If you don’t mind, I can totally prompt you some more. Gambling Away The Past, more Shikako and Minato interaction? Alternatively, does Sembei ever bring the deer contract?

I have been meaning to continue that series, so thanks for the prompt, to-someplace-else! Please enjoy!  」( ̄▽ ̄」)


Gambling Away The Past, 8/? (2017-07-25)

Shikako reluctantly but dutifully wakes up with the sun.

It is excruciating.

Because they are in an outpost and relatively safe, she allows herself to whine noisily into her makeshift pillow.

Obito kicks out a leg, and because the tent they’ve been assigned is so small, it actually connects…

… with Rin’s thigh. She delivers a swift slap in retribution, before going back to sleep.

Kakashi, because he’s clearly inhuman, is already awake and looking down at his team unimpressed.

And fond, but largely unimpressed.

Shikako huffs another whine, before grudgingly going vertical, hating the morning and whichever cruel god invented it.

“You have to meet your clan member,” Kakashi prompts, when it looks like Shikako might just fall asleep sitting up.

“I’m going, I’m going,” she grumbles, splashing some water on her face to wake herself up, before leaving the tent.

An outpost during wartime, especially one so centralized and bustling as this one, is like having a piece of the village out in the field. It’s not home–not even the Konoha of this time would really be home–but it’s definitely a balm after months at war.

Sembei-obaa-san and the deer summons are being used mostly as messengers rather than warriors–rather beneath their abilities, but unsurprising without a combat capable summoner. They’d be housed permanently within the outpost, dorm building instead of a tent outside, closer to the commander where information is more vital.

People around the camp take note of her and wave her along with a nod or a smile–no doubt recognizing the Nara symbol of her uniform–but she doesn’t really need the guidance: Heijomaru’s antlers, tall and decorated, are easily visible from this distance.

She’s a little nervous, eager and worried: if she doesn’t sign the contract, then their trip here was for nothing. If she doesn’t sign the contract then Sembei-obaa-san and Heijomaru have found her unworthy.

The deer contract doesn’t mean home, but it’s another piece of it that’s close enough.


A trial run, Heijomaru had said, after Sembei-obaa-san read the letter of introduction from Ikoma.

She doesn’t know if that’s a good thing or a bad thing.

When she had first met Heijomaru, he had been somewhat reluctant even then–even though Sembei-obaa-san had been much older and hadn’t been able to summon him in years.

She’s even more of a cocky upstart now, apparently, which matches the summon she’s been assigned: Wakakusa, the only pyromaniac deer of the herd.

He’ll fit right in with Team Kakashi.


A/N: My laptop is acting a little wonky–I might have to send it in for repair/battery replacement. Unsure how quick that’ll be, but hopefully I can work something else out for posts in the next couple of days.

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