fun question: what pokemon would haku have? :D


So the thing is, OBVIOUSLY Haku would have a primarily Ice-type team, but the question is, WHICH Ice-types. We want them to be elegant, yes, to match his aesthetic, but also crazy huge and powerful because the idea of Haku surrounded by hulking Ice-types is also fantastic.

So I guess a compromise between the two would be best…

Glaceon – his first Pokemon, possibly inherited from his mother? Glaceon was the one that helped him survive early on, but Ice can’t keep a child warm in the winter.


Weavile – his second, honing himself as a weapon for Zabuza, but also that hint of underlying mischief


Aurorus – realizing there’s more to life than just dying for Zabuza. Also, look how pretty this Pokemon is!


Lapras – “off screen” of DoS, becoming an irreplaceable member of the Mist Rebellion and Mei’s go-to diplomat/the face of the new Mist


Avalugg – he took on Gaara. And yes, maybe most of that was for show, but he’s a force to be reckoned with in his own right.


(Mega) Glalie – ISOBU?!?!



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