Well, we all know that Shikako is uninterested in romance but I think it’s worth considering Surprisingly!Smooth!Shikamaru? After all, Shikaku stealth romanced Yoshino pretty fiercely, according to the sidestories, and Shikamaru was the only one of the rookies to actually be shown *dating* in canon. (As far as I remember, anyway.) Uh, so prompting for contrast!twins in which Shikako is totally oblivious and Shikamaru is the master of the (lazy) date.


Hahahaha, I actually think Shikako comes off as a lot more charming/smooth to those who didn’t grow up with her (ie Team Ten and Sakura) but she doesn’t actually do it on purpose/know what to do with it. So Shikako accidentally-flirting-with-people-and-not-knowing/intending-to-follow-up is how I headcanon her properly in DoS, while Shikamaru is way suave in all aspects of dating in comparison.

It’s definitely a cool idea, but I’m not sure how I’d implement it. Like, does Shikako finally get asked out and she has no idea what to do so she turns to her brother for help and she’s over here planning it out like some kind of battle while he’s just like… no, Kako, that’s not how it works. Or is it Shikamaru’s POV of the trail of admirers his sister leaves behind–and possibly having to carefully screen through his own dates to make sure not to go out with someone who once had a crush on his sister because that would be weird?

But I’ll put it on the list, anon, and hopefully something will come to me. 🙂

my five year plan
is to maybe go out for ice cream
this afternoon?
(Live every day like the ice cream store is closing.)

He says this with the utmost respect and the deepest of loves:

When it comes to people’s opinions of her, his sister is unbelievably oblivious.

He is sitting guard by her bedside–chakra exhaustion, a gouged hand and forearm, and the usual scrapes and bruises that comes from their line of work–a lamp on behind him casting his shadow long across the room. Anyone who wants to come near her would have to enter his range.

A knock at the door, a curt if polite scuff of feet.

This must be the fifth visit his sister has gotten since he began his watch–he’s only been sitting here for a few hours.

“Come in,” he says, exhausted, the tone of someone who has fought beyond his limits, nearly lost his sister, and may very well still lose both of his teammates.

The Sand shinobi that enters is familiar and a recent field ally, but he also remembers that the first time they met Temari was on the opposite side of an invasion. And it was his sister that had decided the Sand Siblings’ fates when they were vulnerable.

His shadow roils, cautious.

Temari raises her hands in front of her, both of them open at first, before clasping them together–a practiced, almost casual motion meant to convey one is not concealing any weapons.

It doesn’t really mean anything–not with her talent in wind ninjutsu and the giant metal fan strapped to her back–but the intent behind the gesture is appreciated.

She’s still in range of his shadow anyway, and they both remember how their tournament fight ended.

“May I sit?” she asks, tilting her head towards the other visitor’s chair.

Shikamaru shrugs, which is permission enough.

The silence between them is far from comfortable, but at least it’s not charged with hostility.

“Your sister…”

Shikamaru, if he ever did relax, snaps back to attention.

“… she’s interesting,” Temari finishes, simply.

And maybe it’s the stress of the day, or just how much of an understatement that is, but Shikamaru knows it’s both compliment and question and so he just starts to laugh.

After a moment of surprise, Temari smiles at him.


A/N: Uh… not completely in line with either your prompt or my own a softer world self-prompt, but it’s been many moons of languishing on my giant list of prompts and I figured something is better than nothing?

And I know Shikamaru starts dating TenTen after the Sasuke Retrieval Arc–but this is more pre-Shikamaru/Temari than actual…

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