Oh haha, just like me to immediately be pessimistic about the loaded comment thing. :) good to know it’s all good, you’re awesome! Also, I keep rereading the prompt fill and the scene with shikako recounting her adventures to sakako as a “bedtime stories of mommy’s epics-filled but ocassionally (mostly) disastrous fun times” time is so sweet and kicks just the right place in my heart to make me so happy. And sakako just loving and enjoying it and melting in her mom’s presence (1/2)

(Bc it’s so ocassional that she comes back in that wanderlust!au or somethting — btw this is so sad that it hurts me) is just the right temperature to bake my heart into delicious goodness. I’m not sure what I just wrote really lol, but I love the time sakako and shikako spends together. Sooooo sweet 💕💕(2/2)

Thanks, anon! I’m glad you like it! (Sakako cherishing the rare moments of Shikako time is one of the best and saddest parts of the Walking Around series)

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