharp, and Shikaku comes running to the nursery immediately.

On the changing table is their half-dressed daughter, belly bared, a swirling array of seals painted on her skin.


(2 – anonymous – Shikako/Gaara, rockstar and muse!AU)

Where Temari shines bright and Kankurou builds rapport, magazines like to play up Gaara’s reputation instead, the brooding bad boy of the famous Sand Trio.

They don’t know that he’s the one that writes the songs, don’t know that the reason he’s so quiet is because the lyrics already speak for him, don’t know who it is that he’s speaking to.

He goes home to a sharp-eyed, snarky scientist who isn’t much one for the performing arts, but still inspires his music, anyway.


(3 – anonymous – Team Seven, midnight grocery shopping)

Konoha is a ninja village, awake at all hours, and most businesses reflect that…

… but there is still something strange about standing in a grocery store in the wee hours of the morning, as if it were a liminal space on the edge of disappearing entirely.

“You’re not going to fit, dobe,” Sasuke says, interrupting Naruto from climbing into the basket beside an already back to sleep Shikako.

There’s an awkward moment where they run into Kakashi-sensei comparing eggplants, but the three of them eventually make it back to the apartment, snacks and instant ramen in hand.


(4 – anonymous – Shikako/Kiba, Danzo paranoia)

She’s shaking apart, enemies hidden everywhere, traces of conspiracy and tangled webs–it’s too much, she’s so tired.

She needs something he can’t ruin, something he hasn’t already hooked his claws into, ready to tear it apart.

An arm around her shoulders, and a snout pressed along her ribs; Inuzuka are loyal, honest, and ever so dangerous to those who aren’t theirs.


(5 – anonymous – Nara Twins, home)

It’s little things, at first: different missions, different stories–on their birthday, he’s out of the village, the first they’ve ever been apart for.

Then it’s not so little things: secrets and snarling arguments, the room next to his repurposed for a nursery.

One day, he knows, she’ll leave entirely.


A/N: For the soulmate AU I went with the “whatever is drawn on your soulmate’s skin also appears on yours” because… well… doesn’t it just work?

Ask Box Three Sentence Fic, 1/? (2016-10-23)


(1 – anonymous – Shikako/Sasuke, jounin, realization of feelings)

Night has fallen, their mission completed, camp set up against a rounded cliff-face that can only very generously be considered a cave.

Sasuke has made a fire, but it’s the line of his arm against hers that makes her feel warm; solid and steady and supportive.

“I love you.”


(2 – anonymous – Shikako & Kakashi, those left behind)

They left; she can still feel them slipping away, like water through her fingers, futilely trying to hold on.

She’s taken up a more nocturnal lifestyle–as if the light of day will make her loss seem worse–and their old training ground looks almost serene in the moonlight.

It’s the crackle of lightning, dangerous and familiar, that signals Kakashi’s arrival and there is comfort in knowing that someone else has been left behind, too.


(3 – anonymous – Shikako/Kankurou, Chuunin Exams)

They are laughter and sarcasm and well meaning lies, shrugs and second-born children and casual competition.

He is a puppeteer for true–an enthusiastic prodigy of a dying art–but she is a Nara, shadow jutsu and shogi.

He thinks he is fighting for a father already dead; she knows what the real stakes are.


(4 – @xxriverspirit – Shikako/Gaara, reincarnated modern!AU)

By the time she is walking and talking again, she has already mourned and moved on.

Or so she thinks.

But every time she spots–red hair, green eyes, dark tattoos on pale skin–it takes her a while to remember how to breathe.


(5 – anonymous – Shikako/Neji, high school!AU)

There is a girl looking for TenTen that he doesn’t know–a second year, from the color of her tie, one year below him. At first he’s concerned it’s just a convoluted excuse to talk to him, but she’s really just here to drop of a notebook.

“Ah,” the girl says, eye catching on the advanced mathematics on his desk behind TenTen’s, “You might want to use a different formula for problem nine,” she continues, easily, and then turns and leaves.


A/N: I’ll post them up five at a time, I guess? This is fun! 😀