Hi, sorry I didn’t mean I just come here to read the gambling away the past fic. I generally do come to your page a lot to read the stuff youve written up, it’s just I keep an extra eye out for gatp. Sorry for sounding like an entitled bishh 😞🙁

Hey anon. I understand. Text-based communication is the most difficult to convey tone properly and something that might be intended to be eagerness can easily be misconstrued as demanding.

It wasn’t so much that you come here only for GATP that was the problem as the idea that there might not be “any point” to coming here without it. And, yes, true–what is the point to going to any website time after time if there are no updates? Although, arguably, sometimes looking on past archived content is pretty fun–but there are also many ways to avail yourself to notifications that don’t include what and how you did so.

I don’t know if you’re anonymous because you don’t want me to know who you are (which is something that is baffling to me, but I already went over my concerns about anon status and continuous conversations here) but it’s not that difficult to get an account on the hellsite that is tumblr and follow me so as to get my posts on your dash. (And that last post, or even this post, I would be able to respond to you privately and directly if you de-anoned). Additionally, there’s also subscribing on the archiveofourown cross-posting which I already linked to you previously.

I don’t mean to sound like I’m berating you, anon. I am honestly pleased to know that someone likes my writing to want to check in on it for updates. I myself am a huge fan of a lot of different authors and their WIPs, and I frequently look at my bookmarks with a quiet sort of desperate plea for them to be updated–it’s just part of being in a fandom.

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