not really for the a fake fic event, but in the pokemon!dos fusion, if team 7 were pokemon what reflected their personality and such, what ‘mons would they be? Like, I’d imagine Naruto to be Ampharos, haha. They’re electric-types who can light up their tail so bright that they can guide people who are lost. Electric types are also sporadic and tends to be overexcited too! Oh, & Sasuke can totally be a Luxray, what with their temperament + special, enhanced eyesight that can look through things!

(2/3) I want to say that Shikako is a Xatu?? Psychic type, sees the future. (It also “eyes the sun’s movement” a lot) I’m torn between that and Azelf (the latter can learn explosion! woa) And Ino is totally a Florges or Milotic! No questions there aha. Sakura’s a shiny Lopunny who goes into Mega-form when doing her super strength! aaaa it’s so much fun to play in your pokemon!au. Hope you don’t mind that I’m just rambling all over the place. (> v <)

(3/3) I guess my ideas isn’t really “if they were a pokemon, what ‘mon would they be.’ Rather, it’s what fits them best? Like, sure ninetales = kurama, and fire-types can be just as spunky and exuberant, but ninetales is a wise, mystical, almost deity-like pokemon, and that doesn’t really fit Naruto’s character. Ampharos might be a bit of a stretch, but I find their type & special characteristics to be more appropriate, yea?

No worries, anon, ranting about Dreaming of Sunshine and Pokemon is one of my favorite things 😉

The Pokemon teams in my AU were more representative of the characters’ abilities than their personalities, so I never really thought about it. I mean, the clan kids have their “clan Pokemon” of Sawsbuck and Politoed and Talonflame, etc. etc., but I suppose as Pokemon themselves it’d be different.

Like the difference between the normal Pokemon games and Pokemon Mystery Dungeon, I guess?

At the same time, though, I do like the idea of them being their clan Pokemon and just having different personalities. Like, Shikamaru and Shikako are both Deerling, but Shikako is super adventurous while Shikamaru’s just… nah, I’m gonna chill here. And then whenever someone is exasperated with him they’d be like “Are you a Deerling or are you a Slakoth?”

Although Ino as a Grumpig doesn’t work so well, even though that is what I have as the Yamanaka clan Pokemon. Maybe a Delcatty? She never really had a Feebas phase, so probably not a Milotic… Unless she’s just the most fabulous Grumpig that every lived.

And I figure Sakura would probably be within the Chansey line given they’re healing and the super powerful physical attacks…

But, yeah, I haven’t really thought about making them Pokemon. It’s an interesting idea, anon!


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