I’m the one who asked the Haru Kuwabara ask and man, it was really good. I knew surviving was not going to be pretty but still, ouch. My heart. I liked it a lot. It was also cool to learn Haru was originally supposed to be Tetsuki too!

😀 Thanks, anon! I love getting asked about my characters and series–don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love writing recursive fic for DoS, but there’s something endearingly intimate about sharing my stuff.

Surviving is the hardest thing to do. But when you survive that means there’s the opportunity for healing. So hopefully things will get better for Haru. (But it is very fun to make my characters sad, so not for a while?)

A lot of my stories start with Tetsuki Kaiza and then morph away into something/someone else depending on what the vibe is. She’s my go-to-gal. But I also love Haru very much. 🙂

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