The Ballad of the Traitor’s Wife by Silver Queen

I woke up in the morning and saw the mountain there
It was a common sight that drove me to despair,
If I tip my head [right] back, and say [my] prayers to the sky,
If I reach into the blue[ness], will I soon learn [how] to fly?

To the right there is a forest, deep and dark and feared,
To the left there is an ocean, a crossing none have dared,
Behind me holds no safety, not for one such as I,
Either to the mountain, I must go, or I shall surely die,

I could have been a soldier, or a dancer, or a tree,
I could have been farmer or a merchant or a queen,
Instead I married a man, who turned out to be a thief
Who died and left me nothing but betrayal and helpless grief

If I must, I’ll be an inchworm, if I must I’ll be a snake
But you won’t [stop me/keep me from] moving, when there is so much at stake.
So I became a killer, a murderer [and/a] thief,
No choice [except/but] the Shinobi’s life for me,


Second of three versions!

So, remember those posts in which I tried to fit Silver Queen’s lyrics to music and could only convey the idea via my own mediocre singing voice? Well, now I have mediocre sheet music creation instead!

I was very repetitive with the melody, so this is literally every stanza of the song ad nauseum. The two different instruments are the same–I just wanted the sound of both playing in the mp3. Last version is queued up as well because I’m a little low on prompts to respond to.

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