The Ballad of the Traitor’s Wife by Silver Queen

I woke up in the morning and saw the mountain there
It was a common sight that drove me to despair,
If I tip my head [right] back, and say [my] prayers to the sky,
If I reach into the blue[ness], will I soon learn [how] to fly?

To the right there is a forest, deep and dark and feared,
To the left there is an ocean, a crossing none have dared,
Behind me holds no safety, not for one such as I,
Either to the mountain, I must go, or I shall surely die,

I could have been a soldier, or a dancer, or a tree,
I could have been farmer or a merchant or a queen,
Instead I married a man, who turned out to be a thief
Who died and left me nothing but betrayal and helpless grief

If I must, I’ll be an inchworm, if I must I’ll be a snake
But you won’t [stop me/keep me from] moving, when there is so much at stake.
So I became a killer, a murderer [and/a] thief,
No choice [except/but] the Shinobi’s life for me,


So, remember those posts in which I tried to fit Silver Queen’s lyrics to music and could only convey the idea via my own mediocre singing voice? Well, now I have mediocre sheet music creation instead!

I was very repetitive with the melody–especially so with this “Country Version”–and so this is literally every two lines of the song ad nauseum. I also did the other two versions so those are queued up as well because I’m a little low on prompts to respond to.

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