**offers a hug** I hope you’re okay! If you’re too bushed to write, then don’t feel bad about missing posts. You don’t owe us anything, and writing should be for fun more than a duty. I hope you feel better soon <3

**hugs back** Thanks, to-someplace-else. And @pricefudge and @donapoetrypassion and anyone else who may have the well wishes if not the words.

The posts I’ve queued for the next few days are byproducts of my insomnia and boredom, so it’s more of me using stuff I already have anyway. This blog has always been a personal challenge to myself to write once a day–that’s changed over time to just posting once a day, extending to things like brainstorms and character statistics and rant and meta analysis.

Sometimes I am too tired to write, but it’s never something I dread or resent and certainly not because of my followers. I’m glad that there are people who read what I write–people who like my writing enough to like me, as a person, and worry about my emotional well being.

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