Would you ever write a story with a character reborn as a nonliving object, like a Kyber Crystal from the Star Wars Universe, or … a sword or something?

Hm… probably no?

I mean, I have written some snippets of a story in which a person is reborn as non-human–B*tch Please has my SI!OC reborn as Akamaru’s littermate– but not to a serious level.

I don’t think I would know how to go about a non-living object.

Well, okay, mechanics aside are we talking about an SI!OC reborn as a nonliving object or a character from that ‘verse reborn as a nonliving object (robots/androids not included, of course).

Because there’s a difference between, using your example, someone from our world being reborn as a kyber crystal versus Obi-Wan Kenobi being reborn as a kyber crystal.

And then, on top of that, are they restricted to just being the heart of a lightsaber or can they also project a vision of themselves a la Force ghosts so as to interact with whoever wields them?

I think it’d be interesting to write as a one shot–or as a side story within a larger ‘verse–but not as a full story of its own… and probably not in the Star Wars universe, though it works quite well as an example.

… sorry this is so short, anon. Feel free to send in another prompt–or an add on to this one?


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