I just found your pokemon au and it’s so cool! can’t believe I didn’t see it earlier! for eeveelutions, (bc everyone’s gotta have one, y’know? lol) I was thinking of a leafeon for kako because gelel = nature? maybe the gelel stone acts sorta like the leaf stone that leafeons need to evolve and so she gets a leafeon after the gelel incident!


😀 Thanks!

The Eeveelutions also have a place in my heart (there was once I time I was considering doing a series of embroideries for them before… well… embroidery is very time intensive and I’m still not yet done with my second project) and IRL I would probably be a crazy cat lady but with Eeveelutions if it were possible, but alas…

Seeing as how there isn’t a Rock-type Eeveelution (yet…) I agree that Leafeon would be the most suited for Shikako or maybe just the Nara clan in general? What with the colour scheme and the medical expertise and forests and such. Frankly the only person who is better suited to Leafeon would probably be Tenzo/Yamato…

But while I agree that Leafeon is the best suited Eeveelution for Shikako, I don’t think Shikako would have an Eeveelution in my particular PokemonxDoS ‘verse.  I’m fairly satisfied with my choices for her team.

Although, now that I consider it some more, you want to know what would be hella cute? Shikaku having a Leafeon. Like. This battle experienced yet still adorable leaf fox/cat thing just following the twins around while they’re children. It’s there when they first learn to walk (“little cat foot” anyone?), lazes about in the sun beside them while they nap, an ever present guardian until they’re strong and old enough to be on their own (or, at least, until they have Pokemon of their own).

Ino-Shika-Cho Dad Edition all having Eeveelutions would be the CUTEST thing, I think: Leafeon for Shikaku, Espeon for Inoichi, and I’m thinking either classic Eevee or Sylveon for Chouza. I mean, I don’t know who their jounin sensei was, but I feel like whoever they were gave each of them and Eevee after their graduation so their respective Eeveelutions have been with them for a long time.



-_- what was I thinking?!

I mean… unless everyone THINKS Shikaku is going to turn his Eevee into an Umbreon, but surprises everyone by going with Leafeon instead

After all, he’s not very big on doing what’s expected of him…

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