prompt(kinda): where Shikako’s mum stuffs her into a kimono with all the bells and whistles, while sasuke is looking on awe-struck and shika’s just in the bavkground giving him the suspiscious stink-eye



I’ll have to research some things, though. (Either that or make up some stuff–then again, this is fanfiction, is that not what I’m supposed to do?) And it wouldn’t be compatible with certain other ficlets of mine.

Excellent prompt, flamingosspace!

(I’m also a little bit drunk right now, so hopefully what I’m thinking will still look fantastic in the light of day)

I do not believe in love at first sight.
But god damn.

(Look at you.)

(Very Far Down Road One)

Sasuke keeps his face forward, barely breathing, trying not to meet the gaze of Shikamaru who would, if he could, set Sasuke on fire with the force of his glare or at the very least stab him a couple of times.

Sasuke also does not want to meet Shikaku-san’s eyes which, while not as sharp as his son’s, are probably far more intimidating.

The heads of the Akimichi and Yamanaka clans are no less formidable.

Really, he ought to just consider that half of the room off limits and focus on his half which are full of his family who are happy for him on this day and don’t want him to die a horrific, bloody death…

… and there’s Shisui making faces in an embarrassing and unconvincing attempt to hide his tears of joy; Aniki who is barely stifling his laughter into their mother’s similarly vibrating shoulder; and Father whose stalwart resistance to slapping his nephew upside the head is manifesting itself as a twitching eye and throbbing forehead vein.

Facing forward it is.

The strains of music begin, finally, the procession entering: priests in full garb, then the bridal party in their own colorful kimono. Naruto and Kakashi near to the end holding up paper parasols in front of then–finally, please–above…

Beautiful. Radiant. Mesmerizing.

If he was barely breathing before, then he’s definitely stopped now.

… Shikako. Stunning in her white wedding kimono, the hood and the makeup unable to hide her soft but honest smile.

He can feel the responding smile grow on his face, and he knows he must look like an absolute awestruck idiot, but he doesn’t care.

Today is not about looking cool or not getting killed by his in-laws or the continuing mortification he gets from his family. Today (finally finally finally) he’s marrying the woman he loves.


A/N: Uh, so… I’m doing some belated “spring cleaning” on my massive list of unfilled DoS prompts and decided to combine it with the a softer world prompts because they are very lovely and why not?

Here’s some cheesy wedding fic for you, flamingosspace (aka @blooming-stars? It’s been so long since you originally asked that your name has changed?!) apologies for the VERY LATE (and kinda short) response.

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