*asks respectfully* Surely Kakashi’s stamina would have improved in the third timepoint after Team 7 fixed his chakra exhaustion?

Ah dang, I just tweaked his Special to 4.5 after realizing that his single Mangekyo with huge activation cost / major drawbacks wouldn’t be the god-like 5 of Sasuke’s TWO Mangekyo with no negatives…

Regarding his stamina though… you make a good point. I was thinking that the Hospital Arc was more of a “suddenly his chakra fluctuations got EVEN WORSE” and then they fixed it so his stamina returned to normal, but they did say it had been happening since his ANBU days so it would increase a little. Though I think, “naturally” (including his Sharingan, but not the trying-to-activate-Mangekyo fluctuations) Kakashi does have fairly low stamina.

I did want to keep his numbers equal with Gai, though… Oh. Maybe I’ll increase Stamina by .5 and decrease Taijutsu by .5 since it’s not as if he’s learning more taijutsu at this point so much as he’s just improving himself?

Aaaaaaah I gotta correct it but people have already reblogged it, curses!

But, yes, thanks for catching that to-someplace-else! 🙂

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