(not really) Missed Post (2017-05-11)

Okay, first off: wow! I got so many a softer ask box prompts after the bleak Shikako/Naruto fill, so thanks everyone who has sent those in! I’m glad(?) you all enjoyed the weirdly meta theorizing that went on in that ficlet 🙂

Unfortunately, I’ll be busy with family stuff for the next couple of days (graduation season plus Mother’s Day plus a lot of my family is born in May so we generally just mash up everything into a weeklong event) so I probably won’t be able to fill those until sometime next week. I’ll try to see if I can, though private time is a scarcity, so it’s fairly unlikely.

Never fear, though, because I’ve set up a queue for the completed/cleaned up Character Stats for Team Seven, Team Ten, Team Eight, and Team Gai which have been approved (but not necessarily canonized, so don’t quote me on anything) by Silver Queen!

If I still need a few more posts, I also have the Character Stats for my other Naruto-world series if anyone’s interested?

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