I love your pokemon au! I also love the tidbit about Shikako’s Arcanine. Like, I can imagine a little stray Growlithe following academy-team 7 around and Naruto is just begging to take care of it, and Shikako ends up doing it cause she has an actual home where it can stay (Naruto’s an orphan and pretty irresponsible), but the pup offers all three companionship and it just warms my heart to think about lil kids taking care of this pup haha.


Maybe growlithe is shikako’s “starter” rather than a traditional Deerling? Like, the clan sees that Shikako’s basically taking care of it on her own, so they let her have the Growlithe to start with anyway. (2/3)

And maybe the deer contract consists of Virizion or Keldeo +a bunch if Sawsbucks, and thats where she earns a Sawsbuck instead? Waah, I’m just really craving a lot of Pokemon!DoS stuff, especially the worldbuilding of a Pokemon-DoS fusion. (3/3)

The thing is, I did want the Growlithe to be specifically Shikako’s. Like, everyone’s team is distinctly their own. Sometimes in crisis situations or in very messed up situations (which, granted, happens frequently with the Lucky Sevens) they’ll have to muddle through partnering up with their teammate’s… team… but otherwise Growlithe (and eventually Arcanine) does prefer Shikako.

Which is not to say that it wouldn’t cuddle up to the boys if they were in need of it, but probably only after making sure Shikako doesn’t need a cuddle as well and after getting permission. Like service dogs. They can be affectionate with strangers, but when they’re on the job, they are focused on their human and their human is their priority.

In the Pokemon-DoS fusion world, Academy students can get up to two Pokemon before graduating. Their third is the more traditional “go to the lab and receive a Pokemon” and that’s only if they graduate and become genin. Non-shinobi can have two Pokemon, but only shinobi can have more than that. So Shikako “starts” with both Deerling and Growlithe.

I did do some brainstorming about how there are Nara clan myths about “a legendary deer Pokemon with the power over life, whose very presence can create vast forests” etc. etc. And that’s Xerneas. But since Xerneas only shows up once every thousand years, it’s been assumed to be an exaggerated account of a very powerful Sawsbuck.

I’m never sure how Legendary Pokemon ought to be considered. Are they gods? Cryptids? Is it considered a religious thing or a historical/mythological thing or a deluded conspiracy theorist thing? Virizion and Keldeo (who is more horse/unicorn than deer, in my opinion) are a little too OP to be so accessible to the clan members. Maybe Sembei-obaasan once fought alongside Virizion long ago during her trainer days, but I don’t think it’s a current part of anyone’s team?

I will… well. Here’s some review response for now, because it’s already midnight and I don’t want another missed post, but I will ponder actual writing post for tomorrow.

Thanks, anon! 🙂

A/N: As promised! Some Shikako-centric world building in the Arm in Arm ‘verse. Enjoy!

The Nara clan compound is not as calm and sedate in the mornings as their members appear to the public. Or, perhaps, their calm and sedate reputations is because they are so exhausted by their chaotic morning routine:

Everyday, the unlucky younger members of the clan go harvesting for medicine ingredients.

Which, perhaps, sounds like a mild and even, possibly, calming venture. After all, people throughout the Land of Fire–and even beyond–travel to pick berries from the Aburame clan orchards and buy their premium honey. And, perhaps, if it were just picking berries from trees, all would be well.

Trees don’t walk around, after all.

Trees don’t run away at the slightest hint of movement, or charge at unsuspecting harvesters, or indulge said harvesters for a few seconds before getting bored and galloping away while smaller trees nose at the harvesters’ pockets for treats or maybe chin scratches or maybe just to be irritating and get out of trouble with their giant adorable eyes.

Sawsbuck change with the seasons, as do their antlers–their velvet is what makes Nara brand medicine so much more effective.

At the cost of so many younger Nara clan members’ dwindling patience.

Bizarrely, for a village with such a large and growing population, there are many abandoned sectors.

The most notorious being the Uchiha clan compound, of course, but there are other, smaller houses and neighborhoods that are just empty.

Of humans, of course.

Shikako doesn’t know what possesses her–figuratively, that is–to explore the Haunted Mansion in southern Konoha.

No, that’s a lie, she probably wanted to find a ghost.

Ghosts imply souls, imply something beyond death, and she already knows that exists, but still. She wants confirmation.

Or reassurance, maybe.

At the end of it, she comes out not with a ghost type, but a Growlithe that reminds her to focus on living than dying.

Shikako is the only one who sees it in Land of Rivers, then Land of Wind. She supposes it’s because its dark purple skin blends into the shadows, but all she can see are its sparkling red eyes and wide, sharp grin.

It guides her–and, in turn, their makeshift team–towards the shrine of Diancie where they arrive in time to stop Haido’s plan.

At the cost of Shikako’s life.

(It’s okay, it’s only temporary.)

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