I sent a prompt but I guess tumblr ate it? Would you ever write about Dipper and Mabel Pines in Narnia? Possibly with Wendy and Stan/Soos to round out the four regents thing, if that was an interesting direction?

Yeah, I definitely did not get this one, to-someplace-else. Thanks for resending it 🙂

Hm, let’s see… if I were to do a Gravity Falls x Narnia crossover… I think it would just be the twins. Don’t get me wrong, I love the other characters, but I think for something like a Narnia misadventure just the twins would be best.

Some things I’ve decided:

This is after the events of the series. Maybe a few years? Teen!Twins, who have spent a few more summers after that disastrous-yet-glorious one acting as mediators between the supernatural and the human in Gravity Falls or even spent a some time helping out on the Stan-o-War.

I don’t think they are there to fulfill the four regents prophecy. Not just for numerical reasons, but because I think it’d be more interesting for them to retain what they’ve learned. They’re coming in as the most experienced travelers to Narnia and I think for Narnia/Aslan to bring them there it must be for that reason.

They are not there to rule, they’re there to help. Or, rather, to offer their services–for payment, of course, never mind that they won’t be able to bring stuff back, they are Stanley Pines’ relatives. Like Eustace and Jill, they do not become king and queen. They are there for a specific purpose/quest.

Or maybe quests, plural? I have two different ideas for what this fic might be? So the first is more lighthearted, a series of “case fics” as it were. The Pines Twins show up frequently during the Pevensie’s reign and are dispatched to solve this or that issue around Narnia. Agents of the crowns, basically. Or Knights. So them asking for payment sort of makes sense if they’re going to come back?

The second is a little bleak, a one shot more likely, set after the Pevensies leave and the Telmarines start to invade/conquer Narnia. They’re not there to rule, they’re there to save lives. They have to teach Narnians–who have, before the Telmarines arrived, been used to being full citizens and have forgotten how to hide from an evil ruler–how to survive. Or they help smuggle Narnians to Archenland who haven’t entirely forgotten the alliance with the Pevensies.

I suppose the two aren’t mutually exclusive?

That being said, while it is a cool idea to play around with I don’t know if I’d actually ever write it… mostly because my Descendants x Narnia crossover fic has been a nonstarter and I don’t know how this one would fare any better.

Hm, sorry to-someplace-else… but do send in more if you feel like it! You know I love answering prompts 😀

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