Untitled (2017-04-22)

It is easy to become the king’s Favored, for kings are whimsical and easily pleased. But it is far less easy being the king’s Favored.

Nobody talks about the after.

After you’ve completed the impossible task. After you’ve slain the giant or rescued the princess or guessed the fairy’s name and brought glory to the kingdom. After the wedding and the treasure and the happily ever after.

Nobody talks about it, but is not the being more important than the becoming? The existing more difficult than the creation?

Once you were a common peasant, plucked from your charming, simple life and thrust into a daring adventure. Now you are the king’s Favored, and your life is hell.

Did you love me at all?
Fingertips pressing bruises into my skin,
the scent of your shampoo on my pillow,
traces of you in my life,
footsteps in the sand.

I will excise you from my heart,
scalpel sharp and swift,
triple bypass for a flatlined love.

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