OH MAN! I’m dying trying to imagine backstory in ‘Never looking to go back’. Did Kiba and Shikako have some Land of Moon Battle equivalent? AKA The One Time Kiba Ignored Captains Orders (and why he now trusts every idea, no matter how crazy)


I actually have a lot of ideas for this AU–some world building, some backstory, and, like, narrative arcs revolving around each character as if I have even a decent track record at multipart/chapter series and not dozens of WiPs and unfilled prompts staring sadly at me from one of the many windows on my desktop.

But Kiba and Shikako’s time in the war is pretty vague in my head, mostly because–like Mal and Zoe’s relationship–it’s meant to be kind of just something reliable and there. Not boring, but rather foundational? So they might reference their shared past occasionally, but I think unless there’s a particularly pertinent reason for it, neither of them like to talk about the past. And, you know, PTSD.

Then again, having a Land of the Moon equivalent sounds like an excellent idea and would fit very well in this AU (given, you know, Firefly is set on other planets and literal moons). And that was a very nuanced situation that would fit well in the ‘verse–minus Shikamaru, since Team 10 in this ‘verse is still part of Konoha aka the Core–and may very well be a good “flashback” to bring Sai into the narrative.

And I think, more than just blind obedience, Kiba took away from that scenario that sometimes they will have disagreements, but so long as they trust each other, then it will work out okay. 

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