9, Platonic Kakashi/Shikako? If you’re cool with that, of course.


“You’re getting out of hand,” the Hokage says, irritated furrow in between her brows.

The both of them stand in front of her desk, backs straight and eyes forward.

Kakashi doesn’t respond.

“This isn’t what either of them would have wanted,” Tsunade tries instead, gaze settling on Shikako, “Surely you realize that.”

She doesn’t know why people assume she’s someone who can be reasoned with. She’s logical, sure, but not nearly as much as she is determined.

And plus, it doesn’t really matter what either Naruto or Sasuke would have wanted them to do.

They’re dead.

Shikako doesn’t respond either.

Tsunade sighs, resigned and heartbroken, before signing off on their requests for admission.

“Like teacher like student.”

Singular student. Which is the entire problem.

Naruto and Sasuke die.

Maybe it’s apart–thousands of miles away–completely unrelated incidents; Naruto with his high risk training, Sasuke on his dangerous assignments.

Maybe it’s together, battling side by side, giving their all and sacrificing themselves for the good of the world.

Maybe it’s in the middle of the night, assassination, unexpected attacks in the middle of Konoha where they thought they’d be safe.

It doesn’t really matter, does it?

Only Shikako and Kakashi are left.

Wolf was a legend in ANBU. An open secret. The honing of the blade that would become Sharingan no Kakashi, internationally renowned.

It was a time in his life when he needed the mask. Needed the danger. Needed to know that even if everything he touched died then at the very least he could make that talent useful.

That’s not who he is anymore.

The mask he gets this time has sharper marks; the facsimile of a thinner face with smiling teeth and three whiskers on either cheek.

Kakashi has a lot to atone for.

Fox is another open secret.

Shikako’s choice in mask is even more of one:

ANBU Hawk is smaller, not as strong but just as fast, and no longer in possession of a Sharingan.

Still, Hawk flies once more.


A/N:… um… my bad, anon…

I did honestly try to think of a light hearted version but this one was the only one that my brain would work with.

Number + Character/Ship + (optional) AU –> my ask box

[If anyone else wants to do a softer world prompt that isn’t on the list, you can just send the page id number for the original comic instead.]

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