Character Statistics: Dreaming of Sunshine, Team Seven – (Rough Draft)

edit2: okay, so I went through EVERYONE (Teams 8, 10, and Gai as well) to properly compare and I did tweak a little more of Team 7 (not much, but enough that it’s different) so I’ll just do a new post with a “clean” version of this and also the other teams. Thanks for your patience, everyone!

A/N: I am still doing the a softer ask box event, but the current prompt I’m on is trickier than the previous ones and also I’ve been having trouble sleeping which means I do silly things like make charts for fanfiction characters. I may do this for the other teams, but for now here’s Team Seven (plus Sakura for comparison).

Statistics are based on the First, Second, and Third Databooks except instead of “Handseals” I’ve made a “Special” which is literally anything beyond what an average non-clan shinobi might have; such as the shinobi that don’t end up on jounin led teams. Unless it’s something overt or physical (such as the Byakugan or ninken/kikaichu) then even clan kids will have 1 for Special at the time of First because they haven’t mastered their clan jutsu or awakened their dormant abilities.

It’s also my understanding that for all of the stats 1 is the baseline (except, for some reason, Sakura’s first Strength which is 0.5, but it makes more sense when you consider that Lee has 0.5 Ninjutsu and 0.5 Genjutsu. This has extremely worrying implications for early Sakura–was she purposefully staying undernourished or something to look nicer? Minimizing muscle tone because it wasn’t feminine enough?)

First reflects them right when they graduate, Second is roughly during the Sasuke Retrieval Arc, and Third is Shippuden. I did tweak some of the canon stats in the Second and Third to reflect the changes Shikako has made to the DoS characters (for example, Naruto’s Intelligence is slightly higher and Sakura begins training with Tsunade much earlier, etc. etc.).

For obvious reason, there’s no Shikako stats, but I’ve kept within the range of her teammates’ when all their points are totaled and, maybe as a larger guideline, she’s never stronger than Kakashi in anything–she matches him eventually in certain categories but never outrightly surpasses him which feels right?

Team Seven First


(Naruto’s Special is 1 because nobody wants to consider his jinchuuriki status whatsoever. Shikako’s is 1.5 due to her burgeoning talent/interest in fuinjutsu, Sasuke’s is 1.5 more because of his potential Sharingan which he hasn’t activated yet as of graduation.)


Team Seven Second


Team Seven Third


And then individual stat charts so you can see how they’ve grown 😀

The nice things about these radar style charts is that you can easily point out what a person’s weakness is? The more convex a person’s chart, the more balanced they are. So for example, Kakashi is pretty strong, but he could do with more Stamina. Shikako as well (and Strength, too). Naruto very much so needs to improve in Genjutsu, whereas Sasuke is fairly well rounded. You can tell quite easily, comparing Sakura’s First vs Second vs Third stats, how much she improves all around and the shape of her chart becomes more and more convex and balanced.

Kakashi Stats


Shikako Stats


Naruto Stats


Sasuke Stats


Sakura Stats


I have the stats for the other teams, if anyone’s interested I might make posts of them later, though it’s VERY clear that Team Seven is so over powered. I mean, obviously. They’re the powerhouses and legends in the making, of course, but it’s so drastic a difference it seems frankly unrealistic? Maybe I’ll come back later and scale it down to match better?

edit: … yeah, I think I might have boosted Shikako’s stats unrealistically to match the boys. I do think she should still be in a small range with them, but might have focused too much on the sum total and not on what’s necessarily in character to focus on? Namely, I might have upped her Strength too much in Third… let me just tweak that. (Shikako’s Third Strength, changed from 3 to 2.5 Third TOTAL changed from 32 to 31.5). I mean, unless she gets something like the chakra burst punch? Or some other strength enhancing/strength maintaining technique (such as the anti-muscle-atrophy jutsu)? But Tsunade has already told Sakura not to share the chakra burst punch at the very least, and I feel like Shikako canonically would rather work on developing more techniques for a wider variety than grinding Strength. 

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