946. ‘You and I will never / be a great love story. / That’s ok! / Let’s see what kind / of story we’ll be. / (Oooh! Oooh! I hope it’s science fiction!)’ KibaxShikako

You and I will never be a great love story.
That’s okay!
Let’s see what kind of story we’ll be.
(Oooh! Oooh! I hope it’s science fiction!)

(Never Lookin’ To Come Back)

“Again?” Shikako says, stepping out from the shadowed cover of the ship, “You don’t get hazard pay for starting a fight with a bunch of civilians.”

Kiba’s hackles don’t quite rise–never against her, not after what they’ve been through–but he does scowl something fierce, “It’s my shore leave, cap’n, I can spend it how I want.”

Akamaru, the traitor, wags his tail at the sight of her, whining a plaintive request to stop this whole disaster in the making.

“And what are you doing bringing Akamaru?” she asks, crouching down to scrub at his ears, “They don’t serve ninken on this rock, and it’s not fair to make him clean up your mess when he can’t even have fun, too.”

Akamaru barks an agreement.

“Get on back inside,” she says to him, head jerking toward the gangway, “I’ll deal with this idiot.”

He goes, claws clacking against the metal of the ramp as he heads back inside the ship.

Shikako stands up, meeting Kiba’s eyes in a familiar way that almost makes him want to bare his throat, “I’m not here to lecture you.”

“Sure feels like it.”

She rolls her eyes, “Come on,” she says, walking away, the tails of her long brown coat flapping behind her, “let’s get drunk and fight some Rooters.”

There’s a difference between being a part of Konoha and being a Rooter: the first is like a pair of shoes, too tight and constantly chafing, blisters forming, and yet unable to take them off.

The second is a knife to the back.

They’re not the same, and of course the latter is far worse, but it’s terribly easy to stab someone if they can’t run away, isn’t it?

On the bucket of bolts that is their ship, there are the following:

Two “reformed” brown coats whose ferry and delivery service may or may not include smuggling contraband.

Two mercenaries for hire who have never so much as killed a single person between them and have accidentally inspired, on more than one occasion, cult followings about their heroic deeds.

One mechanic from a far off moon who swears that no matter how talented she is, the ship is going to crash without a replacement grav unit, she means it this time.

One Organization member who rents the starboard shuttle and might be a high class escort or possibly an assassin, the jury’s still out on that one.

One Teacher of the Will of Fire who knows a suspicious amount about the inner workings of Konoha and is far more connected than a man who has given up his last name should be.

And one ninken who is way too skilled at opening locked doors, that food’s not for you, damnit Akamaru, spit it out.

On a somewhat fairly routine smuggle and ferry, their number goes up by two.

The four core planets of Konoha were Aburame, Akimichi, Hyuuga, and Uchiha.

During the Uprooting, the planet of Uchiha was destroyed, the blame pinned on the rebellion.

Whether they believed it or not, the tragedy galvanized the other three core planets into putting their full power behind bringing a swift end to the war…

… and Root, the jingoist half of what remains of the Senju Administration, filled the gap of the fourth power in Konoha.

“Go get me some passengers,” Shikako commands, waving an imperious hand out towards the town they’ve landed near. It’d be more impressive if she weren’t curled over face down on the table, awkwardly trying to eat porridge without lifting her head.

Regardless, it’s not exactly a new or surprising sight, not after the years of being her XO and the year before that of being her lieutenant. Still funny as hell, but not unexpected.

“Aye, aye, cap’n,” Kiba shoots back, not moving from his seat whatsoever. Akamaru huffs a doggy laugh, nosing upward for some rehydrated meat substance.

“I have to get some parts,” TenTen says, ignoring their captain’s disgraceful posture and petulant groaning, “I think I can make do with the current rotator belt, but the grav unit won’t survive another atmo crossing, captain.”

Shikako grunts.

“And I’m running low on duct tape,” TenTen adds, which, apparently, makes the request of vital importance: the credits are dispensed immediately.

“Lee, go with her. Now everyone leave me alone, I’m trying to eat.”

Four hours later, Naruto returns with a small herd of passengers practically throwing money at him–thankfully, after Kiba already stowed the contraband away, otherwise that’d be a disaster–and Lee and TenTen return with a different grav unit, a crate of duct tape, and a suspiciously posh looking man with suspiciously large luggage looking for a quick and discrete way off the planet who is willing to pay five times the rate. Suspiciously.

“We need the money,” Shikako mutters.

“I’m not saying we don’t,” Kiba argues, “I’m just saying that we definitely don’t need the trouble that comes with it.”

“Oh, now you’re worried about trouble?” she asks, a sardonic eyebrow raised.

“This is a different kind of trouble,” he says, nose wrinkling, “I can smell it.”

“How bad can it be?”

The daughter of the chancellor of the planet Hyuuga is missing.

Kidnapped, all official reports say.

It is a very bad kind of trouble.


A/N: Presenting the brand new ‘verse, Never Lookin’ To Come Back, a FireflyxDoS fusion featuring a Kiba/Shikako relationship that can be romantic or platonic–it’s up to the readers to decide for themselves.

So… the ratio of Kiba/Shikako to worldbuilding perhaps wasn’t the highest it could have been, but I got carried away with trying to adapt the Firefly ‘verse into a fusion with DoS. Which I think is totally an acceptable excuse?

Anyway, what should I name the spaceship?

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I just wanted to say I love all your AU snippets. I can’t really think of one that I, personally would really want to see. But I love reading the ones you’ve written. Thank you for all the effort you’ve put into this!

Thanks, anon! AUs are so fun to play around with on the writer’s side, but I always worry that they’re not very fun on the reader’s end, so I’m relieved that you enjoy them 😀

23, with the Shika Twins (Not romantic, obviously)

We talk in the dark as we fall asleep,
and we are objects in the night sky
outside of time.
(it is the exact opposite of alone.)

(Remember To Sleep)

“It’s been a while,” Shikamaru says, once the table has been cleared, the two of them washing up afterwards just as they always have ever since they were old enough to be given chores.

Everyone else has relocated to the living room with little plates of dessert and cups of tea, Naruto exclaiming flattery over food he can’t really taste.

“Yes,” Shikako responds simply enough, and tries not to break the glass between her soapy hands.

Not that it would be difficult–she’s not the one with the cybernetic arm.

“You don’t have to keep punishing yourself,” he says, “It wasn’t your fault.”

Shikako bites back the denial, the frustrated honesty that wants to sting, wants to make herself miserable even at the cost of her brother’s happiness.

“Okay,” she says instead, still light and terribly brittle.

Shikamaru sighs. It’s resigned more than frustrated–he’s beyond the temper of his teenaged years. “I’m glad you joined us tonight.”

This, at least, is not a controversial statement.

“I am too.”


(Dreaming of Sunshine Switch by Lady Hallen and Fragile Dreams)

“We have a little brother,” the woman who both is but also isn’t his sister says, “Kinokawa Nara.”

“After mum’s family,” Shikamaru responds, the connection coming easily: the recent appearance of one family member made researching the rest relevant. How many secrets have been kept from him? How many siblings is he missing?

“Bingo,” Shikako says, smile gentle and warm. He wonders if she’s like that with the other him. Her actual brother. Or if it’s just because of the age difference. “He likes you better,” she says, “though he’s in his terrible twos now, so I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or not.”

The calculation is easy, but he doesn’t want to get his hopes up without confirmation.

“It’s not time yet,” Shikamaru leads, hesitant but still eager to know, “he hasn’t been born yet.”

Shikako’s expression falters, slightly, perhaps realizing the extent of the desperation in his tone, on his face. “Things are different,” she hedges, “Your parents are different people. Have experienced different things. They may not…”

They may not want to try for a third child, after losing one already.

“… Alternate universe. I certainly don’t remember meeting a time traveling version of my sibling.”

And, of course, Shikamaru is an only child in this one.




Dreaming of Sunshine Switch is by Lady Hallen & Fragile Dreams and is about DoS!Sasuke and Shikako swapping places with canon!Sasuke (and no one because there is no canon!Shikako… OR IS THERE?)

It’s full of deliciously sad Nara family feels and I just recently reread it, so it was very much so on my mind.

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31+DOS+ platonic team seven

I love the way your face lights up
when someone says,
“It might be dangerous.”
(I am glad we are friends.)


Sasuke smirks, Naruto laughs, and Shikako tries to suppress an unprofessional giggle–it’s not their clients’ fault that they’ve hired a team of adrenaline junkies.

“We’ll be fine,” she assures them, perfectly polite smile on her face, before the three of them set off.

Supposedly there’s a monster in the forest preying on the citizens of the town, a behemoth with claws and teeth and no real solid description: it’s just as well, they’ve been kind of bored lately.


(Strong In The Real Way)

“You’re a researcher, not a fighter,” Sasuke says, trying to discourage her, trying to protect her.

“I’m a scientist,” she corrects, “danger isn’t unfamiliar to me.” She steps forward to complete the line–her and Sasuke and Naruto, ready to take on whatever force Home World may be sending, “We’ll both stand with you, Naruto”

Naruto looks over at the two of them–surprised and more than a little touched, eyes suspiciously shiny–and grins.


(Remember To Sleep)

The old Uzushio stomping grounds are a nightmare ghost town–teeming with erratic Uzumaki tech and an unstoppable electromagnetic field–but it might hold a clue about Naruto’s past and that’s all the reason Shikako needs to make the trip.

“What are you doing here, bastard?” Naruto shouts, more surprised than actually angry–it’s just as well they’re not aiming for stealth right now.

“As if I’ll let the two of you go without me,” Sasuke scoffs, “Who knows what kind of trouble you’d get into.”


(Call On Your Angels)

“You said that about the last one, too, but the worst that happened was that thunderstorm knocking over a tree and almost flattening Sasuke,” Naruto responds when Shikako brings up her newest expedition.

Sasuke glares at him, “Yeah. How boring,” he says, deadpan, but he starts packing up his stuff alongside Naruto–she’s honestly a little surprised. “Even if it is just looking at rocks all day, of course we’re coming with you.”

Unfortunately–or maybe fortunately–it is not just looking at rocks.



“This is my city, all the people I love live here,” she says, gearing up, “I may not have powers like either of you, but I’m going to do what I can to defend my home.”

Shikako is human walking alongside an alien and a demigod, ready to take on an ancient horror.

She can’t fly–urban myths aside–but they hold out their hands to her and she soars.


A/N: Thanks for the prompt, oliviaphoenix! I don’t know if this is the format I’ll be taking with the all of the prompts for the a softer ask box event, but for this one in particular it felt right.

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In Reminder to Sleep, Orochimaru’s curse seal is an implant that forcibly snaps the collar bone as it goes in, I think. And I’d bet that all those little white snakes making up the giant snake he’s become are pieces of an AI he’s become. Maybe destructive analysis of his own brain to make the pattern? But what does the implant /do/? What could it do, in this AU?

… is the collar bone snapping functional or there for a reason? Is that what the curse seal does in canon?! Dang, I missed that detail.

I think it’s probably a virus that can corrupt cybernetics or the connection between organic and normal implants. I mean, why mess with success, right? It’s basically what the curse seal does in canon.

Although I don’t think Orochimaru would feature much in this AU, given that Remember To Sleep is a Shikako and Naruto centric story and, this is weird to say, but I think Orochimaru would be more successful in this AU than he was in the shinobi world.

As a character/person, his motivation was to become immortal so that he could reunite with his parents when they reincarnate. So creating the strongest body via experimenting on bloodlines and such all ties back to that. Him being discovered and run out of Konoha is because he violated the village’s philosophy/culture–I’m not saying he would have been accepted in any other of the big five villages (Cloud does want more bloodlines, and Mist at that time wasn’t exactly smiles and cupcakes) but that’s more a problem of a politics? Basically what I’m saying is that the circumstances were unfavorable for Orochimaru’s personality and goals.

In a world of AI and robotics and cybernetics, he doesn’t need to push as hard to achieve his goals. Yes, he probably does unethical experimentation, but it’s not as comparatively extreme in this ‘verse, it’s a situation better suited for him.

Also, he’s not going after Sasuke in particular since he’s not the last Uchiha in this ‘verse anymore so… he wouldn’t have that same relationship to the Lucky Sevens. Maybe instead it would lean against the Minato v Orochimaru rivalry for Hokage sort of thing–not, necessarily, that there is a Hokage role that they both competed for, but that they were both working in the same field (advanced AIs/androids) and they were constantly one-upping each other.

Maybe Orochimaru is the morally sketchy figure who knows some piece of information otherwise lost to the world, but won’t tell them unless they do him a favor?

out of the stories and verses you’ve made during the fake summary fic period, which are the ones that you would continue? (or would like to see being asked more about?? though that can go for your other verses too)

Hm, see the thing is, there’s a difference between me wanting to see an idea be continued/written (by someone else) versus me wanting to continue/write an idea versus wanting to develop the idea some more via asks…

So I went through the giant list of the ask box fake fic titles event posts (under the cut) and split them into the three different categories and this is going to be a long rambling post, anon. But I’m really happy you asked it because I did kind of want to do an overview of the event because that was A LOT of stories and ‘verses that got generated over the past six weeks.

Also, I kind of want to see reader feedback about what stories and ‘verses everyone liked best. Anyway, here’s “writer’s choice” for now:

A) Would like to see someone else continue:

close your eyes (breathe in your ruin)
Monster Smiles (blood in my teeth) **
All You Have To Do (Is Stay) **
the dark side of the moon

For Miracle and the dark side of the moon it’s more that I would like to see the directions that JJ1293 and the others go with for the pre!Kako ‘verse and where the other writers (including @donapoetrypassion) who already have ROOT!Shikako fics go with theirs. I like the ideas, but I more like what others can do with them.

Colorblind I’m pretty sure has to exist somewhere–the HP fandom is too big and too prolific for it not to–but if it doesn’t (because it is, admittedly, the “B-sides” of what would be the main story revolving around Slytherin!Harry) it’s still an idea I think someone else can do a lot better than I can.

close your eyes (breathe in your ruin) is almost entirely Kakashi’s POV which I’ve previously disclosed as being THE MOST DIFFICULT for me so… would love to read it, but cannot, for the life of me, write it.

** Monster Smiles (blood in my teeth) and All You Have To Do (Is Stay) are both in “would like to see someone else continue” and “would like to continue myself” because I think, in a perfect world, these would be pretty fantastic collaborative fics. Well, MS(bimt) would just be a collection of different authors focussing on different characters and less actual collaboration. But AYHTD(IS) would be active collaboration. And maybe different realities are different authors, but getting those to mesh together would require active collaboration.

B) Would like to continue myself (in a world where I were good at following up on fic ideas and didn’t have commitment issues or writer’s block/anxiety)

Rust and Parallel
Desperate Endeavors
In The Absence of Heroes
Freedom’s Just Another Word
Monster Smiles (blood in my teeth) **
Call On Your Angels
All You Have To Do (Is Stay) **

B2) Would like to develop idea / world build more via asks

Strong In The Real Way
Trapped In The Lightbulb Fixation
Remember To Sleep

Rust and Parallel are both in my Iron Will ‘verse anyway so… I ought to develop that series properly. Straight up, I think I just need to marathon the series and just do it. JUST DO IT! But…

Desperate Endeavors I’m a little bit worried will be too similar to Lies Beyond The Morning and also has Kakashi. But I think so long as I don’t go into Kakashi POV overly much and frame it less as a mind trip and more of a run/escape mind heist it should be okay?

In The Absence of Heroes I know is probably one of the less popular posts from this event, but I’m inordinately fond of it? Probably because I love the Lost Kids way more than I like the Descendants movie, and the idea of putting them in a setting where they can grow into themselves properly is just so appealing to me. Also, the idea of Old Ben Kenobi having this herd of moody teenagers and NOT HAVING THEM FALL VICTIM TO CREEPY ASS PALPATINE is just so nice. A little bit redemption for everyone?

Freedom’s Just Another Word, I swear to god, is my favorite post and I can’t believed I messed up the posting for it so that it didn’t come out when people were expecting. Please, go check it out if you haven’t seen it. I can only dream of being witty and imaginative enough to make the FJAW that I see in my mind’s eye… ah, dang, does this title have JAW in it?! That’s hilarious. Though I’m worried that because Mist is so unknown that it’s too open a sandbox for me to play with. I work better with distinct frames, I think.

Call On Your Angels I just really like Atlantis The Lost Empire and “assemble the crew” movies.

Tamed, Strong In The Real Way, Trapped In The Lightbulb Fixation, and Remember To Sleep are very expansive AU fusions so most of those respective posts have been more about world building than a plot outline. I’ve already gotten a lot of asks which has helped me figure out both the world and the plots a little, but I don’t think I know enough yet to say whether or not I’d want to continue these four stories.

Anyway, if you’ve gotten this far–I’m impressed! How did everyone else like this event? Which stories and ‘verses were your favorite? Would anyone be interested in doing this event again in the future?

1) Miracle
2) When The Dawn Is Still Dark
3) Colorblind
4) Rust
5) Above the Abyss
6) /I Am Your Lionheart
7) Nevertheless, She Persisted
8) And Way Down We Go
9) Babysitting
10) Desperate Endeavors
11) /Blitzkrieg
12) Tamed
13) Seven Deadly Sins
14) Paint With All The Colours Of The Wind
15) /What You Thrive For
16) Spin Me A Song (In The Shadows Of Death)
17) In The Absence Of Heroes
18) close your eyes (breathe in your ruin)
20) /I’m Here
21) Parallel
22) the song remains the same
23) Strong In The Real Way
24) Freedom’s Just Another Word
25) Insuperable
26) blood and earth (not theory and chalk)
27) //we were the kings and queens of promise
28) Monster Smiles (blood in my teeth)
29) Bridge Over Troubled Water
30) Call On Your Angels
31) The Bustle In A House
32) The Homework
33) All You Have To Do (Is Stay)
34) An (Almost) Relaxing Day
35) Pro Patria Mori
36) find me where the wild things are
37) the dark side of the moon
38) Trapped In The Lightbulb Fixation
39) Remember To Sleep
40) Delicacy In Layers
41) when the fire’s at my feet again
42) We Built This City

The ones with / or // are not really brainstorms so much as rants dancing around the fake fic title.

im gonna cry bc i fell asleep thinking about some of your aus (did i spend the whole night reading through your au tags and the recursive thread? maybe i did) and i think i felt so bad about shikako going through so much and somehow i woke up today thinking that there was an actual fic going on where everything was domestic modern au like those settings for flowershop aus and what not and team 7 were childhood friends. so far i haven’t found it so the fact that i dreamt it up is very likely ;w;

Oh no! Anon don’t cry!

… hahaha jk, Shikako’s so stressed out I’m crying, too T_T

I personally don’t have a flower shop!AU (although that’d basically be an “almost like canon but kinder” “childhood friends to lovers” “flower shop and tattoo parlor”!AU revolving around Ino and Shikako) but I totally get what you’re saying. A lot of AUs are just like–just let Shikako rest for a while. Let her biggest worries be something like an exam paper instead of LIFE OR DEATH END OF THE WORLD, PLEEEEEEEAAAAAAAASE!

I sometimes pop over to the recursive thread, but not frequently enough to have a strong idea of what doesn’t exist. @book14reader‘s Index Page is pretty thorough, though, so I recommend checking it out, maybe there is one?

(Stay strong, anon, we’re in for a bumpy emotional ride I think)

“reminder to sleep”, narukako (it can be the waking up starstruck verse or some team bonding!!), dos; thank you!!

This is a sci-fi!AU. It has to be.

Sleep is such a natural biological imperative that unless it’s a literal matter of insomnia (which doesn’t lead to much) or divinity/jinchuuriki status making it unnecessary. But even then, aren’t there poetic thoughts about gods and monsters sleeping?

So sci-fi. More specifically robots/androids/cyborgs. Even more specifically, Naruto as an impossible android and Shikako as a genius robotics engineer (and Sasuke from a family with OP cybernetic eyes who may be the corrupt police force behind the company that illegally funded/created/enslaved Naruto?)

And we can even put in insomnia with workaholic!engineer!Shikako and divinity/jinchuuriki status if you do the whole “deus ex machina” and what are the bijuu in this ‘verse anyway? Ghost code? Sentient AI? Unstoppable viruses?

Unsurprisingly, there’s a lot of “what does it mean to be human, anyway?”

Of course its revealed that Naruto was actually human but his parents had to upload his mind/replace his entire body with machinery because… Kyuubi?


Sci-fi domestic shenanigans! Naruto not being very good at housework because he doesn’t need to eat and he’s lived in the labs/basement without stuff. Shikako being okay at housework but not really having much time because SCIENCE! But eventually they develop a rhythm.

Shikako decreasing her workaholic tendencies because, hey, its not fair that Naruto has never done *insert normal activity here* so they go out to the park or to the ocean etc. etc. She goes home for dinner for the first time in months(?) and while her family doesn’t presume he’s her boyfriend, they do think he’s good for her.

Although Shikaku does stare at Naruto like he’s seeing a ghost. (He looks an awful lot like another genius robotics engineer he once knew, and maybe Shikaku’s worried his daughter might go down that same path. Although I’m not yet sure what that path was…)

Here’s a summary:

Remember To Sleep

In which there are no electric sheep, but maybe androids do dream.

Or, Naruto has hopes and a hoard of mysteries, Shikako works for a brighter future, and somehow, someway, they meet in the middle.

(Please ask me questions about this ‘verse, everyone, because I want to know more about it too but I sometimes don’t develop headcanons until my brain is stimulated and I really don’t know what direction to go in for this because there are so many possibilities…)

… AH! I JUST REALIZED I READ YOUR PROMPT WRONG! It’s reminder not remember! Sorry, anon!

Shikako/Deidara “Trapped in the Lightbulb Fixation” which was my mishearing of lyrics to Irresistible but does not need to be a reference

Oh man, okay.  I’ve already discussed how Shikako is aro/demi-romantic so this is… really. This is a crack pair. I just cannot see it happening in canon in any way, and it’d have to be in an AU so far removed from canon that I just…

Okay. Let’s see.


Is this one-sided Shikako/Deidara? I mean, the song lyrics don’t necessarily specify? And it’s… uh…

I feel like this is an age/role swap!AU plus a… superhero AU? But not the Insuperable superhero!AU… I guess more like Big Hero 6? In the sense that it’s technically in the Marvel Universe but also kind of its own thing?

So Konoha Twelve would be older and the Avengers equivalent (in that, they’re famous and well-established, etc. etc.) but the Akatsuki would be not evil, and also students who become heroes but only on a small scale?

Agh, I don’t know, does that make sense?

And so Deidara’s a Shikako fanboy and totally jumps on the chance to be a hero like her and tries to emulate her explosion abilities with his own clay bombs… I think I just made Deidara into Honey Lemon?

So it would be more about how AU²!Akatsuki become misfit heroes and at the end get to meet the members of Konoha Twelve who are basically like “good job kids” and that’s… all I’ve got, sorry anon, this is really outside of my scope I think. :/

Trapped In The Lightbulb Fixation

One day, Deidara’s going to be a famous badass billionaire artist/hero and impress Iron Hart. Today, he has to try not to get kicked out of his chem lab for causing an explosion.

Or, how Deidara and his friends stumble into heroism and learn the cost of power (here’s a hint: it starts with an R and ends with an -esponsibility)

I just discovered from this summary I wrote that Shikako is apparently the Iron Man equivalent? Hart as in deer, but maybe a pun on heart because the Gelel stone is powering her arc reactor? Okay then… sure.

“find me where the wild things are,” dos dragon rider au, shikaara??

Uh… dragon rider!AU… I had to go back in my catalogue and since they’re not tagged by anything in particular it took me a while to find them, but here are those posts.

So to stay compatible with those previous posts of dragon rider!AU, Team Seven is the crew of Pakkun–the Hatake clan’s middleweight dragon–and Gaara is the captain of a near-feral Shukaku who is Sand’s heavyweight.

Hrm… how do I get Shikaara from this set up?

It’s gotta be a Gelel thing, right?

Then again, minus Kakashi, Team Seven and Pakkun were canonically fighting Shukaku during the Konoha Chuunin Exam/Sand and Sound Invasion so it could be a situation in which middleweight Pakkun takes on heavyweight Shukaku without his captain, and… nah, that’s their first meeting how would I make that Shikaara? Unless it’s just an adaptation of canon Shikako and Gaara interactions into this dragon rider!AU, but that’s not very…

ARGH! I think I’ve been falling into a trap with these brainstorms of trying to stick too closely to canon or something I’ve already done, and that’s not fair at all!

So I’m going to disregard all that and go with what I would write in a sideways world without previous posts to hold me down:

find me where the wild things are

Beyond the forest,
over the mountains,
across the desert dry,
Is a land full of
adventure where both
humans and dragons fly.

Or, Shikako comes from a clan of ground walkers, but that’s not what will save her friends.

A little bit of the already established dragon rider!AU mixed with some fairy tale-esque vibes. I think this version of dragon rider!AU would draw more heavily from the How To Train Your Dragon mythos than Temeraire.

I like the idea that there is a different story going on between Naruto, Sasuke, the Kyuubi, and the Akatsuki madness which Shikako is trying to extricate them from but won’t actually be part of until, like, “book two” of this imaginary now-trilogy.

Book one is about Shikako traveling to Sand where she knows other dragon riders are in order to petition their help or something, and she meets Gaara not knowing he is both the prince and the rider of Sand’s strongest dragon until the time for her official royal audience which, because bureaucracy, is a few weeks away.

Possibly Gelel is a dragon that Shikako stumbles upon and bonds with–alternatively it’s some magical technique which can calm/heal/control dragons? Unsure. Whatever it is, she uses it on Shukaku to his and Sand’s benefit which bumps her up in the petition queue (understandably).

And then there’s the “reveal” when Gaara commits to helping her, and while she’s grateful for that she’s also somewhat hurt that he “lied” to her about his identity, etc. etc.