if bijuus are an earth phenomena, would that mean other jinchuriki also exists? (from another planet, maybe?) and would they also be half-gems or would their gems have the special ability to contain jinchuurikis?

I’m not sure, actually. Hm…

The idea with the Kyuubi was that as Home World began turning Earth into a colony, it was a group of Obsidians who woke it up in the heart of a volcano and led to its angry rampage causing Home World to retreat…

I was keeping Strong In The Real Way fairly close to Konoha–both the human town that Naruto and Kakashi live in and Home World are full of Konoha characters–so I hadn’t thought about the other villages.

…Actually, now that I think of it, I don’t think my timelines work out very well?

Naruto is only a teenager but Shikako has been with the Nara clan for generations?

Oh, unless the Obsidians were sacrificed to contain the Kyuubi for several centuries or so, and there were a lot of gems left behind in the scramble to get off planet. Then when the seal broke on the Kyuubi, Kushina and Minato were the one to deal with it.

Mikoto and Kushina were probably friends and Mikoto asked her to keep Sasuke safe (which is why he was bubbled in the house).

The administration of gem kindergartens left with the evacuation so Shikako’s belated “hatching” went unnoticed and she just hung out with the Nara clan?


So yeah, I think there are a lot more half gems than just Naruto. Or, actually, maybe Naruto is the only half gem but the other jinchuuriki are part gems? Their gem ancestry are several generations back, while Naruto’s is more directly his mom?

Like with the theory going on that Connie might have gem ancestry since, not only was she able to fuse with Steve, but she brought up the idea that maybe there have been other half human half gems in the past.

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