Ask Box Advent Calendar 2017 Announcement

I’m just going to transition from ask box event to ask box event, I suppose.

If anyone remembers last year’s event this will be much the same–a free for all Schrödinger’s prompt sort of thing in which I will respond to all asks by filling them as best I can or at the very least explain why I can’t?

Any prompt, any question (personal or headcanon), or even just a single word. You can even “resubmit” some prompts which I’ve let go by the wayside (the list of which I’ll put under the cut, most of it is unsurprisingly DoS stuff) or do one in the format of a different ask box event.

I dunno, ‘tis the season and all that. So head over to that ask box!

Dreaming of S(omething)
– anonymous: SOLAR PUNK?

Down Every Road, 4/?
— anonymous: (Walking Around) Down Every Road aka Shikako and Sasuke planning/dealing with pregnancy. [#: parents-to-be]

Flip To The Last Page, 6/?
@donapoetrypassion: Shikako wanting to meddle with Team 7, Shikamaru wanting things to be the same. She’s an extension of him (right?) so why doesn’t she just follow the path alongside him

Stars Also Dream, 11/?
— book14reader: the other padawans, saving force sensitive children (people preventing massacres)
— Celeste @ ao3: jedi or sith oath?
— donapoetrypassion: Alderaan destruction reaction

Walking Around ‘verse
— anon(s?): Sakako versus ghouls (and her badass ghoul hunter name or thoughts of Shikabane-hime => Reaper?)

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