24 + Misty/Ash + A Year With the Moon (THE BIKE THING omg). Failing that, 2 + Ember&Ash siblinghood.

I joined Plenty of Fish to find out who stole my bike.
A fun first date would be going to your house
to see if you have my bike.
(What a lovely home. Do you have a shed?)

Gary, at heart, was still an obnoxiously wealthy and possessive brat, and so–to catch two Pidgeys with one Pokeball, so to speak–offered to just buy Misty a new bike so that she’d leave them alone.

The expression Ash made in response was, somehow bewildered, considering, and offended, simultaneously. Before he could settle on a single emotion in particular, though, Misty rejected the offer, saying she wasn’t going to be paid off by some rich boy with more money than sense.

Given that they just fought off Team Rocket, Gary was understandably still feeling more confrontational than usual.

Though, considering his normal?

For the sake of peace, Ember sidled up and hip checked him.

“Welcome to our group, Misty,” Ember said, glad that this, at least, was not something she had ruined. And plus, it’d be nice to have another girl in the group.


At my worst, I worry you’ll realize
you deserve better.
At my best, I worry you won’t.
(I’ve never been better.)

In shock–in pity? In self preservation? Cutting the connection before her grief could overwhelm him–Mewtwo let her go.

It was as if, without the brainwashing making her apathetic to the events around her, she no longer had the strength to stand.

She wouldn’t have wanted to, anyway.

Ember dropped to her knees, gasping and shuddering, hands hovering over the petrified body of her brother. Her knuckles still stung from when she attacked Ash.

Arceus, she attacked Ash.

Pikachu rushed over, but even in his hurry to reach Ash he skittered away from her. And why wouldn’t he? She attacked her own brother.

And now he was dead (that’s what happens when a heart stops beating, a person ceases to be).

She knew how the story went: it wasn’t permanent–she wouldn’t let it be permanent–but it wasn’t a silly cartoon character lying in front of her now.

It was neither artifice or obligation when tears started falling down her face.


A/N: How about both, to-someplace-else? 😀 Thanks for the prompts.

I kinda went into it here, but there’s definitely potential for some EPIC FEELS in A Year With The Moon version of the Mewtwo Strikes Back movie.

Number + Ship + (optional) AU –> my ask box

[If anyone else wants to do a softer world prompt that isn’t on the list, you can just send the page id number for the original comic instead.]

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