If you [could/had to] design a new Legendary to encompass some specific aspect of the Elemental Nations Region, what sorts of concepts would you pick out for them to represent? How would you go about it?

Hm… like Legendaries specific to the Naruto world? Or, rather, the Elemental Nations?

Well, I’d probably make them correspond to either the Kages/Daimyo–similar to the guardian deity/Legendaries in Sun and Moon–as a sort of way to explain why the nations settled across the land the way they did.

And I’d also probably make the types correspond to the Nation/Village names. So for Land of Fire/Konohagakure there would be a dual Fire and Grass-type Legendary. For Land of Wind/Sunagakure it would be a dual Flying and Ground-type. Land of Lightning/Kumogakure would be Electric and… also Flying? Maybe Ghost?

I dunno, something like that.

As for what shapes/creatures they would look like… hm… I’m not sure about that either. I think I’d want them to be either ludicrously massive or adorably tiny. There is no in between. Like, either the daimyo’s castle/vilage is built on top of them (and they’ve been asleep for millennia) or they’re actually secretly the daimyo’s pet cat that has mysteriously never aged and no one questions it…

Which I guess means that Tora the cat is secretly a Fire and Grass-legendary that embodies the nation and village? Sort of like the Hetalia human personifications of their respective countries except Pokemon.

Basically, I want them to be independent of the bijuu.

Although, IF I had to come up with a backstory for the bijuu in the ‘verse, they’d be the original team of the Sage of Six Paths a loooooong time ago that have somehow lived for centuries after his death.


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