Loyal Needles, 2/? (2018-01-08)

“No more ritual,” Siobhan says, soot streaked across her face and somewhat literal fire in her eyes.

“No more heroes.”

Siobhan comes from a long line of perfectionist, preparatory pessimists–also, powerful psychics.

It’s for this reason that she hates the winter solstice with a passion. The ritual is only a stopgap: it’s only a matter of time before the seal fails.

She heals her hand with an irritated flicker of thought, shooting quick, assessing glances around.

Some kind of pocket dimension mirroring the village, it seems.

Given the atmosphere, it’s a fairly easy guess on who it belongs to.

Siobhan’s grandmother was one of the original heroes–although with, perhaps, a loose definition of the term hero. She spent most of her life making cutthroat deals with spirits and lesser devils and only paused long enough to stop the greater, chaotic evil from making the world unlivable.

Only the expectations and scrutiny of the world stopped Siobhan’s mother from doing the same.

She eyes the other descendants, not suspiciously–she sees them at least every year, they’re idiots not evil–but definitely skeptically.

Of the heroes they may all be, but heroes themselves they are not.

As is, she’s quite sure she’s going to have to ride herd so as to ensure nobody dies.

When it came to psychic training, Siobhan wasn’t so much thrown in the deep end as she was chucked in river rapids with stones tied to her limbs and told that only a mere hundred feet was a waterfall.

Needless to say, it is not vanity or exaggeration when she says she’s the most powerful psychic in the world; their home world, that is.

This world is a whole other story.


A/N: Sorry for the lack of posting everyone! Just came back from vacation (in which I hung out with my BFF who I haven’t seen in over a year) so I was nowhere near my normal schedule.

Unfortunately(? or probably, something more neutral than that) I will probably not be AS on top of the daily posting as I ought to be because a) I’m tentatively looking for a new job and b) doing another production with Bindlestiff for their April show and so my creativity will probably be funneled more in that direction.

The structure of it is a little unusual since it’s mostly collaborative, and less “4/6 discrete short plays done altogether” and more “a jumble of scenes/stories all set in the same time/place” so I’m kind of seeing if this is something I can explore a different writing style: more specifically, I’m thinking of composing some songs of, like, background characters’ experiences as little palette cleansers in between the back and forth dialogues.

I dunno, sort of like this experimental thing  but less about depression and more about fan lifestyle? I don’t know how real musical scores are… I should probably research that.

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