I’d love to see anon’s idea about Down Every Road!Grass Chunin Exams, because enraged and emotional Sasuke is always a delight to see. As for other prompts… (Can I just list a bunch? Pick & choose as you please) Some insight on their interactions; maybe Ino/Naruto, or Itachi seeing their mutual desire to protect Sasuke? Or maybe an older Sasuke on a long mission and sending a hawk summon with a letter or sumthing to Shikako? Basically anything is gr8, because Shikasuke is consuming my soul ;o;

I love you the way a knife loves a heart
the way a bomb loves a crowd
the way your mother warned you about, essentially.
(the way a human loves another human)

“… you planned this,” Sasuke says, realization dawning on him far too late. For years, his life goal finally achieved–but what does that matter when it was never really his own? At the core of all his steely determination just crumbling ash.

The sword falls from his hand.

“You…” he retreats, half a step then another, aborted movements, stumbling. Graceless and confused. He can feel his eyes burning, searing the image into his mind forever. “You… why would you–I don’t…”

The sword falls from his hand, but it doesn’t go far. The blade trapped between muscles and ribs and vital organs.

“I love you,” he says, denial and desperation, “Why would you–why would I. I don’t understand. I love you. I–”

Shikako gives a wet, bloody cough, as red as his eyes.

Mangekyo Sharingan. Sasuke needs it if he’s ever going to survive.

“I know.”


She is the most dangerous thing in his life.

Of course she is.

How can she ever protect him from all the people that want to harm him if she isn’t powerful enough to stop them.

She is only so dangerous because she loves him.

(She worked hard for that role.)

Naruto is the hero, this she cannot, will not touch–she can help him, sharpen the edge, but she cannot change him

Sasuke, on the other hand, was meant to be the antihero. That, she took between her own two hands and ripped to pieces. He was hers to forge anew, molten metal reshaped and folded, impurities burned out, making something even stronger.

But what is a blade that will not cut?

What is a sword without it’s wielder?

What is a curse of ultimate power without the betrayal that makes it so?

(Itachi had the right idea, but failed at the execution)


In order for fire to thrive, something first must burn.



A/N: … I actually wrote this pseudo a softer world style poem in response to the actual a softer world self prompt which kinda dictated the direction this went in… so…


Oh, wow, anon. This is a lot! Okay… let me see if I can unpack this:

1) enraged/emotional/protective Sasuke (does it have to be Grass Chuunin Exams?)

2-4) Ino, Naruto, and Itachi’s POV of Shikasuke

Or, alternatively,

5) Ino, Naruto, Itachi and Shikako bonding over being part of the “protect Sasuke” squad

Or, even more alternatively,

6) Ino, Naruto, and Itachi bonding over being part of the “get Shikako and Sasuke together” squad

And then finally,

7) long distance relationship Shikasuke (via letter writing and unamused summons, no doubt)

Did I get everything? Well, these all sound like pretty good ideas, anon, though I may make first prompt outside of the Grass Chuunin Exam context, if that’s okay.

Thanks! 😀

i am the most dangerous thing in your life
of course I am
only because I love you so.
(i worked hard for that role)

… very dark… my bad… 

I’m terribly sorry, anon, that it’s taken me OVER A YEAR (?!!?!) to finally fill your prompt. And not even properly. And also not even all of them? This one is only number 5. :/ Sorry about that.

I think breaking it down into so many separate prompts made it far too intimidating for me and it’s been lurking at the tope of my unfilled prompts doc ever so ominously.

I hope you enjoy this VERY belated and terribly short and quite unrelated fill.

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