Multiphenomenal (2017-10-02)

After she dies, she feels pretty embarrassed. Humbled, really, kneeling in front of the monolith that is Koenma’s desk.

To her side, a bunch of ogres wrestle a shouting, flailing demon to the floor, dog piling him into submission before dragging him away to a door she can hear vague screams from, a hint of brimstone wafting on heated air.

She kneels, patient and sheepish.

She thought she had a few more years until she died.


When Genkai makes a call for her apprentice, Tetsuki gets an invitation to the trials.

It’s not actually meant for her–or, at least, not specifically meant for the granddaughter of Hisae Kaiza, Genkai’s former teammate–just a general invitation sent to anyone with a certain level of spiritual ability.

Tetsuki’s spiritual ability is not the problem.

Grandmother doesn’t say anything when she receives the invitation, nor does she say anything when Tetsuki goes on the day of the trials.

It’s not a betrayal.

Tetsuki will never be Genkai’s apprentice, but that doesn’t mean she won’t have a say in who will.


It would be terribly convenient if the student Grandmother was looking for was Maya.

Unfortunately that is not the case.

Maya’s problem is that whenever she tries to realize or remember anything to do with the spirit world or even her own spiritual ability–which isn’t as strong as Tetsuki’s, but decent all the same–fucking Shuichi Minamino’s fucking amnesia pollen quickly wipes the thought from her mind.

If she had the training, Maya could cure herself of the pollen, but in order to be trained she’d have to remember more than five minutes of what Grandmother has to teach her.

It’s an untenable situation and a complete fucking nightmare.

Still, it’s not Maya’s fault and Tetsuki isn’t going to give up on her only friend.

(And if she spends the entirety of the Dark Tournament trolling fucking Minamino then who’s to say she’s not completely justified in doing so?)

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