So, I sent you an ask about how glad I was to see the time travel “would you ever” brainstorm, but with that last post, now I’m worrying you didn’t receive it? In summary: good, maybe Avatar the Last Airbender for the teacher/student dynamic, but otherwise, I can’t imagine a better fandom for either of the possible offshoots than what you’ve already got.

IS TUMBLR JUST EATING ALL OF MY ASKS?!?! I swear, anon, if I had gotten that ask I would have responded to it already. I just thought this particular ask box event was unappealing. T_T

I’m glad you liked the time travel “would you ever” brainstorm, anon! Though… I’m a little unsure what you’re referring to about the Avatar the Last Airbender for teacher/student dynamic?

Unless you mean the one in which the time traveller experiences their life out of order from everyone else but their loved ones are always there anyway so it’s okay?

I mean, that would work pretty interestingly with Zuko and Uncle Iroh? (OR MAYBE EVEN LU TEN AND UNCLE IROH?! Maybe Lu Ten never actually died–he just got thrown out of the normal flow of time?)

But yeah, ~time travel~ is always fun stuff 🙂


Check out the Ask Box Would You Ever!

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