“This I How I Let It Go” – Shikako anything, maybe her previous life/Gelel experience

For some reason, anon, I feel like this title should have some parentheses like… “This Is How I Let It Go (I Don’t)” or “This Is How I Let It Go (i learned it from you)” or “This Is How I Let It Go (I’m Always Angry)”…

But I guess what’s inside the parentheses depends on what direction I go with this.

This isn’t a reference is it, anon? Because if you were around for the last fake fic title event, you’ll know that I almost NEVER catch on until after I’ve posted so…

Hm… I don’t know if it’s because Gardens!verse is so fresh in my mind, but I think this would be a canon divergence in which Gelel didn’t disperse and revive the Dead Wastes but instead stayed with Shikako. Or perhaps did both?

But instead of the easy partnership that is Gardens!verse Shikako-and-Gelel, it’s a struggle of a mortal trying to contain a god that is multitudes without giving anything away to any interested parties.

It’s not all bad–Gelel is more than happy to walk her through the book and chatter about fuinjutsu and see the world beyond the Dead Wastes through her eyes–but it’s more of a constant negotiation than a simple clicking together of puzzle pieces. It’s probably most similar to a benign, cooperative relationship between jinchuuriki and bijuu.

I feel like the logical conclusion to this fic would be during the Land of Hot Springs in which Gelel would make a sacrifice play to fend off Jashin. So no exploded country, but no more internal god. It’s a very short-lived partnership and if I were the kind of writer who could pull it off, it would be poignant and heart-wrenching.

I mean, Gelel would also save Aoba–because hello, godly powers of life itself–which is a silver lining. But except for the canon Gelel/Shikako stone and her shadow state there’s nothing left of it.

… this one would probably be the “this is how i let it go (i learned it from you)” variation.

Hm… let’s see, what else would be in this verse?

Gelel stumbles into the jinchuuriki-bijuu space accidentally, dazing all of them with their godly presence. Gelel is basically that cool teenager in comparison to the moody preteens that are the bijuu.

Gelel is delighted to learn more about Shikako’s first life because–as a celestial being several millennia old–there’s not much in this world that they don’t understand/know of. But the real world? That’s absolutely novel.

Shikako glows green slightly whenever she and Gelel get angry.

Um… what else?

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