‘The Land of Snow Job’ DoS/Leverage cross. Since the Snow arc seems twisty enough to be a Leverage plot anyway, with the movie and the princess and stealing a country. XD

That’s true, anon. I mean, I don’t know if just “The Land of Snow Job” as a title matches the others but as an idea, the plot of the Snow arc would translate pretty easily into the Fia(M)C ‘verse.

And while I know it’s a full movie in canon, I don’t know if I’d want it to be a “finale episode” equivalent here because it’s not as relevant? Like… this feels very much more a focus on Kakashi’s change than Snow country itself.

Probably this one would be called something like… “Best Served Cold” or something like that? And it’d focus more on how a younger Kakashi tried to con the Kazahana corporation but failed because it was undergoing a literal hostile takeover and instead he ended up having to call in favors to find a home for the Kazahana would-have-been heiress.

And, like, considering Yukie/Koyuki is an actress that could be leaned into as a stronger bond between Kakashi and her. Sure he never trained her to become a grifter–he tried to find her a normal home, but the closest thing to normal he knew was a non-criminal theater troupe? or a B-movie special effects studio?–but she never fell for his “consultant” job cover.

So when news comes out that Kazahana Corp. is going public in a weeks–meaning Dotou could potentially gain billions by selling a company he stole–she goes to the crew for help.

Dotou can’t make money off the company if the crew steal it first.

And, like, obviously the theater troupe/B-movie special effects studio are highly involved in the unmasking of Dotou’s crimes, etc. etc.

Um… probably the reason why Dotou did a hostile take over of Kazahan Corp was because he wanted to kill a specific solar tech project which would have put his oil investments in danger? And of course he buried the files and blueprints as best as he could, but no one ever knew that Sousetsu had actually built a prototype–which is what the crew eventually find…

Yeah. There’s not much to say for this one since, as you said, it’s close enough to a Leverage plot anyway.

Um… I hope you don’t mind if I go with “Best Served Cold” instead of “The Land of Snow Job,” anon, even though the whole ask box event is about me making summaries off your suggested titles instead of the other way around?

Best Served Cold

Over a decade is a long time to pretend being someone else, but it’s just about right for getting revenge.

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