we were unafraid,
for there was little, then, to fear.
our monsters easily banished,
with a flick of a light switch.
now our monsters are legion,
hiding anywhere, as anyone,
instead of being fearless,
we must now be brave.

may passion find a home within you,
may joy be a frequent guest,
may sorrow visit fleetingly
and anger, too, be quick to rest.

what did we used to say to each other?
one day, one day,
we’ll get out of here;
one day, one day,
we’ll be older, stronger;
one day, one day…
… this won’t happen again.

on silent feet,
down darkened steps,
she treads.
night has fallen,
the sun beings sleep,
time for her to wake.

jacksgreyson, Untitled (2017-04-10)

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