do you know about homestuck? since it’s 4/13 right now (with no upd8, but a new update from dos!!) it got me thinking what if the rookie nine/konoha 12 (13..?) played it in an au. i’ve got a lot more going on in my head (like whether the jounins would be their ancestors and other countries as trolls) but i wouldn’t want to get over my head if you didn’t know it. the story is really reknown for its world building and i feel like a dos (a worldbuilding oriented story too) au would fit this!!

Sorry, I don’t know much about Homestuck, but congrats on its… birthday? Anniversary?

@wildtabbykat actually sent an ask in previously about a DoSxHomestuck crossover/fusion thing which you can check out over here

Maybe the two of you can collaborate on such a crossover/fusion?

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