Well, I see KHR’s timeline as three arcs where Tsuna gets his respective powerups. Based on the anime, there’s Tsuna before Reborn came as a starting-point, Tsuna after his battle with Xanxus, and then the Millefiore arc where Tsuna trains to battle Byakuran? I haven’t read the manga haha, but I do know that it has like, two more arcs? I think lol. It’d be pretty cool to see statistics for KHR! Or for whatever AU/fusions you have with that series. :D

I used to read the manga but I had to quit midway through the Ten Years Later/Millefiore arc? The serial style made it difficult for me to keep track of what the heck was going on–I probably ought to make another go at it since I can just read through the arcs all at once instead of waiting a month between very short chapters. (I have no idea what the other arcs after that are, either :P)

Those do seem like pretty good points of growth for them, anon, so that’s one less issue with adapting the Character Stat set up. I guess now I have to figure out what actual data points I’ll be using for the KHR characters since its not as if there is Nin/Tai/Genjutsu. Or, I mean, there are equivalents, but mostly it depends on what everyone’s Flame Type and chosen weaponry is. Except for Mists, no one would have genjutsu…

Thanks, anon! I’m glad to know you’re interested in this ongoing addiction project of mine 🙂

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