I’ve got a little snip of a snip to share as a prompt, if you’d be okay with that? I’ve got vague plans to include it in a story later, but no better place to share it than wiith you (I think you’d make excellent use of it, if it sparked some inspiration in you). ?

I would love to see it, lionheadbookends! I’m just a little worried that… well, sometimes whenever I see another author execute a concept before I do I tend to feel unmotivated to tackle that myself, and I wouldn’t want to do the same thing to you. I mean, I love getting prompts, don’t get me wrong, and I would love it if whatever I write helps you turn your vague plans into reality, I just wouldn’t want to overstep my boundaries and discourage you instead.

If you’re not worried about a conflict of interest, per se, then hells yeah send it my way! I tend to over analyze and worry about things others might not, so you can just ignore my own trepidation.

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