NoShadows!anon, here, and I love your brainstorm, truly. My thoughts are: If the Akimichi are the tree, who’s the light? The Yamanaka? (Light, “tree”, Shadow; Naruto, Sasuke, Shikako?) Also, the quote put me in mind of a story where Harry learned from Lockheart that “The Boy Who Lived” was an illusion he was always casting, and he had to learn to control it, or someone else would.

Thanks! Sorry I wasn’t able to do more with it, anon. It was a lovely idea but there are just so many different takes on it that no single story would take hold

That being said, for the ANY alliance version, that breakdown does seem right. The Yamanaka are all abrout dragging the truth out of people, and while beautiful it’s dangerous to look at light directly.

For Team Seven, I’m not entirely sure which is which for tree and light between Naruto and Sasuke.

(I think I vaguely remember that HP fic, too, but I’ve read so many I have no idea which one that might be… :P)

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