I don’t want to be rude, or seem like I’m rushing you, but based on your reactions, you likely haven’t gotten the ask I sent about how interesting I thought an out-of-order student/teacher relationship would be–do you have any advice on how soon after a sent message I should send another without being rude or pressuring you?

I don’t think I got that one either, anon? I think tumblr has been particularly hungry lately…

The closest thing I got that somewhat matches what you are referring to of out-of-order-student/teacher relationship might be this? But that seemed more like a mere mention than a cohesive idea?

The only other asks that are in my inbox (which I received only today–February 27th) are an anon’s prompt for a mobius story and @hbkmzk’s DoS prompt. Like with most prompts, I’ll try to get to those ASAP, generally my turn around time is within three days at most (unless I’m VERY swamped which, given tumblr is eating all of my asks, is not the case here)

I think maybe the problem here, anon, is that you’re anonymous. If you had an account I would say send me a chat message the day after you send an ask that way I can confirm whether or not I received it. But because you’re anonymous, as far as I know, each ask is a different person entirely and there’s no continuity. Like this ask just now seems a little rude to me because as far as I’m concerned it’s like a random person I never met is bursting out of the crowd and asking why I never responded to them? Whereas for you, I’m the rude one because you said something to me and I just ignored you.

Which is not the case, anon: I answer every ask I get. The problem is I’m apparently NOT GETTING THEM?

I think the best way to deal with this on your end, anon (besides, maybe, getting off anon and using an account?) is that if you’ve sent multiple asks and I answer a later one with no reference whatsoever to the earlier one then that probably means I didn’t get the earlier one. At which point, feel free to send in the earlier one with a disclaimer like “sent this in earlier, but I don’t think you got it, sending it in again, etc. etc.”

The only thing I can do on my end–which is what I have been doing and will continue to try to do, as I think it’s just a really good practice–is to answer every ask as soon as I get them (I may queue them, but my queue is rarely longer than three posts and I always put asks to the top anyway) and answer them in order of when I receive them.

tl;dr: tumblr is apparently eating a lot of my asks. Anon status makes it really hard for me to tell who you are (for obvious reasons) so I can’t figure out a continuity for asks that don’t exist. I answer asks generally within three days and in order of when I receive them. 

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