yeah i definitely meant that sai wasn’t just /saying/ it, but that he was speaking in, like, coded language. ‘perfectly innocuous’. it’s the subtext that’s important. it’d take a second for her to realize just /what/ he was saying then she’d be not quite sure it was /really/ what he was saying or if she was just imagining things because ‘he can’t really mean- but what if-‘. also dona mentioned this on recursive and discussion has begun! o/

I understood the coded/innocuous statement, but considering how dangerous Danzo is/was it just seems like something Sai wouldn’t talk about at all outside of, like, a specially warded room.

Then again, I guess if it’s to reassure one of the tiny!would-have-been-ROOT-agents that the evil man won’t take them away then I could kind of see that? And if Sai is an Academy teacher, Shikako could very well be there.

Like, if it’s lunch time at the Academy, and one of the tiny!would-have-been-ROOT-agents starts panicking and Sai is there to comfort them and Shikako happens to be in earshot. But by that point the fact that tiny!would-have-been-ROOT-agents are fellow students at the Academy would already give away that Danzo has been taken out? Then again, except for Sai it’s not like tiny!Shikako would recognize a child who would-have-been-a-ROOT-agent.

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